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So text adventures are all the rage! Okay, maybe not all the rage but we love them here at Sneer Campaign. If you don’t know what these even are, it’s like a Choose Your Own Adventure on a computer. Our friend Veeder has made some very excellent games. He’s a powerhouse of adorable and hilarious stories.  He even has one that’s made to show you how to play these sorts of games!

We’ve started to make two different ones for our hundreds of fans to get into, but we didn’t finish them because boy are they hard to complete. It requires some creative plot-twisting, know-how, and moxie. We have the moxie, at least.



We have been pooling our ideas and do hope to follow through at some point and make a Sneer text adventure for all you people. One where you can choose what sort of adventure we get up to, running from dragons or solving a mystery, investigating cold case murders that aren’t so col after all, or even exploring ancient ruins. Will we be in outer space? Will we be time traveling? The choice will be yours!

In fact, the choice is yours now, too. Here are some questions you can answer to shape this future, hypothetical game that no one person is tasked with making. As is the case with everything we do, the hardest part is deciding which one to start up with. Too many options, too many decisions! So please, help us to get the ball rolling by just choosing our own adventure. Our adventure together, dear friends.

coming soon



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We will make it our DRIVEN PURPOSE IN LIFE this year to make a little text adventure for you based on results. Also, you can comment other characters or plots too, I guess.

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