TarotScopes: No Surrender November

Ahhh… sweet November! Depending on where you live, it means crispy Autumn leaves crunching beneath every foot step, pumpkin-spiced every darn thing, and politicians getting their last desperate jabs in at opponents. The Scorpio New Moon on the 7th may be an opportune time to come out with some confessions of some things that you’ve been carrying around inside for far too long. It may be wise to shed light on some unsavory part of ourselves so we can either come to accept or transform it into something different. Some of us may be up for some sort of detox. Jupiter moves into Sagittarius for the year so watch a tendency to be so carefree you get foolish or reckless. Other than that, you may find people being especially charitable. Venus finally goes direct on the 16th, but guess who goes retrograde that same day… yep pesky ol’ Mercury. So give yourself a break if possible. Do some soul searching and maybe smooth some ruffled feathers if you’ve said something a bit brash or out of line. A Gemini Full Moon on Thanksgiving can make everyone more social and witty than usual. So maybe all that pettiness or criticism that you are half expecting won’t be such an issue and you will actually have a good time.

5 swords

The 5 of Swords Upright is coming up for most signs, so there is a feeling of one having to defend or prepare for trouble. The good news is that we will likely nip things in the bud stat. The not so good news is there may be a few battles to endure. So summon your inner warrior and get ready to slay some obstacles or maybe just retreat till Mercury goes direct on December 6th.

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please visit my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


Week 1: You take a long look at your life and see how far you have actually risen. The past has given you a character of such depth and fortitude that others sense it, especially this week. You don’t have to do or say a single thing, your mere presence touches everything and everyone in sight.
Week 2: Some pretty hefty emotional triggers may be felt. Someone may make a comment about your appearance that may put you in the mindset you were in many years ago. Your values have changed so much since then and luckily you realize you are a completely different person and compliments or lack thereof will never break you.
Week 3: You will remain productive in spite of Mercury Retrograde. The past energies have taught you how to lay back and take it slow with certain personality types. Sometimes that intensity can scare people off and you are taking it easy. Don’t ask much from others and they will likely deliver everything you’ve hoped for and more.
Week 4: You may be a bit wistful about a relationship that didn’t quite work out in the past. If you are being honest, you may see how you also demonstrated that you weren’t all in by how busy you were all the time. You see how it took two to make it work and you also were a bit responsible for it not thriving. The blame can’t be on just them. You can bet that this person is off somehow thinking of might have been and if only.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


Week 1: You may wanna get some maintenance done on your vehicle or upkeep your home before a little something turns into a costly situation. I mean, it could be just as simple as checking your oil or anti-freeze levels. Something involving the weather could affect your home. Do be skeptical of someone who claims to be the answer to all your woes though. There is an agenda.
Week 2: There may be a third wheel hanging out with you and your hunny. They just love tagging along and you are fine with that… for the most part. Since they seem to contribute to these outings you are fine, but you would sure like some alone time too. They seem to be of a generous good nature. Craft shows and fundraisers may be activities they pitch the most. They seem to have good taste in music and movies, so you try to focus on that. However, something about them always being around is getting a bit excessive.
Week 3: You may have to put your money where your mouth is. This is probably the only way people will see that you are actually serious about something. In this way, you will convince them.
Week 4: Things get a bit stressful. The stakes may get kind of high and you worry about a risky endeavor. Someone may be on your side now, but you wonder if they would stick around through the tough times too.


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


Week 1: Nothing seems to be getting accomplished right now. You really feel like a big fish stuck in a small pond. Reaching your full potential where you are seems to be met with snags.
Week 2: You aren’t quite sure about where things are headed. Some of you may actually consult a Reader or some type of adviser and they basically tell you everything you were already aware of. However, there is a warning to stay on top of bills and not to let that sort of thing slip your mind.
Week 3: Everyone seems to be misunderstanding every word that comes out of your mouth. You may be reading other people’s signals all wrong this week. There will be quite a bit of communication mishaps so check back to make sure that details are super clear.
Week 4: You are aware of what is not being said now than ever. Try not to be so darn smug about it. Wearing red will give you an edge this week. People are under the impression that you have it all figured out. Again, there’s a warning: don’t get too cocky. There’s a power in being humble.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


Week 1: You find yourself reevaluating some long held values. The stuff that used to be so all-encompassing in your career before is barely an after thought. You are doing some major self-improvements. Information comes your way and it all makes sense now.
Week 2: Your social circle is getting more spiritual and holistic, which is extremely fortunate! It inspires you to come up with a wild and crazy idea that just make work… big time. You will definitely be moving and shaking this week.
Week 3: You will be super busy and it will be obvious to everyone that you are truly going places. So much resilience has been developed in the past few years, you are strong enough now to go for things because you’ve been through the wringer and still slaying it! Nothing can stop you. The energy you have is peaceful, but you gathered up enough arsenal in the form of important contacts that you have proved you aren’t one to be trifled with.
Week 4: You may reconnect with an old group of friends or be more active in a particular facebook group, something along those lines. While you are getting your social muscles toned, make sure not to share info prematurely. It isn’t necessary to share every aspect of your life.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


Week 1: Your faith will definitely be tested right off the rip in November. This likely has to do with some sort of partnership involving a small or local business. You have something to offer them or they you, either way it’s a risk worth taking.
Week 2: People find you especially charismatic this week. You don’t know how the heck to harness all these intuitive gifts you’ve been blessed with! Trust your messages without question.
Week 3: Go ahead and start preparing for some sort of Full Moon ritual so you can be done with petty energies once and for all. You simply can’t please everyone all the time. And why bother? Many have shown with their actions that they treat what you care about as afterthoughts or maybes. You are completely done with inconsiderate people who can’t be counted on.
Week 4: Make sure that you prepare for an outing appropriately. You may have to pack an umbrella or an extra sweater. Don’t let the weather affect your moods so much.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


Week 1: You don’t feel exactly welcomed somewhere, someone in particular has just decided to hate on you a bit. Don’t take it so personally. Just do you. Let jealousy eat them up. Meanwhile, be careful not to rush through work and projects. Be more mindful so you value what you produce and others will too. Things get very intimate with a romantic prospect. Just when you think you can’t fall any deeper, you do. Some of you will be finally paying off a debt this week.
Week 2: Work may be piling more on you than usual. You may feel it is unfair that you get all the “shit work” while others get freedom and their ideas are actually implemented. Doing the same ol’ same ol’ leaves your mind open to let emotional triggers from the past in. You are ready for something more challenging.
Week 3: Make sure that you go over financial transactions with a fine toothed comb because it seems like some money is getting sucked from somewhere that you didn’t approve of. You aren’t doing yourself any favors by letting it slide. Why the heck you work so hard for? To let some scammies skim from you… nope!! Make sure to record your dreams as soon as you wake up.
Week 4: After more work than you doubted you could recover from, you may be met with a slow last week that makes you stir crazy. Don’t go complaining or whining about it. The more things happening the more can go wrong since Mercury is in Retrograde.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Week 1: Why not celebrate the start of November since it promises to be a good month for you?!!  It would do you well to be outside in nature as much as possible. Recognize how the seasons compliment each other and how the animals make the most of the changes. You learn so much from the woodland critters. Trust in your psychic impressions. Stop putting so many limitations on yourself. There’s no need to be scared anymore. Strangers don’t necessarily mean danger, one may even present you with a gift!
Week 2: Someone at work may be purposely trying to sabotage your efforts. They may be a manager or in some type of lead position. At the least, they definitely have ulterior motives worth looking into.
Week 3: Be careful not to divulge any pertinent information to much of anyone this week. You are in the mood to vent, but maybe to just your cat for now. At work you may be shuffled around and taken off projects that you were breaking ground with. Don’t give them too much lip. There’s more going on than you think and you are quite convinced you’re a pawn.
Week 4: Don’t be shy about defending yourself. I feel like you may have to stand up to a bully all over again. I know I said you should celebrate November and I still stand by that. You have overcome great odds and are stronger now. That’s pretty special!


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


Week 1: November brings you a bountiful harvest! You’ve been taking on more than you can handle but this week you can ease up a bit. While it is true that you are a very talented person, you ought not have to pull out all the stops at once!
Week 2: Make sure you are looking extra cute because single Geminis may meet someone just their speed. Your intimate bonds have changed a lot and has prepared you for what is about to present itself. Don’t drag your feet with this one!
Week 3: You may be full of energy, but the Universe wants you to take a chill pill. Be careful. This is especially true with your communication. Make sure not to inadvertently offend anyone.
Week 4: So more hints about this special someone arriving on the scene… you will likely meet them through work. You will want to do something that will make you more confident about your appearance and the vibes you give off. November ends with lots of action, so maybe go on some dates and have fun! Your life is finally changing up for the best.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


Week 1: It would be unwise for you to retreat this week. Things are really moving and you will want to make an entrance. Work on outside projects as much as possible.
Week 2: Don’t let any peeved emotions out right now, not even a little. It will annoy you when someone is too tentative to make a bold move. They are an artsy type and you will just have to trust that when the spirit moves them to jump, they will. Besides, all that, they aren’t quite sure what to make of your super motivated energy and they need a step back.
Week 3: Do some researching about where you intend to be for the next 6 months or so. It isn’t necessary to actually do anything with your plans just yet. I feel like it is more or less questioning whether you are on the right path in a professional sense. You will be required to be in the spotlight more. Don’t be perturbed when your schedule gets a bit wonky.
Week 4: Your life is about to get a whole lot adventuresome! It is important to organize  to make time for travel. You will also vow to adapt even healthier habits.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


Week 1: Someone wants to see how you respond to some news. Get your poker face on and give them nothing. It is all rumors and all meant as a ploy to deflect from what is really going on. Don’t play those games.
Week 2: You just seem like one big ball of anxiety these days. All these worries could narrow themselves down to one problem. You just feel like you may have invited some vampires into your circle. That appears to be the case.
Week 3: Make sure you get some naps in because it is in the dream state you will be able to unravel some issues you have to deal with. An era of your life is coming to a close and you are fighting it tooth and nail. After some dream journaling this will all be water under the bridge anyhow.
Week 4: There’s competition lurking and for the first time, you worry you may not stand a chance. They have special privileges you don’t. It isn’t a fair fight. Your ego takes a hit.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


Week 1: Trying to be all things to all people can get damn exhausting and sap your energy quick. There will be too many meetings and visits and it will wear you down if you aren’t careful. People seem to tell you long drawn out stories from a needy perspective that you have heard countless times before. You just wish you could spend time with more empowered, inspiring people.
Week 2: You go from feeling included in a certain person’s life to feeling totally abandoned. It sets the tone for you going on solitary adventures and doing projects alone. This will give you the space you need to tend to some introspective work. Something “once in a lifetime” will happen this week. It also seems like there may be an uncomfortable conversation involving money.
Week 3: Some Virgos may decide to take a more committed stance to something. There will be some of you moving or deciding to work a business from your home. The good news is that you will be attracting more exciting friends who will introduce you to concepts you never considered before.
Week 4: You are a bit overwhelmed with all the wonderful happenings in your world! It’s almost too much, but you are being encouraged to just accept instead of worrying needlessly. You may find yourself becoming more of a feeler than a thinker these days. Intuition is getting even stronger because of it. You may be a bit moody as a result because your picking up on others feelings.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


Week 1: You have so much to do, but you are actually doing an impressive job staying on top of things. The transitions you make this month will be to your highest benefit. When things get more than challenging, ask yourself how you can come out of it smelling like a rose… because you will.
Week 2: It has become quite clear that the only person you can ever really count on is yourself. Take everything on in baby steps and you will get through this just fine. Your navigation skills may be a bit rusty, so clarify directions before you take off to an important occasion. Watch your tone of voice because you may be accused of being short with someone. Take time to meditate.
Week 3: You may become aware of how someone else is making considerable money from your efforts. Work matters may take you away from your sweetheart. Something big happens in your career. You make it a point to be as clear and honest with those you work with because you believe in authenticity over popularity.
Week 4: You could teach a class about how to be more open to creative concepts and social alchemy. Networking seems to be your superpower. You express yourself really well and make it a point to promote what others care about and introduce the right people to each other to make magic happen. There’s so many ideas swirling around, you are a one person think tank! Your social circle is blossoming and you may become a heavy-hitter in a local project. Don’t make big moves as far as moving just yet.

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