Sneer 1 Imports: Updated and More So Much More

Do you smell it? Do you smell the thrill of purchasing fine quality products that are often at allegedly discounted prices from Redbubble dot com?

By the way — it’s sometimes hard to navigate our store, through no fault of our own, so let me just say right now that if you stick to our “portfolio” page, the product types that we offer are listed down the left-hand side of the screen. The products along the top take you to everyone on Redbubble’s products. Thank you for reading this public service announcement.

Sneer 1 Import bargains on Sneer 1 Important products are always available, but I wanted you to know that we finally achieved one of our sneer campaign related goals for the year (and honestly, we have been wanting to do this since last year, at least). But what has really changed, you ask?

We Culled

We had 193 designs on offer at our store. Partly this was because when we were enthusiastically putting things up when we started the whole thing, we didn’t understand Redbubble, so we thought we were uploading per product, so I had made a bunch of very specific sentiment greeting cards. Most of those are now GONE (although we left many of the holiday ones).

We also removed ones that just seemed ugly to me now. Why did so many have words included? Anyway, we are down to a measly 160 designs as of the time we have posted this article. Which thirty three did we remove? Do you feel panicked by regrets that you missed those limited edition offers? Serves you right!

We Added

We didn’t mention yet that we have added some choice cute little Baphomet sentiment designs, because we are selling these cards, irl, at a nifty shop in Covington. We will continue to add things to our store for that purpose, so check back often! The aesthetics for that are darker than the usual sneer thing we have going on. You may like it.

New and improved, delicious design to fit your lifestyle.

More importantly, we replaced some designs with the same picture but now with a transparent background so that it doesn’t look just like garbage. We were young at the beginning of the store. Young and ignorant. And in a hurry. We didn’t realize/care that the designs would look blocky and weird when they were weird blocks.

We also added some new “collections” at the top of our page so that you can more quickly and efficiently peruse.

Also, They Added

Most importantly of all, Redbubble keeps adding available products for us to slap designs on!!! Did you want space slug bath mat which could probably be used as any kind of mat? An overindulgent self portrait of us art deco shower curtain? Cthulhu Nouveau shower curtains to use in place of window curtains? A set of four coasters with us as clowns on it? An art deco cat tall mug? A water bottle with a pug on it? A throw blanket with the cosmonaut sloth?

Yes. Us, too. We want all of these things and more! Hey also there are more kids clothes, so ensure their popularity in school with what we’ve got.

It’s never too early to buy gifts in advance, for anything, so trot your little self on over there and give us our penny profits! ¢¢¢

Sneer Back

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