TarotScopes: Totally Octobular

So how was your September? Mine was a whirlwind of mostly great things, and a girl can get used to this! This month the Full Moon is in Aries on the 5th. Remember that full moons are about things coming full circle and a great time to release and get some closure. So write a letter to someone you have an issue with, get those feelings on paper, and maybe burn it (safely) instead of opening old wounds further. Jupiter is going into Scorpio on the 10th. This will help many of us get a grip on our finances and how we can generate more income. There’s a New Moon on October 19th so maybe put those rose quartz crystals out there and attract some healthy love into your life. Neptune has been retrograde since June and will continue to be until November 22. Many of us have been delving deeper into mystical realms and exploring things that aren’t easily explained. The 4 of Cups upright is coming in for most signs. Makes me feel like there will be opportunities for growth if we dare to accept the challenge.


As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please hit my name in the sidebar which should take you to my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

Now, on with the October Tarotscopes!


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


Week 1: The Full Moon on the 5th may pack a bigger anxiety ridden punch than usual. Put off things that cause you worry ’til the end of the month when you have more information to come to a clearer decision. Your beliefs about a situation will be much different by then. I believe this has to do with your work life. This is one of those rare occasions where your powers of procrastination will serve you well.
Week 2: There is something corrupt going on regarding money. Remember to do the right thing, regardless of pressure.  Money is a great thing to have more of, but you know what is even better… integrity. You decide to handle a love matter differently than you have in the past.
Week 3: Some Librans will not approve of their romantic partners friends and associates or vice versa. There is a health problem that needs to be researched or treated a different way. Get away from people who drain your energy. Also, you may find yourself being less enthusiastic about Halloween and approaching holidays than ever before.
Week 4: You may get back into the swing of things and decide to embrace the season after all! Many Librans will have to explain their costumes. Some will tell a romantic partner that they feel the relationship lacks passion and they want something more or else. Although sex isn’t everything, most Librans need that outlet to express their love and after it is “out the way” they can be more focused on other things in life. Some of you may try to heat it up in unconventional places where you might get caught. If you don’t want any babies, wear protection. A secret will come out. If you have been looking over your shoulder, now is the time to come clean.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


Week 1: Tackle old emotional issues with exes head on. This is a time of deep spiritual revelations and now you can see how things had to play out to take you to where you are now. Some family karma creeps in and those connections are making sense too. You are receiving gifts from the Universe!
Week 2: You are wise to the patterns that cause you mental discomfort. Once you avoid certain triggers, anxiety will become a thing of the past. Sometimes preparing for worst case scenarios brings you a sense of calm, which is odd. Hey, if it works, it works!
Week 3: You will stand out amongst your colleagues or competitors in a big way and will receive monetary rewards. A contest may be worth entering. This is a winning week!
Week 4: Some of you may get mopey and feel like you don’t get to travel near enough. You may receive disappointing information. Take this opportunity to see the Truth and not be in denial a moment longer. I really feel that this has to do with matters of the heart. You come to terms with the fact that another may not actually feel the same. See people for who they are, not what you want them to be.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


Week 1: A fun wish is fulfilled this week and I’m willing to bet it has something to do with the Full Moon. Go have a blast, as long as you don’t forget about responsibility stuff, there’s no reason not to. Bring a pal along, because they can get a lot from the experience too.
Week 2: An offer is extended to you and you will benefit from it for at least the next two months. I feel like it is more amusing than anything, even though you will be learning lots too. The 10th will likely be the day you hear about it. You will have such a good time and at the end of it you will feel more confident to boot! The only way this could go wrong is if you rely on someone else to give you all the answers.
Week 3: You may receive a disturbing premonition of some kind. The information that is revealed to you is known only by one other. This concerns a friend and it is a bit disappointing.
Week 4: You are going through some uncomfortable changes, but it is also leading to healing on a multitude of levels. The next year will be a transition period. I’m willing to bet that the big issue will be about releasing control and dealing with anxiety when you have to delegate to others. Don’t resist these vital lessons. If you start complaining about it, be prepared for eye rolls.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


Week 1: A huge blessing of monetary value may come your way. The Universe is providing it to you to push you to do something meaningful in the world with it. This will make your life move very fast.
Week 2: Get your priorities in order and practice what you preach. Now is your time to take a bold risk. Make time for a father figure this week. After you have done that, make sure you take a time out for self-reflection. Think of what you want to accomplish, and honestly, nothing is out of the question. The only limitations that exist are the ones you put on yourself. Maybe focus on your life’s work first.
Week 3: You may encounter some unfortunate disruptions this week. Some loved one is out to burst your bubble, it seems. They may even try to manipulate your plans by having some type of “emergency.” Before you drop everything, make certain this is really the case. Seeing Christmas décor in stores will not make you cheery at all. It is a grim reminder of deadlines and expectations. Try not to invest in those somber feelings too much. Instead just go with the flow and see where it leads.
Week 4: A rushed attempt could lead you flat on your face. You may have felt the need to fit in with a certain crowd and realize that it is hard to relate. Just have fun, don’t analyze this too much because I feel like this could bring on some sort of mid-life crisis for some of you.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


Week 1: Some big changes are in the works and it may be a challenge to stick to a new regime. Accept fluctuations as normal, it will all lead to something good. There is a lucky break.
Week 2: You are tentative about taking a big risk, as you should be. See if there is some wiggle room here. You mustn’t stay stagnant, but you gotta be careful. A red haired man plays a role in this. He is stuck on something and may be a tough nut to crack. This will require patience.
Week 3: There is a relationship test… again. You will do your best to weigh all sides of your current romance. They seem to fit almost all your requirements and yet, you just aren’t feeling fulfilled.
Week 4: Those with critters at home need to be on their toes about getting those lil babies to the vet. It would do you well to start an indoor herb garden or something to that effect. Others with a nice yard may do something nice for wildlife like a squirrel feeder. There is a bold flirtation this week.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


Week 1: A new program put into place may have a rocky start. Information comes out at work that makes you feel a bit uneasy. You were hoping for your position to improve, but what you hear may have you questioning the likelihood of that. This may have you putting one foot out the door. It won’t keep you down for long because it helps you to seriously consider another avenue. You will be amazed at your resilience.
Week 2: You must really ask yourself why you allow yourself to be burdened by others heavy emotions. Also, you need a job that brings in more income. When you are in a precarious position from leaving something BAM! the solution will make itself known. This will be the kind of work you will truly enjoy. It will improve your bottom line and your love life too.
Week 3: You have a new zest for life! There will be an important phone conversation with a family member. Some of you will undergo a new treatment for a health concern or begin a detox program.
Week 4: There are some annoying obstacles on your path. It may have you spinning your wheels a bit. This won’t last long. While you wait for things to get going, busy yourself with things that make you smile. Oh and there is a message to have your vehicle looked at. As soon as the struggle gives, a little push forward should get things moving again!


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


Week 1: A solo project could benefit from some revisions. Make sure you don’t dress too zany or risqué because it seems those you would like to impress may be turned off. This may come in the form of a boss power-tripping and standing in your way by bringing up dress code.
Week 2: You may ask an expert of some kind to make sense of something. There is someone at work that you simply cannot work with and it is high time that those who can resolve issues do so. If you wait too long, you are likely to snap.
Week 3: Something quite fortunate occurs and someone whom you could barely tolerate leaves the scene. A risk will pay off, but you may have to go against the popular vote. From an objective standpoint you can now see  another’s situation with more clarity. Also, some of you may be reconsidering some of your long-term commitments. Marriage may even be considered and then rationalized and decided against. Some may have heart to heart talks about whether children is something you actually want or is just expected.
Week 4: You take back control of your life. It baffles you when someone barks an order and expects your cooperation. I will say that you will gain more power if you learn to pick your battles. You accuse others of being overbearing, but (don’t be mad) this is one of those things where you need to look in the mirror. Some of you may be undergoing huge relationship and financial renovations.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Week 1: Own your health! Your own wellness has to take priority this week. Adopt a new fitness and diet regime and actually stick with it. If you can’t pronounce it, don’t consume it. That goes for products you put ON your body too.
Week 2: A bad habit is depleting you in more ways than one. This is a good time to put an end to it. You will have the motivation, just take that first step.
Week 3: Make sure that you aren’t focused on things that truly don’t need your attention. There’s obsessive tendencies at play here, and it isn’t very beneficial or helpful. Don’t let the little details trip you up. It isn’t in your or those who rely on you best interests to be prideful right now.
Week 4: If you don’t set your ego aside a plan is unlikely to work out. Be open to playing a different role than you are used to. Some of you may be considering marriage or renewing vows, but may decide to wait a bit longer on that. Giving up your individualism freaks you out, but that isn’t what partnership has to be. Others may fall for someone who simply is too distant. October 26th looks promising.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


Week 1: You may wonder how realistic your current relationship status is. Are you sure you want this sort of thing for the long haul? Were you hoping for something else? Time to do some inner work. Someone offers to help out on a project.
Week 2: You adjust your outlook and suddenly things start appearing hopeful again. Circumstances will change for the better. So, honestly, if you find yourself frustrated, just look at how the current conditions can work in your favor. Figure out the details when it comes to taking a pleasure trip to see a good pal.
Week 3: Being concerned about time and deadlines can certainly take the joy out of things. If you spend too much time peering at that clock, you may overlook very important details. You are so restless because you feel the atmosphere lacks teamwork. Without work buddies, you just ho hum around. Your romantic partner has shared lots with you, but you may find yourself wondering if there’s any real reason you are still sticking around.
Week 4: You take part in a group activity that you find almost therapeutic. Since relationship matters have been a bit lackluster, this is just what the doctor ordered. Make sure it doesn’t make you late for work. A trip away will help you see other possibilities. However, if possible, go it alone. Any delays or road blocks will work in your favor. Someone has a business proposition and you consider this new offer. They expect your answer soon. If you want this, don’t procrastinate about it.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


Week 1: Confidence is a good thing, but don’t get too cocky. Your skills are going to be tested this week. I honestly think you will pass with flying colors, but things may get a bit challenging.
Week 2: Your love life will get exciting again soon enough. Now is a good time to indulge in fantasies and get geared up for it. Your attention to the teensiest of details will help out so much in the work arena.
Week 3: Someone who usually shares your home is off doing their own thing and you kind of appreciate how peaceful it is. So go ahead and sprawl out on the bed and leave your dishes in the sink. Even though you wouldn’t want anyone else saying so, the other person is a bit of a tyrant to live with and you are enjoying your freedom for a bit. Now you have the focus to work on a home project.
Week 4: The 28th will be a lovely day to get festive. This will really get you cooking for Fall and getting your home smelling of pumpkin spice and cuddling up with a throw watching Netflix for the rest of the season. After Halloween, your number one focus will be comfort.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


Week 1: You find yourself really enjoying your companion more than ever. It really is a great thing, and you may feel a pang of regret for ever having complained about them. You know that if they weren’t around you would have a void. So, yeah, this week is all about appreciating the people in your life.
Week 2: You may find yourself with a very unpopular opinion. It has become apparent that you have rubbed some people the wrong way by something you communicated. Let this be a lesson to you about the power of words. Some of you may find yourselves a benefactor of an inheritance. Others will find that a smart insurance policy pays off.
Week 3: Something is up concerning a credit card, better look into this. It could even be a bank card. When you can pay with cash, do so this week. Make sure that you have copies of important documents. I feel like you have to be very careful about security or protecting yourself from thieves or screw ups.
Week 4: You will elect to take the scenic route. There is some type of celebration or event that involves the military or veterans that you feel compelled to attend. If there is a Halloween parade, do it!


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


Week 1: You come up with quite an idea! It is so lofty that you may be tempted to give up on it prematurely. Some of you may be dealing with annoying muscle aches and just feeling gross in general because of cold or flu. The last thing on your mind will be romance. There may be a small gift exchanged.
Week 2: Budgeting is especially important right now. You receive news that disturbs you a bit. An investment that you had hoped would have grown by now is taking its sweet time and you need to find a way to just hang in there. Think positive!
Week 3: Get everything in writing. If you feel you are being harassed or discriminated against in anyway, make sure you get the names of everyone involved and document everything like an ace. You will be glad you did. If enough people had the mindset to do this it could have been stopped long ago. It’s hard though when you feel like no one is listening.
Week 4: It seems like your work and home life is demanding  too much of you. Someone suspects that you have been telling things that they confide. So, maybe you have told a juicy morsel or two. The thing is, that will open the flood gates and now people are believing the worst. There is a warning to carry extra money with you, just in case. Get back on that budget thing.

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