TarotScopes: FABuary.

Here it is, February 2017’s addition of the Tarotscopes. This month ought to be interesting… to say the least. I wanted to put some special emphasis on the first week because Mercury will be squaring Jupiter. That being said, many will be laying big plans and undergoing negotiations. About five seconds on any social media these days you will find there is many a heated debate. The first week can ruin perfectly good intentioned enterprises if we alienate others with arrogance. And that goes for everyone. Remember that what may seem painfully obvious to one may be a mystery to another. We mustn’t get caught up in thinking our way is superior to others’ approach. Plans will crumble if we do that. See the bigger picture instead of being attached to personal agendas and we should all come out smelling like a rose.

Anyways, there’s a Full Moon in Leo on the 10th (a Friday), which should prove wonderful for celebrating Valentine’s early. Leos are typically big spenders. The Moon is in Libra on actual Valentines Day (on Tuesday), so this year you may find more folks than usual doing something special for their main squeeze. If you don’t have that special someone and you would like to call something like that in, the New Moon (February 26) in dreamy Pisces may be the day to state your intentions. Also, the Two of Swords is popping up, so I’m getting the sense that we must draw in what we want as opposed to trying to force our wills.


As always, these are mainly a result of very general Tarot readings I have separated by sign. I find it helpful to also look up my Rising and Moon sign in addition to my Sun, but hey, you do you. If you would like to book a more personal reading please contact me and we can set something up. My rates are very affordable. Hit my name in the sidebar or here to go directly to my Etsy shop. You can find various options and deals for readings on there, but you can also contact me by messaging me at Tarot by Tonyana, my Facebook Page.


AQUARIUS (January 20-February 18)


Week 1: Every word from your lips is golden right now. So, if you find your self in a predicament where it is crucial to win someone over, hop to it. Just remember to not promise anyone the moon. Also, if you have been putting off a long overdue apology or need to make a confession… there’s no time like the present.
Week 2: Your confidence may be flying high, but be a bit on guard when it comes to business matters. There’s something going on that is difficult to ignore. You may need to perfect a technique or figure out a system that makes the process more efficient. Co-workers will applaud your strategic thinking. It will make for a bit more fun and will make the day go by more quickly. Higher-ups may not be too keen on it though. After work, you may want to go out for drinks.
Week 3: Money is coming in, but it is already spoken for. You may notice that there are a lot more admirers than usual giving that dreamy eyed stare in your direction. There is a healthy glow about you that is very attractive.
Week 4: You may experience a bit of deja vu. Something will come very easy to you but you won’t have a clue as to how you acquired the know how. Spend more time with friends to let off some steam.

PISCES (February 19-March 20)


Week 1: Pay attention to what your body is trying to tell you. If someone seems slimy, and your gut is telling you that, don’t associate with them any longer. Keep all your legal papers and tax forms on the up and up to stay out of trouble. If you see some shady dealings going on, you must say something.
Week 2: You may have to put travel plans on hold for now. Control how strong you come on to a love interest. Pisces who do business with other countries may find an upswing in dealings.
Week 3: Your work load is increasing.There is someone very special who is willing to help you out a bit with that. Make sure to be extra loyal to your significant other, or else you may just lose them. For those who are just dating, hold off on taking things to the next level right now. You may suffer a slight financial blow. It is best not to spend on things you don’t really need. Investing actually looks promising, if you do your research first. Money is just a bit confusing. Young Pisces may have a clearer idea of where they want their future to go. It is easier to pay attention and focus on studies.
Week 4: Guard against someone copying your image or work. They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not when it affects your bottom line. Your health is improving quite a bit.

ARIES ( March 21-April 19)


Week 1: You have to be able to look forward to a fresh start. Be very forthcoming on your tax filing. Anything left out may get looked into.
Week 2: Because your status will change for the better, so does your attitude, but it will take some time. At first, you may have trouble getting used to your turn of luck and may feel tentative of stepping out of restrictions. Enjoy the sunshine again. You can’t stay down forever. It may be a challenge to trust your environment, but you can. Stop expecting the worst. It’s okay to be a realist, but being a pessimist won’t do you any favors. Don’t worry about the other shoe dropping. You may be sabotaging all your hard work. Some of you may decide to switch jobs.
Week 3: There is lots going on and it may be a bit too overwhelming. The hard part is almost over. Don’t hold onto any anger or it will rob you of joy. You may be uncertain of what your next step should be. Things are changing so quickly, it is difficult to figure out how you feel about it. You will have to face the cold hard truth about yourself. Others may be pressuring you to move into a direction you don’t wish to go in.
Week 4: There are consequences to your decisions, so tread lightly. Someone may be coming on a bit strong to you and it is more of a turn off than anything. It is best to avoid them.

TAURUS (April 20-May 20)


Week 1: Don’t beg someone to love you. If your gut is telling you this person is bad news… let them go already. This thing has probably gone as far as it can.
Week 2: Someone is totally biting your rhymes. This may be the thing that propels you to make the leap in a new direction, career-wise. It may be a risk because your finances may take a hit as a result, but at least you won’t be surrounded by the same jerks.
Week 3: Things may seem scary, but honestly, you are just a tad out of your comfort zone is all. Someone may not be telling you everything, but it isn’t worth worrying about. Some gossip reaches your ear. Know that it isn’t really true. The venom being spread has come from others’ insecurities and ought to be pitied, really.
Week 4: There may be some unexpected wrenches thrown into plans. Something may need to be dealt with concerning where you live or property matters. Some of you may decide to move away.

GEMINI (May 21-June 20)


Week 1: A situation that you have been dealing with is about to come to an eventful end. It had consumed much of your thoughts since it began. You will be overjoyed at its completion. Now you will just have to prepare for the next adventure. You may be quite shocked when an a nemesis becomes a friend.
Week 2: Learn to accept some constructive criticism. It may also be wise to make sure that you and your partner have separate accounts or not share every resource. Your spending habits and the way you utilize may be VERY different and this can avoid lots of problems down the road. Do be aware that if you already joined assets, this could get messy.
Week 3: Luxury may cost you a lot more than you think. If someone gives you a pricey gift out of the blue, you’d be wise to wonder why. You will have a great response that may cause the guilty party to just come out with it already.
Week 4: Someone contacts you that you haven’t heard from in forever. You two will pick up where you left off. They may ask your expert opinion on something.

CANCER (June 21-July 22)


Week 1: You need to let others know about the pressures you have been dealing with so they can help. Professionally, you will have to wait a bit to see how things unfold. In your personal life, you just feel overloaded with burdens and no one to help you with all the responsibilities, or so it seems. If you get the opportunity to travel for work, take it. This will allow you the time away to appreciate what you have been complaining about.
Week 2: The past needs to stay where it is and you must come to accept this. If people weren’t right for you then, what makes you think now is any different? Let them go. Sure you had some good times together… but don’t forget why you said adios.
Week 3: You want to know for sure without a doubt that you are where you are supposed to be in life. Ask yourself if you are enjoying yourself, if something feels off, there’s your answer. Business-wise, people are running hot and cold. That will cause some stress because it will be impossible to please everyone. The thing is, work is picking up and that means more people. That can be both a good and bad thing. It will do you well to take a walk in a neighborhood you wish to live someday.
Week 4: It is time to recalibrate. Allow yourself some breathing room to plan your next move. Also, it talks of someone intruding on your space or going through your things.

LEO (July 23-August 22)


Week 1: Your beliefs may be changing a bit. Of course you always want to do the right thing, but you notice that things aren’t so black and white. When you say you will do something, it is as good as gold. Now you may be wishing you hadn’t committed so quickly and didn’t have Jiminy Cricket on your shoulder telling you about following through and all that.
Week 2: There is light at the end of the tunnel after all! Be quick about snatching up an opportunity. It may not be the ideal situation, but it will bring happiness. At least, most things are working out now. You can never have it all. Someone needs some help and you are happy to pull out the ol’ pocketbook for them.
Week 3: There is a person in your life you were on the fence about and now you know that they are awesome. You were afraid that they were a bit of a parasite because they seemed to struggle a bit, but they have shown their true beautiful colors in some ways. In truth, you thought that maybe they didn’t like you. They most certainly do. You two are now on sure footing.
Week 4: Environmental concerns take the stage. You find yourself buying organic things and going about things with sustainability in mind. Read up on Feng Shui. Hang wind chimes where they can do the most good. You also pay more attention to people’s eyes. Seeing the beauty in nature and others becomes more important now than ever before.

VIRGO (August 23-September 22)


Week 1: You may be beginning something new. It is more likely in an attempt to be more active and get you out and about more. Romance may be right around the corner, if you actually take yourself out there once on awhile. Meet and gather with like-minded people. They will present you with wonderful opportunities. Also, call someone who may live faraway to chat.
Week 2: There will be a taste of success, with more to come later. Someone from your past will make an appearance. You may feel kind of prickly about them being around, but don’t let it stop you from doing what needs done. Instead, enlist the help of a friend for moral support.
Week 3: You take a spontaneous trip. Home is just so boring sometimes, a change of scenery will do you good. You may form an unconventional relationship.
Week 4: Beware of being dismissive prematurely. Consider options you hadn’t given much thought to before. You may be grieving a missed opportunity from the past and others may join your pity party. That is dangerous territory. Focus on what lies ahead. Knowing it is possible is the very first step.

LIBRA (September 23-October 22)


Week 1: A certain situation is finally coming to a close. Someone seems very smitten with you. If you aren’t careful they may come on like a whirlwind and change your life forever. There is positive changes in your home and work environment. Someone will want to offer their help financially.
Week 2: Make sure you don’t burn the candle at both ends for too much longer. Too much of your energy is being wasted. You can’t be everywhere at once. Choosing between work and family seems to be a pattern nowadays. Some of you may be playing the field a bit and it is getting exhausting to keep up with it.
Week 3: You are very ambitious, optimistic, and working on being more direct. Others admire and comment on your fearlessness. Guard against being too impulsive. In your efforts to follow through on your ideals, some may mistake your leadership skills for egotism. People who think you are full of yourself seriously don’t have a clue. Loosen up your grip and you will find that others will come through for you too. It is a busy week, to say the least.
Week 4: You may be beating yourself up a bit. Not everything is going to be an all out win. What is awesome is that you are actually going after your goals now. Pick up around the home. An uncluttered environment brings an uncluttered mind.

SCORPIO (October 23-November 21)


Week 1: This week you may find yourself way more talkative than usual. Be careful what you reveal and to whom. It is fine to talk with others about their dilemmas and offer guidance, but watch what details about your own life is divulged.
Week 2: Others will want to reward you for being such a good listener. It will make you feel more confident about connecting with others in a one on one way. This can bring on more pleasant memories with regard to socializing.
Week 3: Traveling with loved ones could prove to be mighty stressful. What is supposed to be a relaxing time can be quite the opposite when things don’t go exactly as planned. Luckily, things will turn around mid-trip.
Week 4: Someone you have gone a long way back with is very supportive of you right now. They believe in you. Finally, with the financial gains you are receiving this month, you are able to take them out or treat them to something special for sticking around.

SAGITTARIUS (November 22-December 21)


Week 1: You are getting very serious about voicing your philosophical beliefs. The way you connect to others this week will be very innovative. Justice will be of the utmost importance and you vow to obtain it.
Week 2: Fundraising and charity work will figure prominently, but the turn out may be less than what you were hoping for. You would do well to bring awareness to others through the written word. It would be best if you control yourself from bad-mouthing another, that will do more harm than good.
Week 3: Mind all your Ps and Qs, and definitely don’t be dropping F bombs all over the place. Think twice before you speak. This is especially true when it comes to your career.
Week 4: Make a big effort to be active and productive. The lazy bug may bite you if you stay still for too long. If you pay close attention, something quite fortunate is positioned in your path.

CAPRICORN (December 22-January 19)


Week 1: There may be a surprising reconciliation of sorts. Things start happening very fast and you can hardly keep up. It may be a bit scary, but you have to see this thing through. The problem is that it takes you out of your element. After it is all over you can rest for a spell.
Week 2: You will need to tie up some loose ends. Feel out a situation prior to asking anyone for assistance or you may catch them at a bad time and do more harm than good. If you immediately see that someone is out of sorts, wish them well and back yourself out the door. Come back another day to ask about the favor.
Week 3: Someone may be expecting a child. This may take some time to get used to. You may have things stored away that someone else could find very useful.
Week 4: Make sure to put everything in its place. There could be spills, messes, and even falls because of things lying around in precarious places. Also, I feel you will have trouble finding things in their usual spots. It would be wise to reorganize your space so you won’t have to suffer unnecessarily. Make sure everyone is on board so the changes you make stick. Start with labels. They will help a lot.

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