Missy Manners: TruLuv Week Edition

Our newest monthly feature is our Missy Manners advice and etiquette column. As you might know from some past posts, Dollissa is quite the advice aficionado. These are real questions from real people, and those people are not us, we swear! You can send your own questions to sneercampaign+missymanners@gmail.com.

Missy Cupidity


Dear Missy Manners,

Who was more annoying, Paul Rust’s character in Love or Gillian Jacobs’ character in Love? Why couldn’t that have been a Claudia O’Doherty vehicle?

In Love in Lubbock, TX

Dear Love,

Equally annoying. I wish she were the star too, but hey, we can’t have it all. That’s why we hope for more episodes, and more Claudia. Season 2 is on its way and hopefully we won’t all be as disappointed as the characters always are. If it’s awful just switch back to Richie Rich.


Dear Missy Manners,

I’ve been reading the column since 1978, love it. I’ve got a two part question:

1. What is love?
2. How do I kill it?

Fictional in Fresno

Dear Fictional,

Love is an idea and an ideal. You can’t kill it, but you can make a scene about it. Happy Valentine’s Day!


Dear Missy Manners,

How structurally sound would a Love Shack really be? More, or less, sound than a city built on rock n roll?

Not a Contractor

Dear Not,

I recommend hiring a certified, qualified inspector in your area, who knows your local laws and safety codes. Your roof may need replacement, if the rumors are true. You don’t want to get yourself involved with roof problems. It’ll rob you clean.

However, if your tin roof is rusted and all the booty shaking is loosening your flimsy walls, you might want to start over with a new love shack. Might I recommend near Sneer HQ?


Dear Missy Manners,

I woke up this morning with one question in my head: if a woman has sex with her husband’s split personality, does that count as cheating?

Curious in Connecticut

Dear Curious,

Does she know? I wouldn’t really blame her automatically, as that’s a pretty tricky situation. But I’d probably need some more information if I wanted to make a weird judgment. She should go for it, though. Hypothetically.


Sneer Back

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