Operating Under Summer Hours

Maybe you have noticed, but maybe you haven’t, but we are doing fewer than three updates per week here on the Sneer Campaign. It is possible that we have become overwhelmingly busy between having many guests and starting new projects — but we don’t want to pull another hiatus on anyone! That is why we have come to regard ourselves as a business, and now we are merely running on our Summer Hours.

A cropped close up of the larger image to be described later in this post. It is two girls from the shoulder up.
Oh yeah. That’s right.

Summer is a great time to work on outside projects, home projects, and to take trips away from the illustrious Sneer Headquarters. Guests prefer to visit during this time of year because they think that winters in the Cincinnati area are brutal, but they have probably just never experienced heat and humidity like this, not even if they live in the south of Florida.

We have all begun new projects! Billy Holiday and I are beginning a separate empire of literary pursuits which I will mention with more detail at a later date, and Dollissa is focusing on creating local newsletters and zines. I have commissions that I must finish, and trips I must take. So, much like today’s Overindulgent Self Portrait — we are keeping Sneer Campaign low-maintenance, without gaudy, overwhelming designs. We are taking it easy.

Also I drew myself with snails in my hair because we have been doing a lot of yardwork and I really like every snail that we find. I like snails!

Illustration of two Art Deco looking girls at night -- the sky is purple, there is a full moon, and it says Sneer Campaign in the upper left corner. They stand in front of a lake or sea.

On the left, the taller girl (Amandoll) shows off her cascading light green dress. You see her legs and booted feet. The boots are silver. She is wearing her bright and ugly striped shirt -- blue, lime, hot pink, and grey. She has a weird three tier daisy tray around her waist and snails all over her head. What? It's Normal.

On the right is Dollissa: fluffy hair tied back, yellow plaid shirt asunder, black tank top that says K Y with a heart under it. Red ragged skirt and pink polka dot flats. She has on big square framed glasses.

Once the seasons change and we become indoor creatures again, Sneer Campaign will bump back up in productivity and in our priorities, don’t you worry. In the meantime, please enjoy our old material and our once-a-week update schedule.

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