Seventh Sneeriversary!

March the sixth marked the seventh full year of being associated with this site that you are looking at right now: sneer campaign dot com.

It was probably a chaotic moment in our lives, March 6th, 2015, when we decided to go ahead and push publish on our very first article. It was a strong start. It is unimportant, wildly self-indulgent, autobiographical, saturated in daydreams and big, big plans. It is also just a little educational and includes an important piece of pop culture cinema. Some may call it the perfect sneer campaign post, and that we have only gone downhill in the seven years since!

I am getting a little stressed looking back at the other sneeriversary posts, where we talk about how nothing has changed. It’s been seven years! Maybe some things should have changed! It is now officially our new goal for the next year to be all about drastic personal growth — the good kinds, not the kinds which would require a doctor to examine. I’m declaring it here. We will re-emerge into society, get out there, change lives! But first, I will display the new Overindulgent Self Portrait for all to see, and then follow it with stats. And then change our author pictures little by little after a while, but you don’t have to think about that.

A poster of Amandoll and Dollissa striding boldly together, from right to left. They are dressed in fashions that are a blend of their own and the late 1930s, I'd say. All the poster says on it is "it's Sneer Campaign, bay bee!"
Marching towards Destiny! Striding towards Triumph!

Your Annual Stats Update

  • 1078 Posts (including this one)
  • 2 hosts
  • 47 unfinished posts in drafts
  • 2 more sneer cats died
  • 2 sneer cats gained
  • 30 Sneer 1 Imports followers
  • 758 products favorited on our store
  • 951 products sold since the store’s inception, which means
  • $9.51 total earnings from Redbubble
  • 317 likes on our dumb facebook page; a 90 like gain from our very first sneeriversary post

Uncountable Numbers

  • Times the site went down on the first host
  • Amount of non-sneer related projects Amandoll has up in the air right now
  • Times Dollissa said she’d start writing again
  • Spammy comments we dismissed
  • Ideas we forgot to write down
  • Ideas we wrote down but then lost the paper
  • Times Cchris bettefaced Amandoll
  • Private moments of despair

Sweet Whispered Promises for the Future

  • Dollissa will start writing again
  • We promise that CYOA story will be published
  • More brief but all-consuming addictions to app games
  • More non-Amandoll contributions
  • More guest posts
  • More products and designs
  • Sneer Games by Jamie
  • 8th sneeriversary will be a long list of our changes and improvements
  • Glory
  • And more!

Sneer Back

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