My Collection of Introverts: As Told By an Extrovert

As the reader may observe, many people have collections. Some folks collect animal figurines or dolls. Model trains are popular. Geeks galore (myself included) collect comic books. Even crazy things can be collected, like classic cars or human bones! I have begun to notice recently that I have a unique collection: introverts. Yes, you read that last sentence correctly. I am unintentionally a collector of introverted individuals. How is this possible? I don’t know! It is a mystery for the ages, or maybe just me at age 35.

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I happen to be a flaming extrovert. Not the kind that loudly enters a party and entertains everyone until they sicken of hearing my voice, mind you. Nope. I am more the kind who just feels better and thinks more clearly around good friends. Often I thrive in social settings. My closest friends do not. I have come to realize that almost all of my closest friends need lots of solitude to recharge their batteries. Letting them have that solitude when I am feening for conversation has been a lesson in discipline for me. As sexy as Keifer Sutherland was in The Lost Boys, I don’t want to become like his character: a vampire.

“So,” you may ask yourself, “how did you make friends with so many introverts?” Well my friends, the answer is voodoo. Just kidding! I did some cursory research on the subject of introverts and extroverts attracting one another. Nothing I found was conclusive. All the articles told me was how the opposing mates can balance their relationships. While this is helpful, it does not answer my question. I did the next logical thing: ask an introvert! I asked Candice of the Mystery Rash fame what attracted her to me as a friend. “Does it have anything to do with me as an extrovert?” Her answer was no. She described me as a person who listens well and likes to have conversations about deeper, more philosophical matters than the normal extrovert would. I also like things that most introverts like, such as books, comics, sci-fi/fantasy, and similar music.


In conclusion, it turns out that having similar interests is what attracts people to each other. The rumors have been true all along, buddies. My collections of introverts has nothing to do with me being an extrovert or the others being of introverted personalities, but rather that we all are awesome people in general and like good things. The lesson is to be yourself and you will attract the right people. Unless you are a crazy magnet (like I can be at times), then maybe you should carry pepper spray.

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