How To Sneer The Sneer Way

We all have our different methods for getting some writing done here at Sneer Campaign. I use a few different methods, myself. They all work pretty well, but not always. Sometimes I need an extra push, or just to switch it up a bit. Sometimes I need a whole new method, so one day this list will be longer. And sometimes nothing works, and we put up an old omgj content, thank goodness.


If you’re looking to write a whole bunch of posts for your own site, or anything even remotely similar, I have some very specific-to-me-and-to-Sneer-Campaign tips just for you! So please enjoy this meta post, written because I had no other ideas one day.


Start Several At Once

Method number one is simple, but if you don’t leap right into action you’ll lose your momentum. If I ever have more than one idea at a time, I strike while the iron is hot! That’s a thing, right? Anyway I start drafts for both ideas (or more) right away and work on both a bit. Whether it’s adding topics that I’d write more about or starting the post in general, I can usually flesh it out a little bit so that it’s more than just listing a new title or idea (those never go anywhere). I guess it’s pretty important to write at least fifty words at first so later I will look at it and feel like it doesn’t need that much more effort. “The hard part is probably over,” I tell myself, whether or not that’s true.


Pros and Cons

This is not always necessary about writing two posts, one positive and one negative, about a single topic. But it’s a snappier headline than “write two posts with different takes about a topic” or anything similar that I could think of. Sometimes this results in multiple posts about fake voodoo spells and sometimes it results in one discarded idea. It’s a great way to get going though, leaving the specific topic open to more than one article. Sometimes, I will have several ideas that COULD all go into one longish article, but why do that when I could just drum up four shorter offerings? That would be CRAZY of me.


Write What You Know

I know things about stuff, and you probably do, too! On days when I am thinking of what I could write about, sometimes I remember that I have had an experience I haven’t written about, or learned some facts that I can convey to readers. Often, I write about TV Shows because I know a lot about those and keep learning more about even more shows and new ones keep getting made all the time! When you write what you know, you should probably claim to not be an expert, so that you aren’t embarrassed if you get a fact wrong.


Write What You Don’t Know

We do love our crackpot theories around here and what better way to express them than via topics that we know very little about and don’t want to research! Sometimes we will pluck a topic out of the air and speculate about it. Origins, uses, conspiracies — anything we can muster. The less we know, the better. Usually, you will also feel better if you try to present yourself as an expert when you write this way. I mean, you might as well.


Look Around My Room

This one is last because it’s a last resort kind of thing. Also, it never works, because I don’t move much around in my room. There’s only so many posts that I can {try to} write about tiaras, Space Jam, my book collection, or my cats.

Sneer Back

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