Story of Our Store: Pretty Soldier Sagan Moon


Our love of so many wonderful and fantastical things often leads to some of our favorite mashups! For example, Mae West dancing with Davy Crockett or the Goldwarts Girls gathered round the kitchen table like always. On today, one of science’s most exciting birthdays, we’d like to tell you more about Carl Sagan Moon.

The Sagan Scouts represent his literal and imagined drives for Wisdom, Justice, Passion, Courage, Compassion, and all of the rest too. He was a multi-faceted talent, an abundantly well-rounded individual who could very easily be represented by nine pretty versions of himself who would go on to star in many series of mangas and animated shows. Any time we imagine how it could be presented, we wish oh we wish we had control of reality, because it would be our favorite show.


And really, it is very likely that we will be making more content based on this perfect daydream of ours, because why not  bring more light to the world?

Carl Sagan is obviously one of our best saints. He lived his truth as being the most amiable smarto that has ever been, and thankfully he was alive during the time of TV so that he could be the host of the original Cosmos series, which is one of our holy texts except it is video.  He was the Mr Rogers of scientific thinkery, the Secretariat of cosmology, the Sir David Attenborough of astrophysics. We look up to him in every way, and we are most sincere about this fact. He was great!

If you enjoy the Pretty Soldier Sagan Moon art you can get it on our Sneer1Imports store.

We think that it looks great as a throw pillow,  a mug to pump you up for your day, or as a laptop sleeve to keep him with you always. But really, it looks great as any product we have to offer, so be sure to check out that “Available Products” section on any of these links. It will take you to all 44 (at the time of this being published) items!


Look, you could wear it, or put it on your wall, or sleep under its glorious warmth! All of these redbubble products are really high quality, by the way. Gone are the horrible days of cafepress, if you have been burned by poor purchases before.

Recently was also Sailor Pluto’s birthday, on October 29. Sneer Campaign wishes a very happy birthday to them both. <3



  1. Sagan was not merely the “host” of COSMOS, he wrote it, with some help from Steven Soter and his lover (and later) wife, Ann Druyan. Carl wrote the original book.

    Ann Druyan, with some help from Soter again, wrote the 2014 COSMOS. Neil Tyson was hired at the host. He read the script from a teleprompter, unlike Sagan, who did everything from memory.

    Tyson was a *host*. Sagan was offering us his personal voyage.

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