The Perfect Wine Pairings for Fast Food Enthusiasts

When you’re buying a wine, it’s probably easy enough to get a sort of general recommendation for which wine might go well with a certain kind of dinner. That is… if you’re eating something relatively normal for dinner, or something wine is commonly thought to go with.

But some of us don’t just eat pasta Bolognese and mushroom risotto, wine sites! Some of us eat the glorious American tradition that is fast food, and some of us want a complementary wine to drink while we eat that fast food.

I am not going to mention specific wines, because it’s unlikely that readers could find them across the United States, and even less likely they’d find them around the world. But I will describe the perfect kinds of wines for these foods, based on my 100% expert opinion as someone who hardly drinks wine, but never does not eat fast food.

Drink by Amanda Wood


McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast

Sauvignon Blanc

A crisp, light sauvignon blanc will pair perfectly with the grease of the hash browns and the layered tastes of the Egg McMuffin. Soft, stone fruit flavors will enhance the sausage flavor if you eat meat in your McMuffin. If you’re going meatless, you can try a sauvignon blanc with more of a hint of citrus on the palate and a smooth finish. This will also nicely complement the acidity of all that ketchup.


White Castle Crave Case


The mild sweetness of a balanced rosé will make your mouth water for slider after slider. A gentle floral aroma combined with a hint of oak can round out the crunch and sharp of the diced onion nestled comfortably under the bun. If you’re a fan of ketchup, go for a deeper rosé with a little more dryness. Going for a cheeseburger crave case? Go for a little bit of spice on the palate, or even a touch of sweet hibiscus on the tongue.


WINE by Amanda Wood


12 Taco Bell Doritos Locos Tacos

Cabernet Sauvignon

To finish off this delicacy, you’ll want to go with a bold, smokey cabernet with strong plum characteristics. A full-bodied red will bring out the spice in your Fiery tacos, while the smoke complements the Cool Ranch dust like no other. For the Nacho Cheese variety, aka “original”, you can even try a cabernet with more of a berry taste. For the whole shebang, go with the biggest, boldest red you can find; leather and dried herb aromas are a plus!


3 Skyline Chili Cheese Coneys


If you haven’t finished off your coneys with a chilled glass of buttery chardonnay, it’s possible you aren’t doing it right. Citrus and honey flavors will hit just the right spot with your Cincinnati Special. If you prefer Gold Star over Skyline, we can have this discussion later, but as for wine, you’d be better off with a less acidic chardonnay, with some cedar and floral scents coming through strong, and a slightly more full-bodied cedar-y bottle.


Whichever you choose, drink up!

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