No Power Hour(s) at Sneerhouse

It was a cold and rainy morning at the Sneer Campaign Headquarters. We heard the usual wheels-on-water-on-asphalt sound, and the occasional barking dog, from the street out front. As I stumbled from my box in the living room, while checking Discord, my wifi disconnected.

Strange, I thought, in the darkened dining room. I stopped and considered asking Amandoll if her wifi was also not working. Instead, I switched my data on and begged her to make coffee.

Right as I asked, she had already messaged me.

Oh no! We remembered pretty quickly that our house is on two separate connections, so I ran upstairs to see if it was perhaps a fuse, or if it was likely the whole block. Our power was out and it was 12:57PM on a Monday. Fortunately, it was my day off work, but unfortunately it affected everything else.

It was right around this point where it became apparent that we hadn’t yet eaten any eggs that day. About two minutes later, we learned that, although our stove is powered by gas, the lighting part is controlled by electricity.

There would be no eggs. No coffee. No tea.

We all gathered together in the dining room, to mugs of lukewarm sink water, and discussed what to do for the day. Would the power come back soon? No way to tell. We decided to plan for the worst, and get started with anything we needed the daylight for, while intermittently checking our phones, ignoring that they would soon die.

First, we had a feast of food that did not require cooking. Amanda whipped up a platter of peanut butter and jelly variations, cut into snackable sizes.

We spent several minutes discussing how, if life was more like a TV show, we would have immediately jumped into a montage of several wacky attempts at life without electricity. Then we discussed how even trying to think of things for our flight of TV fancy was too tiring to continue.

Wrapped in blankets, we refilled our mugs with lukewarm water to drink. It was time to take out the garbage and recycling, work on paintings, and write Sneers. But wait!

Back to bed!

Sneer Back

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