TarotScopes: Trust In August

Last month was quite a whirlwind of activity… I am now finally a certified Hypnotist y’all who is accredited with the International Board of Coaches and Practitioners! Which is great for helping people break those defeating habits we touch on during our Tarot sessions, but gosh, I noticed I need to take on some of that goodwill for myself too. One way is by deciding to not take so much on. The world will not crumble if I take a break once in a while. Does this conundrum sound familiar to any of you? I bet. Hopefully we are better to ourselves in August.

We have that New Moon Lion’s Gate thing that everyone is talking about happening on the 8th. So…basically that means that we are ascending dramatically through new beginnings around this day. This would be a good time to get moving on things. Mars staying in Virgo the entire month will certainly help you get things done. Uranus goes Retrograde on the 19th – January 18, 2022. This is a blessing actually, and will give us time to review our lives to include more adventures. There is a Blue Moon (which is a 2nd full moon in a 30 day period 😉) on the 22nd in the sign of Aquarius. Go ahead and let that uniqueness shine and let the critics grasp their pearls aghast. You gotta live for you!

An interpretation of the 4 of pentacles tarot card, upside down. So there is a man with a crown, formerly holding 2 pentacles and standing on two others. But now those are replaced with zodiac sign circles, and his face is too. And there are more everywhere else. On the side it says "it is time for tarotscopes by tonyana."

The Reversed 4 of Pentacles is coming in for most signs this month. So, I take that as a sign not to over-give. You will be of no use to anyone if you deplete yourself emotionally, physically, or financially. Some of us may feel like something we hold dear is slipping through our fingers altogether. Others may be taking part in risky behavior we wouldn’t want on front street and hoping it will go unnoticed. It seems like a month of great potential that could go either way… so moderation is key.

These Tarotscopes are woven together using astrological knowledge and my form of Intuitive Flow Tarot. Pay special attention to your Sun, Moon, and Rising Sign. Feel free to connect with me on FB business page Tarot By Tonyana or email libratarot@hotmail.com if you would like to book a phone, video, or Voxer session. 

Let’s see what August has in store for us…

LEO (July 23 – August 22)

Week 1: You find yourself doing some serious introspection about how you get yourself entangled in so much drama. It isn’t necessary for you to take a side. Just sit still for a bit and see how things unfold without your being in the midst of things.
Week 2: Some of you may be keeping that beautiful sultry voice all to yourselves. Allow others to reap the benefits of your talents. You’ve shown off your other skills. Why should this be any different?
Week 3: It is important to speak up for yourself — just don’t go overboard. The best approach is to take someone off to the side to have a word with them. You can catch more flies with honey than vinegar.
Week 4: Allow yourself to speak up about another’s plans to expand or explore horizons. Take back your power! Someone is waiting with bated breath to hear your take on things. Let it fly.

VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)

Week 1: When you know you are coming from a loving place it is time to firmly state your expectations in a matter. Prayers are a great way to ask for guidance. Also, a mentor may appear just when you need them the most.
Week 2: Money is flowing in pretty steady, but you refuse to make a big deal about it. Your goal is to own something, and that is when you will do your victory dance. Lifestyle changes may reflect your change in status, and it may not be as coy a process as you intended.
Week 3: Spending may have gotten a bit out of hand. In your efforts to make everyone happy, you may have forgotten a promise to yourself. Money isn’t everything and if you are miserable in the way you are making it, well, that’s no life to live.
Week 4: You may be looking around your home and property and seeing lots of unfinished projects and mismanaged areas. It is like the more you have, the more you are swamped by what isn’t getting done. Make it a point to maintain your physical appearance because you are going to want to look good when help arrives.

LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)

Week 1: Others are watching you overcome great odds in life and find you very inspiring. You may not realize this. Make no mistake that your words are having a profound effect as well.
Week 2: It may be in your best interest to completely release a grudge, or at least make baby steps to doing so. The Truth was brought to light a while back, but you mustn’t let it keep you in the dark any longer.
Week 3: When you know for certain that you have released whatever was holding you back, you decide to try a different way. As they say: “the only way out is to go through it.” No one can argue that you’ve had it easy — you have only made it LOOK that way.
Week 4: Many of you will be offered a golden opportunity this week that will improve your career quite a bit. It will help you grow into your natural state of beauty and abundance. Remember that when you start living high on the hog to also be practical and down to earth.

SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)

Week 1: Don’t waste another moment doting on others and not giving yourself the same attention. You are passionate about tending to others, but you can’t pour from an empty cup. Just a few extra hours of shut eye may be just the ticket.
Week 2: You can’t quite figure out all the details, but you feel a life transition happening. There already have been quite a few changes in just the last month… but what is coming up feels like a big deal. Some of you may be totally switching up your careers.
Week 3: Things aren’t what they seem and it makes coming to a final decision all the more perplexing. A miracle occurs and the path is made very clear. This plot twist is brought to you by your life’s work.
Week 4: Don’t respond to things right away and keep that poker face on. You must not guffaw when something knocks you for a loop. The news puts some heat on you, but it is better to know the Truth.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)

Week 1: You may be feeling a bit uninspired and wondering what the whole point is any damn ways. Ordinarily, you’d be pumped around this time of year… but you find yourself waiting for that proverbial other shoe to drop. You aren’t sure what to say and who around actually can wrap their heads around your message anyhow. Shrugs.
Week 2: Don’t go counting those chickens before they’ve hatched. You don’t need to promise anyone anything or let them know about every personal milestone or meandering… and you aren’t obligated to share your plans for success either. And you darn sure don’t need their approval. Someone just holds tight to details and you like wiggle room.
Week 3: You may be attracting some shady individuals into your life. More than likely, they are people that are coming in from the past. Don’t bother talking to people who lug around troubles.
Week 4: Tall tellers are annoying right now when you need nothing but the facts. They have some exciting news about something coming your way, but you don’t want them to blow smoke about it. You’d rather have low expectations from the get-go and be pleasantly surprised than have your heart set only to be let down.

CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)

Week 1: All you really want is to be happy while understanding your spiritual life a bit more. You will be given something you didn’t know you needed so badly. There may be a call or official document saying that your money situation is about to look up.
Week 2: A victory may be great and all, but don’t get lax now. Someone has a bone to pick and won’t let things go easily. You may find that you suffer a rebuff of some type. It may cause some emotional pain.
Week 3: You are striving for something without fully understanding what the end goal is. Because of this, you are appearing to be a bit scattered. Become more focused if you want all your efforts to amount to something.
Week 4: You have a bit more freedom these days. Enjoy the last two months of Summer. Take some long drives in the country, have a picnic, let Nature heal you.

AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 19)

Week 1: Some of you may feel a love connection at work. While others of you may be especially present in your current relationship and reconnection is fruitful. Either way, take the time to get to know another on a personal level… it’s important.
Week 2: Make sure you declare your appreciation of another loudly. While you are at it, clear some things up about boundaries and expectations. This can be a great way to reestablish a connection and build empathy with each other.
Week 3: You may be especially analytical with friends and feel like you are being helpful, but I gotta break it to you: they find it a bit disturbing. Someone may turn really cold because you went and tried to uproot something, whether out of love or not. You just feel that being nice doesn’t necessarily come from love and that the real thing is messy. Just be careful walking on that thin ice.
Week 4: Some shockingly good news is learned! It creates a guarantee of some sort of autonomy. This is the time to reclaim your power!

PISCES (February 20 – March 20)

Week 1: Be mindful not to take on so much that you neglect caring for yourself. There may a problem deep in the psyche that you are trying to bury with constant activities. Ambition is good…but this may be something else.
Week 2: If you are a parent for more than one child, it may be a good idea to spend individual time with each. They need to feel special. It is important that you see the uniqueness of each one.
Week 3: Someone accuses you of being selfish. They are unfairly analyzing your romantic decisions. You just feel like you have been living for others for far too long.
Week 4: Get prepared. You will find that many more people who are hurting and struggling find you. Better watch yourself before you are swamped with other people’s problems again. This is getting out of hand.

ARIES (March 21 – April 19)

Week 1: You and another have the potential to make beautiful magick together, both romantically and spiritually. This is the example of a power couple and what a handsome one at that! What makes the union so great is that you don’t NEED each other, but you sincerely want each other around.
Week 2: It may be high time that you separate from something or someone that belongs in the past. Loans or financing may pull out at the last moment. Others of you may be needing to pay up a hefty sum soon. There’s a price to not cutting things off at proper times.
Week 3: Someone special will offer wonderful insights on how to expand your career. Waiting on others to see your worth simply isn’t working. It’s time to take matters into your own hands.
Week 4: Conditions are taking form for your schedule to start conflicting with loved ones. You actually wanted more freedom, not to be chained to the clock. Perhaps you should try to hone your communication skills so you can effectively express your expectations to others.

TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)

Week 1: Guard your goals and ideas lest they get into another’s hands before you are ready for the big reveal. Believe in yourself! When you win, we all do.
Week 2: It is a bad idea to second guess yourself. Don’t go putting boundaries on your imagination now. Create something beautiful and put it out into the world.
Week 3: Cut the ties that bind and run free. It is important that you hold space for yourself too once in a while. Go ahead and indulge in learning now… you can teach it to the rest of us later.
Week 4: Make time for studies. You are developing quite a passion for a particular subject. I feel like this is all relatively new to you, but the way you are taking to it makes people assume otherwise.

GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)

Week 1: You are being Divinely guided to learn something new. With your wit and intelligence, you will no doubt catch on soon. As soon as you get the hang of it, you may be asked to train others.
Week 2: A choice will have to be made as to what direction to take next. Choose the one that allows to practice the most kindness. Use your olfactory senses to help you remember pertinent information.
Week 3: A teacher or a mentor takes quite a liking to you. If you need to feel you are safe to explore, this person is happy to offer you the space to do so. You can trust your intuition and also this guide that has shown up as beautiful synchronicity.
Week 4: Don’t look back on the past and use it as an excuse to play small. If anything, those conditions have left you stronger, wiser, and well-equipped to handle whatever life throws your way. You always come out smelling like a rose and this time is no different.

CANCER (June 21 – July 22)

Week 1: This week may carry some level of sadness with it. Even though you seem glowy and vivacious, you may be carrying around a secret sorrow. Growth is such a difficult thing sometimes, but always worth it.
Week 2: You may be a total different person outside of work. Perhaps on the job you are demure and outside a bit on the wild side. It is not often that you release so much inhibition, but this seems to be the time for it.
Week 3: Some of you may be dealing with Mommy or mother-in-law issues. It is difficult to protect yourself from someone who by all counts is supposed to love and accept you. Try very hard to see the good in the situation and it will smooth itself out a lot faster.
Week 4: You feel like you may not be ready for a situation you find yourself in. There is a chance that you may blow your top and you must really have some composure. The reason why you may be reacting so strongly may have more to do with trauma from the past because there is something a bit triggering happening. Remember, it’s not the same and you have developed big coping mechanisms since then.

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