TarotScopes: Augustfully Yours

So I see you guys have made it through July. There now, see? It’s not so bad as long as you aren’t blindsided by the energies. Knowledge is power! The first week of August may be a bit tricky. During the second week there may still be some butt hurts and resentments to tend to. The New Moon on August 11 will be pretty intense, so make sure you get some rest. Remember that Mars will be in Retrograde till August 27th so you may not wanna go confronting heavy issues just yet. Maybe hide out till September to play it safe. Mid August on should get a bit easier because Mercury goes direct on the 19th. Then the 26th there is a Full Moon in Pisces. If you have a nasty addictive habit then this may be the day to kick it to the curb. The end of August seems much more upbeat than the beginning.


To be perfectly honest, the Devil card came in for most signs, so I see this as a warning to not get into things that we know we will be bound by. Amanda (the artist that draws these things for me every month) and I decided that maybe we should go with the card that the general masses can handle and not be intimidated by. Well, actually she was all about educating the people, and that’s my intention. So,the second most active card was the Knight of Swords. This tells me that our decisions must be quick and assertive. So that’s something to think about. Sounds like a contradiction, but on second thought it isn’t because you shouldn’t have to talk yourself into things, right? That’s like the first red flag. If it doesn’t feel so right that you wanna take steps (or at least research it) right away, it probably isn’t something worth pursuing. Especially if you are receiving lots of pressure to move, move, move.

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please visit my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.

LEO (July 23-August 22)


Week 1: People find you quite fascinating this week. Many will remark that you aren’t what they expected. They are relieved that you are actually very approachable and sweet. You seemed larger than life before they got a feel for your real circumstances. Being eternally “extra” is a given with you, but we all appreciate when you break bread with us common folk.
Week 2: You are getting everyone who is graced with your presence mighty excitable! Some may ask you to rein in your sexiness a bit. This may be your last week to enjoy some sunflowers in their natural environment. I mean they track the Sun everywhere it goes, so expect all their heads will turn in your direction as you graze past. It is the official Leo flower, after all. You have this air about you that just radiates nobility.
Week 3: It may be time to cash in your chips. You can’t expect to win EVERY TIME. A higher up on the career ladder better watch out because you have your eyes on their prize. However, the Universe gives a warning about keeping your ego in check… or else.
Week 4: So last week you were warned to take a back seat, but the end of August is all systems go again! Assertiveness is fine and dandy, just don’t get aggressive. You will breeze right pass your competitors if you keep it classy. There’s no need to stomp on others. They are watching and you wouldn’t want a deceitful power play to mar your image. It’s okay to shine brilliantly, but not by extinguishing others light.


VIRGO (August 23-September 22)


Week 1: An important event happens and it brings awareness to something that is close to your heart. It kicks off the whole month. This has to do with ending negative circumstances.
Week 2: There is a warning delivered in a dream. A bunch of minor annoyances are adding up to one very big problem. You just feel like something has escaped your radar, but what?
Week 3: You notice that when you are around others whom you share a long history with, your attitude really changes. The focus may be on changes you are noticing in your environment and what kind of people are coming and going. Some of you may be juggling lovers. You may keep your romantic life secret from nosy relatives… or perhaps you are indeed the snoopy one. Scour vintage stores for things from your youth. Some of you may decide to go back to work for a place you had left behind or at least in the same industry.
Week 4: You are inspiring others more than you realize. The thing is, you aren’t too keen on people biting your rhymes. Your individuality is important. So decide how you are going to deal with this.


LIBRA (September 23-October 22)


Week 1: This week could hit with a bit of a sad note. Being so empathic can sure be a doozie sometimes if you get blindsided by it. Some of you may know just the thing that a certain someone needs to hear to keep them going. You can get someone out of their pity party fast. It is important for this individual to know that even though they have indeed suffered loss, they still have so much to forge ahead for. You will become a true and important fixture in their lives.
Week 2: Your body is likely undergoing some transformations and people are taking notice. Some of you may turn the head of more than a few romantic prospects. It’s like you are manifesting a certain shape or at least manipulating how people perceive you for the best. Wow! You’re an empathic shape-shifter!
Week 3: An unpleasant event is likely, but that’s only how it appears. Take in the whole picture. How can you make this experience work for you?
Week 4: You may find yourself in a money pit situation with some property or a vehicle. Don’t let money woes break your stride. A promised bump in pay is almost laughable. And in other delusion news… it seems that someone you have invested lots of your heart in may not be as serious as they led you to believe.


SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)


Week 1: Money is being thrown away on things that don’t last. These things may be little luxury services you pamper yourself with that aren’t really necessary. You are being called to lower your carbon footprint. One way you can help is do things to be kinder to the wildlife that exist in your own backyard.
Week 2: There is a bit of a crisis and lines are drawn. You will come out ahead, but only barely. This all comes without much of a warning. You notice that much of the hubbub was rumors and gossip. Win by not getting involved.
Week 3: Remember how you were called to be a bit more environmentally conscious earlier on in the month? Well this week you may learn of some super seedy stuff going on around your area that breaks your heart. Everyone seems to be turning a blind eye to the obvious.
Week 4: You show a bit more aggression. Don’t go in there shooting first and asking questions later. Pushing your weight around really isn’t helpful. You just don’t care much for ignorant people, but you must work within the system to change it. Maybe take this pent up energy out on a treadmill or sport. Getting involved in political power struggles may wear you down fast. Someone is coming into your life to help, so don’t push everyone away.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)


Week 1: Some weeks you’re the windshield, some weeks you’re the bug. Even a leg up doesn’t last very long it seems. A nemesis from the past may rear their ugly heads.
Week 2: This sure has been a Summer, hasn’t it?!!! Hopefully it has been spent with lots of children, animals, and other free spirits. Get out there in nature. Feel free to test your wings on an outdoor activity you always wanted to try. Get out in the garden and get your hands in that dirt. Don’t forget your big ol’ hat!
Week 3: You are well aware of someone at your job being an outright lazy bum. It is getting pretty old carrying their load as well as your own. This is getting a bit excessive.
Week 4: Circumstances will turn in your favor in the nick of time. It is pretty impressive how it works itself out. Who beats the odds? You, that who!


CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)


Week 1: Lots of group activities this week! Although the rewards won’t be evident right away, your networking skills will pay off. Divine timing is a big fan of delays right now. With the pressure off, you can form more solid foundations. You’ve been through quite a bit lately. It’s been rough. Separations have happened that you haven’t quite faced. You chose to smile and be strong through the disappointment. You are forming a new life.
Week 2: Your conditions are changing for the best and everyone is amazed at your ability to dust yourself off and keep going. A financial opportunity is presented. You may take a trip to pick up some goods you can’t buy locally and are presented with a business proposal or idea.
Week 3: You decide to postpone a decision. A request for time off is given the brush off. Others get special treatment, but I guess policy kicks in with you.
Week 4: Avoid a dramatic scene on the love front. Get those tears out in the comfort of your own home. Just sort this out like adults.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)


Week 1: It would improve your bottom line to do a bit of investigative work on a misbehaving team member. You just need to know this person’s motives for making the decision they did. This energy will play itself out for quite a while so handle it delicately.
Week 2: You are trying to get better about coming up with creative endeavors everyone in your social group can enjoy together. Career is certainly picking up! If your checkbook doesn’t reflect that right now, don’t despair.
Week 3: A partner may cover your expenses if you wanted to enjoy a trip somewhere. This person is ideal to have at your side and hopefully you see that. You are definitely wanting more romance and sexy time. Those that can get pregnant should be extra cautious if that isn’t your end game.
Week 4: Family, especially siblings, may become a bit harder to deal with than usual. Emotions may take a toll on health so get plenty of rest. If health concerns seem a bit serious, make sure to get an appointment… and then actually go.


PISCES (February 19-March 20)


Week 1: There may be a new space or location that you become aware of that gets you thinking very positively about the future. It may just be at the ideas stage, but thoughts become things. You have lots of transferable skills that will come in handy during this new venture. The trick is finding the right people to include. They have to be just as outgoing and driven as yourself. You may pack some of your prospects in the vehicle and show them the place you have in mind. You are hoping that they are as inspired as you are.
Week 2: You take another go at something. There will be lots of activity, so much it may seem overwhelming at times. The worst of this year is over for you. It is all a matter of asking yourself what you REALLY want.
Week 3: There’s no need to worry. Trust that what seems like chaos is the Universe’s way of clearing the riffraff. A disloyalty may knock you for a loop and make you feel abandoned. Trust is a hard thing to earn back. Almost impossible with you.
Week 4: An Aquarius will play a big part in how this week goes. You both have a vested interest of being of service to others. Also, you learn much from each other. As much as they have hurt, they have also healed. This person fancies themselves a bit of an armchair psychologist. You are more of the writer and speaker. It’s a great partnership.


ARIES (March 21-April 19)


Week 1: You are strangely resistant to your desires finally coming true. Socially, you have all the skills you need to make yourself part of something bigger. Relying on another will become paramount to your success. Perhaps this is the reason for the uneasiness.
Week 2: There is a pull towards another that is more than just primal attraction, it has spiritual depth. Many of you will explore this further whether already coupled or not. You may earn a bit of extra scratch on the side this week. People are pretty impressed with the work you do. This will improve your bottom line down the road.
Week 3: You become mighty fixated on someone. They are so much fun. Remember that true love begins when infatuation ends. One thing is for sure, you are feeling more sexy and alive than you had felt in a while!
Week 4: Someone with the best of intentions could be manipulating in such a way that you develop healthier habits. The changes implemented will bring sweet relief. A relationship will require special care.


TAURUS (April 20-May 20)


Week 1: Someone has no qualms about arriving to the workplace sick and spreading their germs about. Not only are you likely to catch it, but you just think that sort of thing is fiercely inconsiderate. Now that you know this is likely, take added precautions.
Week 2: You can’t force your finances to grow any bigger right now. Straight and narrow 9 to 5 work seems much more substantial than side projects or” labors of love.” Don’t give yourself added pressure by trying to launch a dream right now.
Week 3: There may be insufficient travel funds. It seems like all your efforts is making someone else rich. The work climate may be a bit unpleasant. Even your friends that typically bail you out of jams are too preoccupied to be of much help. You are being prepped by the Universe to be even more independent. It’s a challenging week.
Week 4: You seem to be a bit slow and careless this week. The good news is that the end of the month is much more favorable for travel. Visit more progressive and liberally minded states.


GEMINI (May 21-June 20)


Week 1: This week is just full of little annoyances and people who seem unable to make up their minds. Some of you may be experiencing some health trouble because of the added irritabilities. Don’t get yourself all worked up over things you can’t control.
Week 2: Something you were expecting in the mail may get lost in the shuffle for a bit. Many of you are probably banking from the extra work you have been doing. It’s nice to be sitting high on the hog, as they say.
Week 3: Big travel plans may be put on hold, but short day trips would be beneficial. Females will be of particular help to you this week. It would be in your best interest to start focusing on furthering education or job skills.
Week 4: You may wanna dust off those dancing shoes! Be open to learning some new moves. There’s no need to venture too far away from home to do this. You may research traveling by train somewhere.


CANCER (June 21-July 22)


Week 1: An unexpected event occurs that may seem unpleasant and bring on some financial concerns. It may have to do with a business decision. Don’t let it cause conflict in your networks. You may find yourself having to take sides in a power play between two forces. It pains you to have to do that. It just seems like bizarre timing. If you allow yourself to get paranoid, you’d swear the world is conspiring against you.
Week 2: Spend some time this week in solitary introspection. This will help you not get so darn frustrated. Next time take a more calculated risk. A feeling of instability could keep you down if you let it. Your partner’s health could be another cause for concern.
Week 3: You may be avoiding calls from collection agencies. An awaited communication about your work may not come in time. There may be a misunderstanding. You were just expecting something entirely different.
Week 4: Bills may be piling up. If you don’t recognize the number, don’t answer it. This situation may require some fancy footwork to get out of. If anyone can make this work, it’s you.

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