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The other night, I found a newly added documentary on Netflix called “44 Pages,” and it turned out to be about Highlights, the magazine for children.  Like most children, we here at the Sneer Campaign had subscriptions to this fine publication for many years in our youth. I fondly recall scenes of jumping on a small exercise trampoline while reciting poetry written by other children, for some reason, with my childhood friend and neighbor, Jessica. Why did we do that? Why did we do anything.

The documentary is very informative and somehow even heartwarming. I came away feeling like this is the Mr. Rogers of magazines (it’s even located in Pennsylvania, which is apparently the most wholesome state?)  and I sincerely hope that it goes on existing forever and ever. Like Mr. Rogers, they do not deal in advertising within their pages. They genuinely want what is best for the children, and are basically a family owned and operated company. Do you know a child? Does it have a subscription to Highlights? Get one for it, if not. Do it now.

It seems like they have dreamjobs, working in an old mansion with what seems to be essentially a group of friends, and I am re-enthused about the notion that we begin our own Sneer Publication. One that ISN’T an almanac, and one that isn’t a series of romance novels or Choose Your Own Adventure books, under another name. I kept drawing parallels between Highlights and Sneer Campaign, because I guess I don’t understand anything unless I can compare it to myself. But there’s a house, friends, crafts, writing and drawing, regular features, a love of diversity… and that’s ENOUGH. So what if they are highly organized, motivated child advocates with a highly successful magazine that has enjoyed decades of prestige? Who says that won’t be something like our story, too?

do it

We have been letting you know for years that we have been influenced by them, every month in fact, with each Doofus and Darling post. Goofus and Gallant is iconic, referenced everywhere that fine references are made. I would also enjoy supplying everyone with Hidden Picture puzzles but I’ve never tried drawing one because they seem hard. They seem SO TOUGH. But I love a challenge.

Highlights is over 70 years old and just as glorious today as it has ever been. Keep up the fine work. That documentary might have caused us to get a subscription for Sneer HQ. And dear Highlights editors and decision makers, if you want to hire me for illustrations, feel free to contact me.

Love You.

Sneer Back

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