TarotScopes: A September to Remember


It’s September, and personally I’m pretty stoked! There’s a New Moon in Virgo combined with a Solar Eclipse on the 1st. Yeah, that eclipse may be like Gordon Ramsey going into a restaurant freezer and uncovering a bunch of rotten food and maggots, but it is essential so we can clean house to accept all the good stuff coming in. On the 9th, Jupiter goes into Libra. So if you are a fellow Libran, we are gonna be in rare form all the way to October of next year. Woot, woot!  All signs should expect a general upturn in how we connect in partnerships and legal matters should run more smoothly and get less ugly. Full Moon in Pisces on the 16th lets the imagination run wild in a good way.

Yeah, yeah… I know all about the Mercury Retrograde that started on August 30 and will be going strong until September 22. I realize that means being prepared for Murphy’s Law, not starting new projects (or at least don’t have high expectations about them), and not saying anything stupid (like I can help it!). Thing is, with Jupiter smiling and winking at me, I’m pretty sure this retrograde I won’t be getting in any fender benders, breaking any ankles, or shooting hot sauce in my eye. True story. Honestly, Mercury Retrogrades can be awesome if you revisit old places or friends, pick up studies you put on the back burner, try again at something that didn’t quite work out before.

Anyways, as always look up your Sun Sign below. Some folks tend more towards their Rising or Moon sign so give them a look as well. Hit the sidebar to take you directly to my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot by Tonyana to schedule a more personal reading.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


WEEK 1: You may find yourself feeling a bit guilty over something. Be prepared to make a confession, if need be.  Someone may not react the way you’d expect they would. There may be some disappointments. You may have to see things through even if it means getting down to the nitty gritty of it all. You may need some breathing room.

WEEK 2: There may be some corruption becoming more and more evident to you. Someone is being very wasteful. They couldn’t care less about your rules of resourcefulness or your dollar off coupons. Pick your battles carefully.

WEEK 3: An important event takes place that has quite an impact. You ask for spiritual assistance to help with a particular problem. An admirer calls you out of the blue or figures out your whereabouts so they can “bump into you.”  The attraction is somewhat mutual. For some, this could be an involvement from the past.

WEEK 4: There may be a division of money or things that need to take place. It may not divide up equally, either. At the very least, some lines need to be drawn.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


WEEK 1: It feels like a brand new start. There may be some temporary arrangement set up. Avoid a scene, by keeping private matters private. If tears must be shed, do it where prying eyes aren’t fed arsenal for their gossip. Keep it to yourself for now.

WEEK 2: This Autumn ushers in a bunch of new beginnings. You may revive things from the past and give them a fresh start. Lots of good things can transpire, the energy is certainly there. Business gets way better.

WEEK 3: You pursue happiness and go about it in a spiritual way, so meditation and prayer may play a big role. There will be an unexpected guest that plays the role of a sort of Guru for you. That is, if you are willing to listen.

WEEK 4: Expect mix-ups in communication (some residual Mercury retro energy, I’m sure). Something embarrassing may occur. Check the mirror before you leave. If someone bares their teeth while talking to you and does that tiny scratchy thing with their finger, realize you probably have spinach or something in your teeth!


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


WEEK 1: Be patient. There is something disguised as a fun workshop, that will actually help you along professionally later on, but you must stick with it. Also, an investment may be necessary to make it happen.

WEEK 2: Some distinct sexual tension is felt. You don’t like it one bit. Feeling this deeply for someone you just met gives you an irksome vibe. Trust your gut. It would mean trouble if you develop this further.

WEEK 3: Be very honest, but don’t divulge more than what is asked. Let your needs and expectations be very clear. Guard your alone time fiercely.

WEEK 4: Adhere to safety practices, it’s for your own good. If you go kayaking or some other outdoorsy type thing, wear your life vest. Some of you may have a scary altercation with an animal.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


WEEK 1: You are still going through a rough patch, but your system of spiritual beliefs will see you through it. The unlikeliest of people will help you out of a jam. This will improve your situation and your outlook on humanity.

WEEK 2: An era of your life is waning so a new one can begin. Because of this, your schedule may be a bit wacky. The person you are so into now will be old news come October. After you pay the bills, get groceries, and gas there doesn’t seem to be much money to have fun with. Get back into a money manifestation practice that worked before. It is important that you get out there in the world whether or not you have wads of cash to throw around. No pressure. You will do it in your own time.

WEEK 3: You may feel very restricted. Something you have been doing is feeling like drudgery. These beliefs and the perspective you are holding onto while looking at this situation is severely limiting you. It’s like you are stuck in a cage of your own making.

WEEK 4: Lightning and storms have a way of invigorating you. It will give you a flash of inspiration. I feel that you will receive a message from the Universe that is impossible to ignore. Something weird is happening at work involving management. You may be very concerned about what someone thinks of you.


CAPRICORN (December 22 January 19)


WEEK 1: Things change without much of a warning. A rumor shouldn’t be given much thought. There’s a new person that arrives on the scene that is a big talker and not much else. Before you take a  leap, it may behoove you to get a bit more experience first. You just want to jump in already, but you really ought to wait.

WEEK 2: “Worrying is praying for what you don’t want,” you have heard this before and agreed, yet here you are fretting. Go to sleep already!  Most of this anxiety revolves around work concerns. It seems you may be undergoing a sort of probationary period where you have to prove your worth.

WEEK 3: You feel like the tables have turned, somewhat. Things are looking much more hopeful on the work front. Some truly amazing things are unfolding! Remember, slow and steady wins the race. Your career is finally going places. Why were you so worried, last week, sillyhead?!

WEEK 4: Work is your #1 concern and everything else is taking a backseat. You are dismissing family and friends right off the rip. They are willing to sit on the back burner for a bit, as long as you promise to make it up to them later. They miss you!


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


WEEK 1: Something fresh and new is happening. You will gain new information and as a result, will be able to pin down the solution to a dilemma. Someone from the past returns, but you aren’t sure if you welcome the reunion.

WEEK 2: It is time to forgive. Let someone off the hook and allow yourself to heal in the process. Be careful. Someone wants to have your job or get credit for what you have done. The odds are against you. It may come from out of left field. There’s a scoundrel around.

WEEK 3: You may attend a sporting event. A good friend will speak up for you. There will be a night out on the town!

WEEK 4: Unless you want children, be careful… you are especially fertile. You may get involved in sustainability efforts. Emotionally and spiritually, you are like a new person.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


WEEK 1: By chasing possibilities, you may be sacrificing the real thing. If you get into this too much deeper, it is sure to backfire on you. Be wary of an opportunity that requires a big investment. You may get swindled. A fantasy is finally realized and it falls very flat. Get out while the getting is good.

WEEK 2: You are definitely smitten. They seem to stimulate every part of you… the mental, emotional, and of course, physical. You will take many trips back and forth to be with them. There may be time spent at a relative’s home, maybe house or pet-sitting. You get a delivery that you will have to sign for.

WEEK 3: This week promises to be a series of big ups and downs. You may care too much about money. Make sure that while you are counting your cash you haven’t neglected other things and end up spiritually poor. You are trying to fill a spiritual void with material things and it won’t work. There is someone who you long for. This person is somewhat unobtainable.

WEEK 4: There will be an important event that you will remember for some time afterward. Knowing this, go into it with your eyes wide open. You will find it very positive and inspiring. Someone tells you something that will change your life forever. Some of you may sell or rent out a home.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


WEEK 1: You will be very outspoken, direct, and some will think… high strung. There may be some work concerning inventory. You desire to be noticed on the job. I mean that in a professional and sexy sense. This could mean a new beginning. I think the person you are attracted to is a Sagittarius type energy.

WEEK 2: The tables may turn a bit. It has to do with the change of the power structure at work. Watch for opportunities and then swoop in there and make the best of things.

WEEK 3: You may need to safeguard your home or vehicle against the elements. It may be something as small as hitting your windshield up with some RainX or getting new wiper blades. Someone offers a great idea to you, but you don’t bother to hear them out.

WEEK 4: Put your resourcefulness to good use. Some of you may gain an inheritance of some sort. Go over your insurance clauses again.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


WEEK 1: It is time that you found work that you actually enjoy doing. Why are you at the job you are at? If your answer is, “to pay the bills,” you have a lot of soul-searching to do. Be careful not to just go tell the boss to shove it and walk out, though. You may be counting down the days to retirement already. There is a possibility of a work-related injury.

WEEK 2: For those of you who have children, release the reins a bit. It seems like your high expectations of them is making them fall short of the mark out of spite. For the rest of you, someone falls from a pedestal you placed them on.

WEEK 3: There are some major improvements at home and a little spending money to boot! A solution will fall into your lap and your woes will dissolve away. Don’t be discouraged by the hard work the  plan warrants. Your efforts will lead to success!

WEEK 4: Some of you may hire the perfect housekeeper, baby-sitter, or dog-walker to make your home flow more smoothly. Now is a good time to implement better health practices. You will have a better understanding between you and a health practitioner, but you may have to rearrange your schedule in order to make the appointments.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


WEEK 1: You may be feeling left out. Someone may be avoiding you or not near as chatty as they once were. Don’t try to force this situation. A relationship may end without much time to prepare emotionally. After you regain your composure, you will have the opportunity to connect the dots and see it was heading this way. Sales people may be pressuring you to make a big purchase, but now is definitely not the right time. A milestone will be reached. Be careful not to obsess over things. You may be dealing with someone who has quite a temper.

WEEK 2: Friends may be distancing themselves, or you from them. You may get reprimanded for too much socializing on the job, so maybe it is best you put your nose to the grindstone for awhile. There are some co-workers who can’t be trusted anyhow. A pal may be getting hitched.

WEEK 3: Nothing seems to be getting accomplished. It will affect your mood considerably. Negotiations lead to zilch progress. It’s mighty exhausting. Money is inconsistent.

WEEK 4: A trip may need to be delayed. Even though you vowed to change, it seems like your old work habits traveled along with you and along with it, some hassles as a result. You had left friends behind and you miss them. It is okay to recall some good times, but remember, if you were to go back, you couldn’t just pick up where you left off.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


WEEK 1: The weather will have a huge effect on your mood. Try to get out in nature around dawn. Too much work is starting to take its toll.

WEEK 2: Something is planned for around March, April, May. The foundation for this can be laid out now, do your research, no big moves… just tentative planning. There is a standstill in your love life. Someone is holding something in. You wonder if too much damage has been done.

WEEK 3: Don’t let down your defenses. You are putting in way too many hours at work. The job you do is getting far too demanding.

WEEK 4: It may become blatantly obvious that another is jealous of you. This person doesn’t see the downside of being you. They don’t understand the strain of being pulled in so many directions at once. This person wants your life or what you have, but they must really find their own path. Your efforts seem to be putting more money in others pockets.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


WEEK 1:  Be careful not to wear yourself out. There is a real possibility of spreading yourself too thin. Too many people are expecting way too much from you. It would do you well not to take your frustrations out on those who have had your back through it all.

WEEK 2: You may have to redo a bunch of work, but you may as well suck it up buttercup. It has to be done. This time, sense it is in your hands, perhaps it will meet standards.

WEEK 3: A relationship might not be as cozy as it once was. Commitments aren’t taken very seriously these days, or so it seems. The money isn’t being split up fairly. There will be misunderstandings because of differences of opinions and beliefs. Just be as honest as possible in order to get this settled. Stick with the facts. Express your feelings too.

WEEK 4: You want to take you and yours and go search for a better life. There is just a need to get away, even for just a week. The last couple of months have been rough and you just want to treat yo’ self. Someone offers to take you away from it all. It is in your best interest to take them up on it. You haven’t been very happy for awhile, and trouble tends to keep piling up, which in turn wrecks havoc on your immune system. The time has come that you are itching to start a life somewhere else. You may be called to travel somewhere for reasons other than enjoyment. The darker memories are left behind forever. To continue on as you have been, would require you to give up on your dreams. You hope that loved ones will understand and may even tag along.

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