Story of Our Store: Summertime Clothes



This time, rather than discuss one of our images, we wanted to show you one of the reasons we chose Redbubble. We just love the kinds of clothes they make and really, we want it all ourselves. If you see any single thing in the store, it’s up because we want it too. So here’s a selection of our favorite summer looks courtesy of Amandoll’s art and Redbubble’s awesome shit.


Summer Frocks


Graphic t-shirt dresses are both stylish and temperature-cool. Just like wearing a big tshirt that is also fairly long! They are mostly polyester, but are light and airy, and did we mention “stylish”? You can’t go wrong with an adorable donkletfly, which Amandoll invented in order to delight one of her friends. A donkletfly is the baby form of an adult donkerfly. She decided that it would be cuter than a donkletpillar and she’s not wrong!

Or you could dazzle passersby and pals alike with the inspirational lincoln lizard! Do what you gotta do, he pretty much says. Maybe what you gotta do is sport that gorgeous horse shark. You probably ought to, in some form, if not this dress.


But if you are more in the mood for an A-line dress that’ll wow ’em good, try Pangolin Love. We love pangolins, so Amandoll likes to occasionally get the word out that they’re still around, and still struggling. Halp! If you’re into endorsing your love of us to the general viewing public, this image plastered over this dress is beautiful. Simply beautiful. Or maybe you’d prefer this manatee print on your loose polyester garment? Know Manatee, Know Peace would be right up your alley.



Tank Tops to Sweat In

Two of these designs, like many of the ones in our store, were done by Amandoll when she was using daily drawings to practice drawing digitally. They also both make great shirts, such as this very nice one that shows the world that you support facts, and down and out frog clowns. Space Slug was one of her more extravagant daily drawings, done after she had clearly learned all that she needed to learn but was still liking the attention. FYI – buying any of these products is a form of attention and she still feeds on it. Don’t forget about the Art Deco Cats!!! They look good, too.



Or for a more casual tank, try these designs, available in several colors and for both men and women. Simply Tardigrade is, quite simply, a cartoon rendition of that little mighty creature. Although this one is very, very fancy with his little top hat. Bette Sun-Face is wonderful no matter if you go for a casual look as seen here, or on every other possible product that we have. Just look at her sneer. Let’s not forget that stylin’ ’80s caracal on roller skates, though. She is an oft-overlooked image, but look at her go!


These two different tank tops styles are great for summer or, if you’re like me, year-round.



Mini Skirts to Show Off Those Legs


Do you have glamorous gams? Do you have coltish limbs, or shapely thighs that you like people to look at? Good news! We have mini skirts! These stretchy polyester lower body tubes are very certainly a way to stay cool while also staying cooool. Everything we have can be a mini skirt of course, but we are especially fond of that Pug Sphere and Intense Owl Head.

If you are feeling modest, or it is chilly at night, don’t be afraid to use the mini skirt to show off the leggings we have on offer that you can’t live without, obviously. We can’t yet attest to how these leggings actually look on human shaped legs, but how could they go wrong?? That Rainbow Bear would look great no matter how distorted it could be. Mr. Goldfish is small enough that it should be recognizable. And Cool Dog, Thumbs Up is ALWAYS going to be cool, no matter how stretched, torn, and stained it gets.



Sneer Back

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