Sneerlist: Soundtrack from the Sneer Dimension

Hi hi howdy hi hi, it’s another playlist and this time it’s all about us! It’s been a year, so we know our sound and it’s time that you do, too. We’ve got the beat and we know you can dance to the beat. This list makes our eyes lit, short breaths, dark lids because we like the music, we like the disco sound. While we write about our love for Bette Davis and Frank Sinatra (have you heard of them? They’re both dead. Dead), we need a certain song. When the blues have got us, and we’re making the tea with the petals, we want a space lounge interlude and to dance, dance, dance, dance. But mostly, we wanted to give you a playlist because oh, we care a lot, you pretty things. Don’t question the tracks we picked and don’t analyze it. It’s electric, it’s fantastic. But first, let us talk to you nice. Bear witness:


Every day and night, every day and ni i i ight, we try to make it magnificent. Some may think that we think we’re the queens of the neighborhood, that all the brothers want to eat this cake, but we’ve got a long, long ways to go before we can be your little honeybees. We know what’s up, we’re never at ease. We’ve got to amuse you, or lose you. We’re obsessed to the point that we don’t wanna see our friends. We work all night, we work all day, because we don’t sleep. Honeybees never sleep, but we should. We’ve got one thing on our minds and we don’t care; that’s just what it’s like when you’re only seen at night. We know we’re drivin’ our mamas and papas insane. It’s a dirty job, but someone’s gotta do it.


Maybe you wonder if this love of ours is a lie, but we live it. It’s not a gimmick. Hey! We’re gonna be your girls: the ones that do the rockin’. Our rhymes are legit. We thought rather than start a band to pay our bills, we’d make this site so that you have a place to go, a place to be something better than you are today, a place where you can get away. Sneer Campaign has something to improve you. If you stay, you can’t go wrong because we’ll tell you that everything you think and everything you feel is all right all right all right all right all riiiight. We care a lot about you people, yeah you bet we care a lot.

You see, it’s like this: some girls have a mission, and some girls have their work, some marry with precision, but we just dish the dirt. We want to really blow your mind, to be the subject of your neck tattoo. Sometime we might go to Las Vegas or Monaco and do the Charleston; you can’t guess. Even our friends don’t know what we intend. But if we keep it up, we’ll show the haters. It’s gonna be soon, not later.

I might be getting off track so let’s go way way back to the basics: you should join our new movement of social improvement. Join the ranks of the young and exotic (and our fantastic cats). We make it look easy ’cause it is to us. Other people take it there, we take it farther. Bitch, we get it done. Here we come, you can’t stop us now! And we’ll make sure you abide. You never know, some day you could feel our cold embrace. I know it seems too lovely to be true, but then the best things often do. Certain things just happen that way, but we don’t regret what we’ve done ’cause in the end it was fun!

Can you dig it? Wow, fantastic, baby.

We are yours sincerely. Yours truly, yours truly.

– Sneer Campaign

P.S. Just listen to it on shuffle because every song is 100% relevant every minute of every day, forever, and they are all playing simultaneously whenever a Sneerist draws breath. Any song is the right song for you to hear at the time it is playing. Relax.

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