TarotScopes: Don’t Cry — It’s July!

Just a blink of an eye and BOOM it’s July! There is a Capricorn Full Moon on the 9th, so it would be a prime time to let go of any festering issues with paternal figures in your life. It is a good month to sift through your memories and experiences. Focus on the ones that bring on happy tears and get rid of the ones you seem to torment yourself about. The New Moon on the 23rd will usher in some dramatic changes in true Leo Moon style. It is an excellent time to do something new like join a group or class and allowing yourself to shine on through these connections.

The 3 of Cups Reversed is coming in for lots of signs. So, it seems many of us will move on from one group of people and choose to change up associations a bit. Many of us will have to come to terms with a friend leaving the scene. It could be personal or professional, but it stirs up a bit of emotions regardless.


These are general Tarot readings I do for each sign. A dash of astrological happenings are scattered throughout. While it is likely you will look up your Sun sign, maybe consider your Moon and Rising, too. If you would like to book a more personal reading with me, it is best to visit me on my Facebook page Tarot By Tonyana and send a message or hit my name in Sneer’s sidebar, which should take you directly to my Etsy shop.
So let’s see what July has in store for us!!!


CANCER (June 21- July 22)

can sir

Week 1: Don’t be surprised if someone turns down an offer that you extend to them. It is nothing personal, they just aren’t up for taking anything else on. Their life won’t always be so busy. The key thing with this individual is quality time not quantity. So savor the little moments with them for the time being.
Week 2: Take some time out. Get away from your work for a bit. Go somewhere new for lunch or pack something different. Leave early. This is important to refresh your perspective and boost morale.
Week 3: Someone tells you the last thing you wanted to hear, and that’s if they are considerate enough to give you a heads up at all. You were counting on them to be somewhere at a certain time and there is a big possibility that they won’t show. It makes you feel all alone in the world and gets you questioning your otherwise good judgment. Another warned you about this person’s flakiness. It puts you in a weird situation that affects your bottom line. Make sure you have paid your bills or else you may find something turned off.
Week 4: It seems you are still hanging onto the drama of last week and holding out hope that what you went through with a certain someone was just an isolated incident. It really is best to just accept that some people really aren’t looking out for you. Move on from this or else you may be signing yourself up for more of the same treatment.


LEO ( July 23- August 22)


Week 1: You find a new loophole. This is something you had never considered before. Someone declares that you are an exception to the rule in some way. For some of you, I see you rockin’ a new hairstyle that most people could never pull off. Or you may start new conversations with perfect strangers without appearing creepy in the slightest. Approach things like you will get special treatment, and more than likely, others will follow suit. There is one rule though. Don’t get involved in battles that aren’t yours to fight. Try something different in your romantic approach.
Week 2: If you don’t start showing your hunny special attention, you may just find them distancing themselves as a defense mechanism to feeling ignored. Sexy time could really use some more excitement and Leos are always stars in this arena, if they put forth some effort! Wow them.
Week 3: Your new approach to things is producing great results, but there is a tinge of disappointment too. There is a bit of conflict to deal with. It may be necessary to finally get a handle on it. Don’t put it off any longer.
Week 4: Even though you can certainly hold your own, it would be wise not to provoke anyone. Sit back and take a breather from all the drama. It will give you time to work on a new strategy. Maybe arrive to work a bit early to get yourself in the right mindset before you get bombarded with demands.


VIRGO (August 23- September 22)

ice queen

Week 1: Enjoy a taste of success this week and expect more of the same later on this month. It is mainly because you have been investing a whole lot of time to helping others and now Karma is letting you know your efforts have been appreciated. All your do-gooding has had you brainstorming a bit about how to make a process run more effectively so more can benefit from it.
Week 2: Having to be the voice of reason all the time is leaving you damn exhausted. Some people are just too much to take, so you decide to communicate with them less. There’s a never-ending list of things to do and you instead invest your time meditating or “going on strike.”
Week 3: Make more time to relax or else you will find the work you produce less than meeting your perfect standards. That’s not like you. If you feel yourself drudging through things, it will produce sub-par results. Reset has the word rest in it, interestingly enough!
Week 4: It is time to draw up some new plans and this time make it so you aren’t taking on the majority of the workload. You ought to feel confident to move forward and share your enthusiasm with others. You will take on a new creative project that has a spiritual element to it.


LIBRA (September 23- October 22)


Week 1: You are so talented and likely have lots of irons in the fire when it comes to your career. If you put more effort into where your heart is, it can produce astounding results. You really don’t need the support of others and can go your own way, this seems most beneficial.
Week 2: Even though work takes up lots of your focus, make sure you give love matters the attention it deserves. Let the people you love know exactly how much they mean to you. It may be difficult to juggle professional and personal life right now, but things may ease up a bit, soon enough.
Week 3: Family may assist with work matters in some way. You may receive a reward or get a wonderful review. Again, keep your SO happy and don’t neglect love matters while you are reaping success in other areas.
Week 4: I feel that fertility may be very high for some Librans, so if aren’t exactly jiving on adding another member to the family, you’d be wise to use protection. The timing simply isn’t right to bring on another life, it seems. Accept social invitations and attend parties. There will be productive contacts made with those who attend.


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)


Week 1: Something occurs in your work life and you must come to a decision. A health concern may leave future plans hanging. Other Scorps may feel that someone is doing everything they can to thwart progress and undermine your authority. Your working conditions will have to change either way.
Week 2: It is difficult for you to meet expectations when certain people are standing in your way. The thing is, you can’t come to anyone with it because they are likely chummy with the other. This situation has to be handled delicately. It is very possible that they may pacify you with a title and load on more work.
Week 3: You find a way to make it through and finally career matters run a bit more smoothly. Loved ones will do everything they can to help you to relax. Money will improve and will likely get even better before the month is over.
Week 4: It would benefit you to gain more financial knowledge. Make sure you adhere to tax laws and such. Also, you can’t expect another to cover you if things go awry.


SAGITTARIUS ( November 22- December 21)

saggy tear in ass

Week 1: Emotional issues with family could get in the way of some prosperity flow. They are trying to use guilt to manipulate your choices. It is advisable to focus on making solid career decisions and leaving family dramas behind.
Week 2: Don’t overthink anything. Also, don’t be shy about forming alliances and friendships. Teamwork will be especially important this week.
Week 3: Etiquette and fine social graces will get you very far. When you aren’t sure how to proceed, follow another’s lead. Your health and finances are effected by your environment.
Week 4: You are a force to be reckoned with and find it quite easy to keep up with what is asked of you. Promote yourself unapologetically, and a name drop or two can only help. There are definite professional advancements in July.


CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)

crappin corn

Week 1: Be careful not to promise more than you can deliver. It could be difficult to feel accomplished when you set such high standards for yourself. Don’t give so much attention to loved ones who bring your crazy out.
Week 2: It would be wise to make time to get out and about with others this week. Also, it would be in your best interest to always have a friend in tow. You don’t always have to be in control of every little thing. Having someone around to take off the heat would be a good move.
Week 3: You notice an injustice and want to do something about it straight away, but you ought to give it a minute to work itself out naturally. Don’t expect miracles and you won’t be disappointed. Be willing to let others help you once in awhile.
Week 4: You will become more disciplined about a spiritual practice. It will make you more dynamic and people are more apt to respond to you in positive ways. You become more knowledgeable about life after death topics, in particular.


AQUARIUS (January 20- February 18)

aware of us

Week 1: Finally, you feel more like a creator of your environment, rather than a victim of circumstance! The last few months have made you a bit gun shy, but you a regaining your confidence back. Be receptive to others perspectives.
Week 2: You may not want to accept help, but it would work out best if you did. Flexibility is key. Be sure not to snap at someone who is only trying to make you more comfortable.
Week 3: Spirituality takes center stage. You may decide to take a workshop or get more in touch with your Higher Self in some way. Some of you will play match-maker by hosting a shindig and coyly arranging two people to meet.
Week 4: Let your career take the backseat for a bit and focus on loved ones, especially children. Business may be a bit slow anyhow. Be patient, this is all working out beautifully, if you let it.


PISCES (February 19- March 20)


Week 1: You may be concerned about a loved ones mental health. On one hand, you don’t want to assume there is a real problem, but on the other, you have valid concerns. You may have to take a day or two off work to get a handle on things.
Week 2: It is possible that you keep repeating the same mistakes professionally, just with different names and faces. Well, what is the common denominator? You of course! Change up how you respond to certain situations and break the cycle.
Week 3: It is in your best interest to follow the advice of someone who has never steered you wrong rather than react emotionally this week. What they tell you may be boring, but it is best not to ignore it. Trust me, you don’t want to make waves. You just feel like if you bend anymore, you will break.
Week 4: Some of you may find a new way of earning money that is way more suitable for your personality. It may take awhile to build an actual empire, but at least you don’t have your blinders on anymore. Don’t obsess about it. A watched pot never boils. In the meantime, focus on family.


ARIES (March 21- April 19)


Week 1: You juggle your professional and personal life well this week. It has been a hard lesson, but now you know how important it is to get along with others, rather than dismiss them as soon as they disenchant you. Thinking of others and the larger cosmic scheme of things will help you in the long run.
Week 2: There may be an individual that does you a bit dirty. Roll with the punches. You can come out of this smelling like a rose if you don’t respond as they predict you will.
Week 3: Don’t let some bumps in the road ruin all the progress you have made with eliminating nasty habits. Let things roll off you. Some of you may decide to have children, but if you dig a bit deeper, you may find it is for selfish reasons. It may be best to wait for a better time.
Week 4: Something shocking may happen at work. You will be secretly giddy about it because you needed some excitement. This may give you an opportunity to demonstrate those acting chops. Others will be amazed at your quick thinking.


TAURUS (April 20- May 20)


Week 1: Family and home need more attention than normal. Find balance as far as being proactive about things, yet not obsessed. I get the sense that you may focus so much on solving big problems that you may let little daily tasks go to the wayside. There are a lot of things that could use some work. Get a little done everyday and you won’t get overwhelmed.
Week 2: Work on how you communicate things like affection and admiration for others. Finances are bound to improve. Some of you may have yard sales or make some extra scratch by selling your wares on Craigslist or the like.
Week 3: You stay the course and decide to see something all the way through. Some will focus on mending their relationships with parents. Your personal magnetism is strong these days, so winning someone over ought not be a problem.
Week 4: There will be plenty of admirers checking you out. If you are single and willing, it seems that a direct approach would be very well received. Some of you may go on a refreshing vacation that gives your health and connection with your physical body a boost.


GEMINI (May 21- June 20)

gum in eye

Week 1: Your family will be particularly supportive of your endeavors. Show them that you are serious and passionate about something. There was a feeling of being held back for a time, but that is about to change.
Week 2: Some of you may decide to sober up a bit and find that you accomplish so much more when your mind isn’t fuzzy. You may even mark the date on your calendar and do a little experiment about how long you go without it and what happens. Indeed, you may invest the money you would have used on drink or whatever and put it into a class of some sort.
Week 3: Something shocking occurs regarding work. So further progress may need to be stalled for a bit. Instead focus on what you have accomplished thus far and give yourself a break.
Week 4: Close, but no cigar. You would be wise to make promising financial investments, instead of big risks. Now is the time to think about paying off student loans or any outstanding bills.

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