Life Is a Whirlwind of Good Whims

If you have been following our antics on Sneer Campaign, you may have noticed that while we plan a lot, we also live lives of chaos dictated by whims. It isn’t that we are just highly suggestible, it is our choice to follow suggestions in frantic, haphazard ways. It’s part of our charm.

We enjoy talking big games about what we intend to do. It is always a good idea to tell everyone what you’ll do next, so that when you don’t do it, they can make character judgments on you and think of you as a flaky wastrel. You never know when that reputation might come in handy!

So far, we have mostly told you that we will make a podcast, or several podcasts. And we want empires, businesses, communities, and everything else the world owes us, which happens to BE Everything. Lately, I have been told by more than one person, people who don’t even know each other, that I should start live streaming my art sessions on something called Twitch, which I don’t really even know what that is but why would that stop me from declaring that I intend to be Twitch Famous?

I think our internet is probably too slow to make a good stream for now, and that’s why I didn’t offer up a view of me making this very comic that I made for this post. The reason I even made a Twitch account, actually, was this comic and I guess me feeling like making my own destiny. Cchris isn’t very supportive of the idea, but whims are whims and registering an account is free.

Click it to make it bigger, but probably don’t necessarily try to watch me on Twitch, because I am not REALLY there yet. Also, since making this comic yesterday, I have been convinced that I should learn video editing and become a famous YouTuber instead. All I have to offer by way of entertainment is my ability to draw, a dumb sounding voice, and the cats which are probably more popular than me. Maybe if I enjoy it, we can include Dollissa, and puppets? Important developments might develop, for all I know. We will have to see if I am unexpectedly obsessed with it. Not even I can predict these things. Perhaps I least of all.

I have a YouTube channel already, because we all always have to have one for some reason. Nothing is on it really but I have 5 subscribers? Neat! YouTube fame coming right up!

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