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In the making of this playlist, for a second we thought that maybe we would assemble about fifty truly patriotic songs, largely featuring the songs they made us sing in elementary school. But then we realized that fifty is actually a big number when it comes to things like that. And I listened to a lot of Rage Against the Machine in the 1990s so it probably would have started to go terribly awry once we started trying to find good songs about Freedom. But then we realized that we could just add one song for every state, including Washington DC!

So put on this list and experience three hours and five minutes of the beauty and majesty of this country. Appreciate the variety of sounds as you appreciate the variety of this melting pot nation. Take an aural road trip of the mind and burst with pride if you are American, or burst with whatever emotion you want if you aren’t, or if you are angstily counter-culture. You are free – FREE! – to feel whatever you want. We will salute you and set off a firework. Wonder at the reasoning behind what we selected to represent a particular state.


Let me tell you – there sure are a lot of Cowboy States! And Maine and New Hampshire, please inspire more people. New Jersey, there are a lot of songs about how people hate you or how you are terrible. Everyone who writes music, you have covered Kansas City PLENTY ENOUGH, please start singing about Kansas. And sorry but every song about New York is about the city and never about the entire state. That’s just the way it is. We tried to pick songs that we enjoyed hearing, and that seemed “appropriate” most of the time, but if you hear any bad songs, it is the best we found on Spotify Search. And please take the idea of “appropriateness” with a grain of salt, because like most Americans, we have very little experience with most of the states except for the ones right around our home states. Oh, and don’t bother turning on the shuffle feature. Go ahead and enjoy the states in alphabetical order.

But we will start off with a song about being American, a new favorite, and we would like this to become the new national anthem, please.


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