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Our newest monthly feature is our Missy Manners advice and etiquette column. As you might know from some past posts, Dollissa is quite the advice aficionado. These are real questions from real people, and those people are not us, we swear! You can send your own questions to sneercampaign+missymanners@gmail.com.



Dear Missy Manners,

My roommate is being nice and has good intentions, but will. not. understand I don’t want her to force me to come out of my shell, despite me repeatedly trying to explain I need almost all my at-home time to be solitude time so I can decompress. How do I get across that I don’t need a spunky friend to rip me out of my social butterfly cocoon?

It Took Me A Month To Get The Nerve To Do My Damn Laundry in St. Louis

Dear Laundry,

That sounds like quite the predicament. I want to recommend that you do two things, friend. The first is to set some boundaries. Don’t ask them for some privacy, tell them exactly what you need. Don’t do it right when it’s happening, if possible. Pull them aside one day when you have some time (make time!) and lay out some reasonable rules.

By reasonable I mean, maybe it isn’t so terrible of your roommate to try to be your spunky cheer-up friend. Odds are, they may have no idea that their entire personality is cloying to you. Let them know that you need your alone time after work, but that if they want to hang out you are happy to make some time, but that you need to know in advance. You can go ahead and never actually make plans, if you hate them.

The next thing you should do is to alter your habits a little. If it’s the worst thing in the world for your roommate to ask you to hang out, when you live together, try to minimize the amount of times you encounter them. You may have to make a compromise or two, and you’ll have to determine whether those compromises are worth your peace of mind. And get some noise cancelling headphones.


Dear Missy Manners,

How can I make money when I don’t like interacting with people?

Writing a Job Application Bot in California

Dear Job,

I may have an unpopular opinion which is that you do not need to love your job. Your job is there so that you can have a livelihood and afford to do the things you love afterward, or when you’re dead. But there are a few things you can do!

One is to try for a job with minimal human interaction. Probably the fact that you do programming is a good start, but maybe try grave-digging or even being a researcher in the Arctic. If those seem too lofty, or require too much additional training, maybe you can just make ASMR YouTube videos for money. Start a Patreon and see if your friends really love you. If they do not give you money to hear you whisper, they do not love you.


Dear Missy Manners,

I really wanna complain about founding father of comics Will Eisner in a venue that will understand what I’m talking about, but will not give me too much blowback. Where on the internet should I leave my complaints?

What Has He Done for Me Lately in The Midwest

Dear Lately,

If you figure it out, let me know. I have some things to say about R North.


See you next month! And you can send your questions to sneercampaign+missymanners@gmail.com.

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