Let’s Watch Bob’s Burgers

Hold still! This is not an endorsement or suggestion! It is the name of a real chat comic!

Cchris and I have a syncing habit where we watch television shows together. Usually, we prefer the paranormal entertainment of ghost-hunting and the unexplained (but not UFO abductions!) For whatever reason, the long-running cartoon called Bob’s Burgers has been a… I guess not a “favorite” — more like it’s just there… for many years now. We were watching it every week or so until recently, when that episode about pinworms aired, which grossed us out completely and now I guess we just don’t even want to see them or hear their voices anymore.

A panel from the oncoming comic where Amandoll is saying to cchris, "you should be making memories with me! Why not that!"

In the naive year of 2018, there was a little moment in our decades of dialogue where I casually wielded a guilt trip because I had nothing better to do. I effortlessly nearly became my own mother without realizing it, but somehow it worked. Let’s just get the pleasant comic part out of the way so I can complain about this show a little more, and also offer you some content from none other than cchris himself! Stay tuned.

This is a twelve panel comic that begins with c chris announcing to Amandoll that he has an hour until bedtime, and wonders what he should do. After thinking, he says that he has decided to watch that ghost boyfriend episode of Bob's Burgers. Amandoll throws a guilt trip, saying that instead of that, he should be making memories with her. And he asks if she is dying, and she is like "aren't we all?" and he says yes, but it is slow. The guilts continue by Amandoll saying that no one knows how long they will live. C Chris rolls his eyes and insists that Amandoll will probably be alive for another sixty years. But after one panel of silence, he relents and asks what they should do together then. Amandoll excitedly says "let's watch bob's burgers" which is the title of the whole thing, but at the end!
2018 — well before we had been burned.

We used to watch that show so much, but looking back through our chatlogs, our viewings had plenty of laughs, sure, but also plenty of us being hugely annoyed by the antics of a character. Lots of us being aggravated by more singing. It’s amazing how long we endured it. It’s amazing how fickle we can be, too, I guess.

I’ve just done the unthinkable and fitted an entirely different conversation into the first comic. I don’t always feel like making some paragraphs of opinions. If this works just as well maybe I will do it more often :o

This is the same layout as the last comic, only with facial expressions matching the mood of the words. In this one, from a conversation in 2021, c chris comes up and says he was going to ask Amandoll to watch a bob's burger episode with him, but he figured it has been killed for us since the worms one. She agrees and then there is talk about how they haven't watched it since, but at least there is still the first 5 seasons to revisit. He says that when they gave Louise a conscience it was ruined, even more than when they were giving all the musical numbers, constantly. In the end, the title has been changed to "let's do anything but watch bob's burgers."
The honest truth is that since the pinworms episode, we haven’t been able to stop thinking about parasites. Traumatized!

In a little indignant fury, cchris made up future episodes that probably are in the works, or have already been made and we didn’t know it. If this isn’t the case and the writers for Bob’s Burgers would like to contact cchris to lend his scatalogical brilliance to the show, comment below and we will make sure he sees your offers of luxurious employment.

Tell It to My Fart
Louise suspects a classmate of farting. B Plot: Linda organizes another event where the entire town winds up singing and choreographed dancing again.
A Dream’s Just a Wish a Shart Makes
Gene deals with farts. B Plot: Linda, Bob and Teddy nearly die trying to fix their deathtrap townhouse.
Shit Me Baby One More Time
Tina is dealing with incontinence. B Plot: Teddy loses his mind over something.
Fly Me to the Poon
Linda isn’t shaving her crotch. B Plot: Teddy takes flying lessons.
Friday the Turdteenth
Bob tries to find out who’s shitting in their pumpkin.

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