TarotScopes: Remember It’s November

How was your October? Well, as busy as it was, get ready for November, baby! Get ready for hectic holiday shopping, traffic, and chugging echinacea tea in hopes of warding off colds. I suppose there are many who live for this time of year. Good for you!


I get an intense feeling about the first week, like it will usher in a bunch of changes for people that will force them to come to a final decision so they can move forward. On the 4th there is a Full Moon in Taurus. It is a great day to decide once and for all to do away with behaviors that threaten your stability. On the 7th, Venus will enter Scorpio so be prepared for all or nothing relationships, but also being drawn to certain types without understanding why exactly. Stay aware of this energy because it sticks around till December. The 11th will give you an opportunity to correct any problems in a very resourceful way. New Moon is in Scorpio on November 18th. Allow some time to connect with Spirit because alone time is going to get scarce from here on out, until like after the New Year. Please be open to seeing the hidden gems in what appears to be difficulties. The 10 of Cups is coming in for lots of signs, which makes me think that many of us will have wishes granted finally!

As always, consider your Moon and Rising sign in addition to your Sun. What comes through for each sign is general. If you wish to have a more personalized reading, please hit my name in the sidebar which should take you to my Etsy shop or message me on my FB page Tarot By Tonyana. Let’s get to those November scopes!


SCORPIO (October 23- November 21)


Week 1:  Try as you may, you just can’t seem to get things flowing on a level you are comfortable with. You really don’t know how to feel about something and this makes you very uneasy. Until you are sure, lie low for a bit. I feel like this is especially true on the romantic front. Also, if you are considering doing any especially vigorous physical activity like rock climbing or whatever… hold off on that too. It’s really great that you are heeding the call of the outdoors. Just do it on a smaller scale like watching the sun rise or something along those lines. I’m seeing annoying things like sprains or kinks if you push yourself. Celebrate the little things. There’s no need to impress anyone. Maybe go view a sports event. It promises to take your mind off troubles for a bit.
Week 2:  Pamper yourself by getting into a hot tub. Really stick with that sunrise thing we talked about last week. It starts the day off right and gets your mind to where it needs to be.
Week 3:  Do something special to celebrate yourself! You really have changed in the course of a year’s time. Maybe it would do you well to look over journal entries or FB posts from the last year to get a sense of how far you have come.
Week 4:  Be very careful of what information you divulge to a romantic partner. I get the sense that you have given them some grief in the past and they are just waiting to throw a folly in your face. If you don’t want anyone accusing you of being a hypocrite, censor the words that flow from your mouth. Chances are, stuff will likely come out into the open anyways. The best defense may be to wholeheartedly admit that maybe you were a bit harsh awhile back. If you go about it this way, you may receive a hug instead of a “in yo’ face!” response.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22- December 21)


Week 1:  There will be plenty of business communication this week. Some Sags will be calling around asking for price quotes. Do be aware that some of the salespeople you encounter will work for commission only and will be especially hungry. This can work to your benefit. You are good at this wheelin’ dealin stuff!
Week 2:  It may be necessary to have a bit of mercy and tell a little white lie. Dishonesty of any kind gnaws at you, but in this case, you will see that it spares a lot of drama that can easily be avoided. Unfortunately, you can’t hand this responsibility onto anyone else.
Week 3:  This too shall pass. Everything speeds up into turbo mode, but this won’t last forever. When it is all over you will look back at this and share some funny stories with the others who are sharing the whirlwind experience.
Week 4:  Something begins all over again and allows you to make corrections to what you experienced last round. It has to do with a falling out with a pal or loved one because they did you dirty in the past. I feel like their folly had to do with how they filed paperwork and money somehow. Now that you are wise to it, let them know they cannot pull that stuff ever again.


CAPRICORN (December 22- January 19)


Week 1:  You have a brilliant idea that will expand your horizons! It will affect your career and where you do most of your work. This will usher in a bunch of positive changes that encourage you to keep making improvements to how you see yourself.
Week 2:  Emotions take over and you feel compelled to retreat a bit and commune with your spiritual side. You have been becoming more and more introspective these days. In the past, you would get all bent out of shape about delays, but now you take it all in stride. Realize that worry just leads to mental exhaustion. Something quite interesting is about to happen, however it will take some time to form into something substantial. Good thing you have developed patience!
Week 3:  So by now, something wonderful is in its first stages of development. This is really going to test your faith. Situations will arise during the course of this thing that may knock you off balance. You got this!
Week 4:  Wow, Capricorn! You are really doing it! I’m guessing that by May you will really be flying high and all the struggle you came out of will be a distant memory. You take on another challenge, and why the heck not? You are on a roll!


AQUARIUS (January 20- February 18)


Week 1:  A relationship may no longer be as stable as it once was. It is quite evident that the two of you are on completely different pages. Something concerning your health plays a role as to how all this is handled. Someone may back out of an agreement.
Week 2: There will be a crossroads of sorts concerning business arrangements, particularly if the lines between professional and personal were tangled up together. A decision can no longer be avoided. You meet someone who will shine light on what you may have viewed a hopeless situation. This is someone whom you will come to trust.
Week 3:  There will be an important event that will be the nail on the coffin, so to speak. November is a very impactful month this year, for you! An idea you had awhile back is starting to sprout some. You are astounded by your acute powers of manifestation  A wish for some space will be granted.
Week 4:  A Taurus personality will have great news for you. Their practical outlook will give you the green light on an idea you was fearing may have been a tad too lofty for others to ingest. Don’t let this individual try to claim you all to themselves. Break the news to them that you are a free bird by appealing to their realistic outlook. If you insist on keeping them at arm’s length, you had better produce concrete results or they will look elsewhere.


PISCES (February 19- March 20)


Week 1:  There will be a marked change in your love life, you have felt this coming on for awhile now. You question just how compatible you are. Not wanting to give up you may try to adjust yourself to the other’s speed. You hope that they would do the same for you. Intelligence, prestige, and awareness are all attributes you look for in a partner.
Week 2:  You may have been working on a diet, but now you may consider doing some detoxing as well. It isn’t enough to focus on your body. Spiritual health must be considered, as well. The travel bug has bitten you, so you may find yourself watching some Rick Steve’s or dabbling in a new language. You are working on the kind of financial freedom that allows more room for travel.
Week 3:  Check out books at the library that has to do with different cultures and world history. This will do till you get to visit these places in the flesh. Some of this knowledge you absorb may ignite a past life memory of some kind. Be open and honest with others regarding your inability to stay stuck in the same ol’ same ol’. It is safe to be yourself now.
Week 4:  You feel born again and now you are the MVP! Gone are the days of sitting on the sidelines cheering others on in the rain. The time is getting nearer where you will have to get more comfortable in the limelight.


ARIES (March 21- April 19)


Week 1:  There will be a change in your finances. It will challenge you to get by in a different pace than you are used to. You will find yourself letting go of routines that used to come second nature. With the Full Moon this month, it would be wise to do some sort of cutting cords ritual to release things that no longer serve you. I also feel you will adapt an easier way of dealing with your emotions.
Week 2:  Someone from your past sends a message of appreciation. For some of you, it may be an old flame who reports how they have changed and want to connect again. There is no reason why this cannot be a peaceful conversation and you may even consider allowing them back in a bit. It is important for you to communicate the changes you have undergone and what you intend to do in the future.
Week 3:  Some Aries will have a strong dislike of how someone close is conducting their lives. You fear that they have been corrupted in some way. It is possible that what you are so worked up about is only the tip of the iceberg. Some more truth may smack you in the face. If you guys can survive this, it’s safe to say you are in it for the long haul.
Week 4:  You may choose to walk away from something. Chances are good, you will burn some bridges in the process. So do your weeble wobble thing and get right back up with a grin on your face. You need to know that you and are a partner are on the same level. This last week will be make it or break it time. It is time to confront something head-on. Don’t be surprised if you get accused of being controlling and demanding.


TAURUS (April 20- May 20)


Week 1:  You want to stay on the same path, you just wish different personalities were accompanying you on it. There’s only so much you can take. All they seem to do is whine or complain. If you don’t see them making attitude adjustments soon, you may have to go your own way. A phone call could tell you very fortunate news about financial gain. This will have you planning for a trip. Research, but don’t book just yet.
Week 2:  Things change with little or no heads up. Someone planted a rumor out there to get everyone up in arms. Don’t believe everything you hear. Before you make a big move, get a bit more experience and knowledge.
Week 3:  Don’t be greedy. It is okay to spend a bit to have worthwhile experiences with the people you care about. There is a warning for you to keep your valuables on you at all times.
Week 4:  Don’t drown in emotional depths that are difficult to convey to others. Keep your head above water by contacting a therapist of some sort that has a clue of how to relate to you when things are at a funk. Everything seems so extreme right now.


GEMINI (May 21- June 20)


Week 1:  Work, work, work is the focus of this week and you will instinctively know what to do to make it go more efficiently. You are wise enough to make sure that you leave a bit of room for your personal life as well. Overtime may be offered and you will surprise yourself by being excited about it.
Week 2:  You seem to have the Midas touch! It is time to get your creativity on and inviting a romantic partner along may stir up some passion. Feel free to express yourself to the fullest.
Week 3:  This week will be all about staying balanced. Follow your intuition when it comes to work and when you get home tune into loved ones. You really do need a creative outlet that you can turn to and get lost in.
Week 4:  You will not understand why a loved one kept out important information and may experience a sense of betrayal because of it. Show them some compassion — they didn’t want to disappoint you. I get the sense that they may not be getting along with someone and only told you their biased perception of how things went down.


CANCER (June 21- July 22)


Week 1:  Be careful that you don’t venture out too much while enjoying freedom of expression. You may say or do something that is hard to take back while you were riding high on the moment. It would be most fortunate for you to use this energy on some type of creative pursuit, rather than social media posts. This week will teach you a great deal of lessons. Some Cancers will turn their hobby into a lucrative business. Consider all the options because whatever you put your energy into is highly likely. Most importantly, have fun! Make time for silly adventures.
Week 2:  Some Cancers may be moving into a new home or making improvements on an existing one. A family member may throw in a bit of money to make this possible. This will be a beautiful addition to your abode. I’m really thinking it is something decorative with a bedroom. Also you will strengthen ties with parental figures.
Week 3:  There will be a delay on a get together or you will decide to let someone else host this year. Focus more on centerpieces and ambiance. Your loving, nurturing, and compassionate nature will come in very handy! Some of you may express interest in delving a bit deeper into the family tree. Others will take a trip back to where they grew up. It will remind you exactly how far you have actually come.
Week 4:  There is a warning not to throw caution to the wind. You may come off as a bit too aggressive and scare off those whose support you could use. It wouldn’t be prudent to discuss your feelings with those you really ought to just have surface interactions with.


LEO (July 23- August 22)


Week 1:  Many of you will be considering tips when it comes to matters of romance. Expect small gains concerning finances. Really go over your bank statement with a fine toothed comb. Something may have gone unnoticed with your account, an error of some sort. When you find it, see that it gets corrected asap.
Week 2:  It could be a challenging forecast both weather wise and emotionally this week. Be prepared. Pack an umbrella, wear layers, and carry Kleenex. Don’t let what happens around you dampen your spirits.
Week 3:  You are geared up for attack, just in case anyone runs their mouth. No one will want to mess with you while you are in fighter mode. Some may say you are over-reacting, but they would be wise to keep that to themselves.
Week 4:  Be prepared to come to a final decision and then follow through with action. Someone unexpected calls you. They may convince you to make a short trip out to see them. This could prove beneficial. They admire you a great deal and would like to help you along with your work. This could prove life-changing. They could introduce new methods and innovative ideas you have never considered before. I feel like they are especially gifted at bookkeeping. They will refer people your way. Your days of suffering are over because your consciousness is on a higher frequency now and you are living your Truth. Work is so much more meaningful now.


VIRGO (August 23- September 22)


Week 1:  Make sure your heart is all into something before taking on a student loan or anything else of that nature. Some Virgos may be spending money on getting certified in something and learning later that they actually already have all the skills that are required for that role. Make sure to pay any outstanding car taxes or license fee renewals.
Week 2:  While you are speaking your mind, remember to play fair. I get the sense that some of you may brush up on a foreign language. Challenge yourself by watching foreign films without the subtitles. Life Is Beautiful is my personal suggestion to you. It will get you considering what is really important and not get caught up in details. There is nothing wrong with educating one’s self. You may become a good influence on another. Resist the urge to over analyze why someone wants to hang with you.
Week 3:  A father figure will play a big role. This person will encourage you to stay in touch with family and even organize events. He will give you something that will stay within your tribe for many generations to come. It will hold more sentimental than actual value and appeal to your minimalist taste. You are attempting to be much more Zen these days  A clutter free home is a very good thing.
Week 4:  You may come into a bit of wealth this week. Get to know more about your romantic partner so you can grow and evolve together. Try to find a reason to blend the two of your families together. The upcoming holidays is a good enough excuse! You feel more nostalgic than ever and really want to hear those stories you have heard told thirty times or more already. Work will be the furthest thing from your mind. Some of you may do research on ancestry. Do things that exercise your intellectual muscles.


LIBRA (September 23- October 22)


Week 1:  Many of you may be deciding on what to blow all your money on. Now you can afford a bit of quality goods. Golden opportunities to improve your finances are coming at you from many different directions now. If you don’t see everything you have been hoping for yet, trust that things are being Divinely Timed for you.
Week 2:  When things go especially well, there may be a tendency to get suspicious or anxious about too much of a good thing. Why not just enjoy this great luck instead of noiding out about it? One reason you are freaking out a bit is that this success will cause you to change your lifestyle a bit. Some of you may find yourselves buying things to enhance appearance or status symbol items. Later you will scold yourself for being “superficial” or materialistic. Balance it out, Libra.
Week 3:  Everyone seems to be swooning over you. Please don’t let it get to your head! Walking your Truth may mean you will have to break hearts along the way. Having a beautiful appearance can open many doors, but having a beautiful energy can open hearts. Maybe carry some smokey quartz around to keep you grounded. Now that you are in a better place to help, there is no limit to your generosity… but maybe there should be.
Week 4:  So now you start thinking about saving your money and being a bit more careful about where it is going. It isn’t that your splurging days are entirely over, it is just you are thinking long term now. You find yourself giving financial advice to wide eyed admirers and you chuckle inside about it.

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