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We have shown you a glimpse of one of our mighty calendars, and have referenced that we have lots of organizational tools at hand, but did you know that our days have themes? You were probably aware that we have series that we tend to, but they are monthly. Did you know that either? Did you know that our theme weeks are also once per month, without fail?

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Did you have any idea that we have deadlines for when our posts go up, or that we won’t post certain things on certain days? Well here, check out our schedule that is bizarrely adhered to.


Monday: Celebrities

When we started ye olde Sneer Campaign, all that we did all day every day was read Dlisted. Dlisted is some of the greatest writing on the internet. We wanted to start a gossip site, directly influenced by Michael K and his gloriously sassy style. That didn’t last very long.

Life Size

At this point, Mondays are most likely to be an ornate drawing of a celebrity we love or hate, or an even more ornate drawing of ourselves, your favorite celebs. Amandoll’s real chat comics can often be found on Mondays because we know you love to see us talking amongst ourselves. Since it’s usually art-based, most Monday posts are by Amandoll, our resident celebristrator. Well, the only Sneerist who does all of the art on the whole entire site, for good reason. Once in a while Dollissa writes a love letter on a Monday.

Y’all there are 1,836 images in our media library, someone please give Amandoll a raise.


Tuesday: Comics or Guests

Tuesdays and Thursdays were a newer addition to our scheduling. The first few months of Sneer featured only three posts per week. Actually, did you realize we post five days a week now? We do. Since this is a newer day on our calendar, it’s more flexible. We try to get our guest posts up on this day when we have them (please write for us).

Doofus and Darling comics go up on Tuesdays, also, even though they would fit nicely on Mondays at this point. Mondays are hard. D&D is one of our most widely asked about series. Yes mom, we will keep making them. Right now, our Kitty Comics often go up on Tuesdays, but that will change once we get more cat-crazy and better at scheduling our time.

doofus and darling


Wednesday: Entertainment

This day of the week is primarily my domain, or should be. Get to work, Dollissa! I should be doing a lot more posts about television, but I have been lazy (working?) lately. We’ll see how my new year resolutions shake out. As you can probably guess, our new year at Sneer HQ starts on our Sneeriversary.

We post about television shows, movies, video games, music, and more. But mostly TV. I love TV. We used to put our playlists in here until we decided that no one but us probably even listens to them, you jerks. Eventually Wednesdays will be where our podcasts go, since I let my podcastcade site go down entirely in anger. This will also be where we cram Amandoll’s YouTube series about drawing. Get to work, Amandoll!

Two of our most recent TV posts are a monthly series! You’ll never even notice.



Thursday: Cats and Mysticism

Our most popular Thursday content is Tarotscopes. The amount of work that Tonyana puts into these every month would blow your mind. Also somehow it takes us forever to do our part after she writes it all. Thursdays are tiring.

But also Thursdays are fiction (if that’s what we are into writing that week), more exciting guest content, Irrational Fear Comics, or something miscellaneous if we are in a bind because we do what we WANT.

Eventually we are probably going to be writing more and more about our cats, which generally take up all of our precious time. Cat content will be Thursdays only.



Friday: Misc.

Okay so not every day has a specific theme, but we needed somewhere to cram the rest of our shit.


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