TarotScopes: Here’s July in Yer Eye!


Well, it’s July TarotScopes time. Find your sign and look below to get an idea of what the month will look like for you. These forecasts are conjured up with Tarot intuition and astrological happenings. Some people find that things get even clearer when they look up their Moon or Rising Sign. After Mars being so slow-moving since mid-April, we finally welcome in some hustle and bustle. Mars will be direct in Scorpio until August 2. Things will be a lot less wishy-washy, but it would be wise to take the time to thoroughly think out big decisions. Often, things that occur because of decisions made at this time are irreversible, so be aware of this. Personally, I dig the intensity and all-or-nothing vibe. Also, Saturn is still retrograde until mid-August. It really isn’t so bad because it forces us to take responsibility for the “predicaments” we find ourselves in. During this time we cultivate some discipline and do lots of inner work. Also, I should note that even after some rigorous shuffling, The Fool card showed for most signs, so that is indicative of taking risks to start new things.

As always, to arrange a personal reading just for you, message me through my Facebook Page or hit my name on the sidebar that takes you to my Etsy shop. Now, let’s see what July has in store for you, shall we?


CANCER (June 21 -July 22)


WEEK 1: July will be such an important month for you, especially the first week because you will be able to take risks that move you ahead. You will have a leg up on the competition because it seems you will be able to create conditions exactly as you like them. Those of you that planted a garden in the Spring will actually see your plant babies bearing fruit. Those of you who didn’t will still experience this joy in a figurative sense.
WEEK 2: Those Cancers who are already coupled may find it difficult not to be flattered by outside admirers. Resist the urge to stray. Also, you start really thinking about how the way you feel about work and love is pretty much on the same page. In both areas you need something you can count on, but you also want your freedom. You just want something or someone to accommodate your many moods.
WEEK 3: You may receive some sort of raise, promotion, or the funds to expand a business project. Someone is taking special interest in your money-making abilities and sees you as a mentor of sorts. Team up and pursue those financial goals fiercely!
WEEK 4: Some much anticipated information is available to you now. Money and opportunity is still falling into your lap. You decide to do something special for those you care about since you have a little extra cheddar anyhow.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


WEEK 1: The start of July will have you focused on home matters. You may become all too aware that the nest egg you thought you had isn’t all it is cracked up to be (see what I did there?). The worst thing you can do is start feeling sorry for yourself or making mountains out of molehills. Keep a cool head. This too shall pass.
WEEK 2: It would do you so well to take up a spiritual practice or meditation. That deep soul connection will help your life on every level. You will receive answers and a new desire will be awakened that will be hard to ignore.
WEEK 3: Speaking of ignoring things, don’t ignore what is going on around you while you are working on Within. It seems like you are seeing an awful lot of certain family members − so much so that you are even beginning to resent them a bit. They seem to want more of you and will demand that you keep up.
WEEK 4: Use charm to resolve a financial issue. This money concern has drained you too much as of late. Someone else helped you into this pickle, but you are getting all the blame.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


WEEK 1: You may be all too aware that you are far from having reached your full potential career-wise. Projects at work will meet with snags, more than likely. It would be wise to use those social graces of yours in order to get ahead.
WEEK 2: You choose to be a bit of a wild card. Good manners is the only thing keeping you from completely going off on someone and telling them how you really feel. You do some heavy computing in your head about your financial situation and if you will choose to make a final exit or not.
WEEK 3: Coupled Virgos may feel that their relationship is one-sided and the realization of this is bound to cause disharmony. You may choose to distract yourself of this knowledge by paying more attention to children and pets. The person you have chosen is much stingier than they try to perceive themselves as.
WEEK 4: Your health and vitality both improve. Suddenly, you are determined to make some headway and are up for any adventure. Virgo athletes especially take a big leap that makes them stand out from everyone else.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


WEEK 1: You decide to start over on a clean slate with a family member you had fallen out of touch with. Financial issues that you had been putting off are dealt with now. A class or seminar you thought was a good idea before may seem like a bore and you consider jumping ship.
WEEK 2: For single Librans, a match-making friend will want to set you up on a date with someone they believe is just perfect for you. However, you are on the fence about the entire situation. You simply aren’t ready to give too much of yourself or time to anyone right now. Relax, there is no pressure to make a serious commitment. You may find a love match at a philanthropic endeavor.
WEEK 3: Someone that you have always considered a bit of an emotional basket case actually comes through and improves your business situation. Since you are somewhat of an empath, you may find that being around low vibrational people becomes hazardous to your health. If you wish to improve your lot, surround yourself with people who inspire you, or go commune with nature.
WEEK 4: People you had counted on may suddenly slither away when you need them most. The work you produce may get a bad review. It may be because you are trying to appeal to the wrong crowd.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


WEEK 1: Be cautious of how much information you divulge to a co-worker. There will be a tremendous opportunity to learn something through travel and perhaps be welcomed into another culture for a bit of time. Your professional life will accelerate as a result.
WEEK 2: You are promised financial relief, but don’t count your chickens before they have hatched. Make bold moves in business, but don’t step on anyone in the process. Unexpected changes may happen at work and you don’t want to burn any bridges.
WEEK 3: A different spiritual doctrine that has always interested you presents itself in a way that becomes hard to ignore. Someone seems very attractive to you, but the timing and situation is all wrong. Don’t make plans with them if it doesn’t sit right with your moral compass.
WEEK 4: Don’t let your boss forget how valuable your talents are. You may be asked to help someone write a wedding toast or eulogy. Clear your head and focus.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


WEEK 1: Some things are being shaken up on the career front, so you may have to put domestic concerns on the back-burner for now. An unexpected opportunity to travel is presented to you. Also, you may learn something new that takes you out of your comfort zone.
WEEK 2: Make sure you thoroughly understand a business proposition before you accept. Your mind may get clouded by all those dollar signs. It may require you to travel quite a bit away to an area you are unfamiliar with.
WEEK 3: Something is revealed in a love relationship that makes you feel uneasy. You will both experience something pretty heavy, but it will only make the bond stronger. There will be lots of intimacy.
WEEK 4: Prevention is the best medicine regarding health concerns. Maybe get a massage or review some of the foods you have been consuming. Are there things that make you feel like dookie after you eat them? Hot tip: cut those foods out for a while and see what happens.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


WEEK 1: Sorry, but you simply can’t make a work concern happen any faster, these things take time. There’s no easy way. This will require hard work and dedication.
WEEK 2: You are the belle of the ball, a real socialite this week! All this networking will help you achieve some goals. You are very capable, but sometimes you have to do a bit of schmoozing to get your foot in the door.
WEEK 3: Even though you would rather not, it would behoove you to learn how to work alongside someone you find a bit annoying… it’s gonna be rough. At the very least, it will be a challenge. Just focus on the task at hand and get through it.
WEEK 4: Someone may take credit for your brilliant idea. Money comes in from some place other than your regular 9 to 5. Someone may want to team up and have a yard sale or some other kind of profitable endeavor.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


WEEK 1: Get out of a bad work situation before it takes its toll. It would be wise to do your job-hunting BEFORE you tell the boss to stuff it, though. Don’t breathe a word of your plans to co-workers. In this way, when you take the leap, it will be effortless and drama free (or at least you won’t be around to hear it). The New Moon on the 4th will help you decide for sure.
WEEK 2: For the ones who decided to jump ship last week, you decide to start on the right foot. If you decided to stick it out, you may think it best to make a change in your work routine to up your productivity. A new, interesting co-worker may be just the thing to spice things up a bit. You face some facts about fitness.
WEEK 3: It will become very clear to you that your lover has your back completely this month. For some of you, an old flame returns and wants to try again. Why not give them a trial run?
WEEK 4: Make sure you save things to that mysterious cloud everyone talks about. There’s a good chance you may lose some important information or phone numbers. Also, make it a point to be more diligent about privacy and security when it comes to computers and such. Change some passwords.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


WEEK 1: Family issues get especially tricky. Perhaps it is a good time to bring a beautiful piece of art like a colorful painting into the home or actually create one yourself. Don’t spend too much time alone.
WEEK 2: Issues with distant relatives may really start to burn you out. They are coming at you with their hands out, expecting you to fix all their sorrows. Don’t take on the typical martyr role they expect you to.
WEEK 3: Children will play a star role this week. It is important that you don’t allow a child to be around inappropriate behavior. Also, be extra cautious not to drop any F-bombs or the like, they are listening!
WEEK 4: Only tell the bare minimum of what you need to. It is wise to seek your own counsel and go within. After a month like this one, you will need to reclaim yourself.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


WEEK 1: In order to keep your home life intact in the way you want, your career may have to take a backseat. There is some family conflict in store. It would be smart for you to attend social functions, especially family gatherings.
WEEK 2: Others may be able to help you find your way out from under a black cloud. They will help you chart out your course of action. There is an opportunity to work from home.
WEEK 3: Your financial judgement is tops. Leave behind the days of worrying about money all the time. Kids seem to run up to you and you enjoy their company immensely. It is great to get lost in playfulness sometimes. Being an adult can run you down. Single Aries may find love effortlessly with someone in the neighborhood.
WEEK 4: You really need the support of your family, because you may consider planning a pregnancy or an adoption. Some Aries may settle for adopting a furry friend instead of a baby. Figure out ways to make your sleep more restful without distractions. Hmmmm. Seems like you are sabotaging yourself by considering bringing a baby or pet in the mix, but to each their own.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


WEEK 1: You may find people are avoiding you or are suddenly busy when you need to talk. It isn’t imaginary, they are avoiding you. Try to discuss something other than your woes and at the very least, show others that you are actively doing something to resolve things. Don’t be an energy drain.
WEEK 2: Your family is the most important thing right now. If they ask you to attend some spiritual ceremony of some sort you should definitely consider it. Seems like you could benefit from that sort of thing more than ever now.
WEEK 3: Be cautious of how much information you divulge to someone who says they have your best interest at heart. Every word you utter could be used against you later. Keep your answers short and factual.
WEEK 4: Go over the fine print before you sign anything and maybe have a witness just in case things get hairy. I’m sensing some sort of binding contract that could be more costly than you originally anticipated. If someone is pressuring you to make a move now, now, now… that’s probably not a good sign.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


WEEK 1: Get on top of your finances once and for all. Showcase your talents in order to land that big job or market yourself. Don’t be afraid to negotiate.
WEEK 2: Work on your social skills. You tend to be okay with getting the short end of the stick, but you are worth more than that. Remember, people will always treat you as you allow them to.
WEEK 3: Don’t be discouraged if an appointment gets canceled or delayed. Take it as a blessing, because now you have more time to prepare yourself. There’s some mysterious quality to your voice that is piquing other people’s interest.
WEEK 4: You may find others mirroring your actions and body language. Don’t freak out. People do that sort of thing subconsciously when they admire you, when you notice this… it’s in the bag, baby! Don’t take it easy. Now is the time to take full advantage.

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