TarotScopes: Rock Out with Your Oct Out

These TarotScopes are a fusion of both Astrology and Tarot. So feel free to look up your Sun sign, but I find that my Rising sign is more on point. Some swear by their Moon.

October is going to be a real dynamo this year! On the 16th there is a Full Moon in Aries and a New Moon in Scorpio on the 30th, which will make Halloween Eve all the more spookier. The 11th ought to be pretty sexy considering Mars and Neptune are getting along so swimmingly. If you get your date in before 7ish PM EST, you ought to exude a certain special mystical aura that makes you especially attractive. On October 14th, Mars and Saturn work well together and give a stronger sense of responsibility. Others may inquire about your knowledge and skills. Then good ol’ Mars conjuncts Pluto on the 19th, which gives us tons of ambition, but we have to take care not to step on any toes in the process. I noticed that the 9 of Cups came up for quite a few signs, so that gives me the impression that a lot of people are quite pleased that some things are nearly completed so they can move on to something else they feel strongly about.


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LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


WEEK 1: The focus will be on a romantic relationship, so much though that you neglect your bread and butter. This can lead to trouble if you aren’t careful. My favorite saying ever, “Romance without finance is a nuisance,” applies here. You need to balance out your work and personal life because things can get so stressful that you may consider leaving one or the other behind. Don’t forget to get your license and tags renewed!

WEEK 2: Someone is moving on or away from the group, and there’s not much you can do about it. Sure, you promise to keep in touch… but you know all too well how these things go. You just seem to be growing apart from your friends, as of late. Is it an age thing? I would call it a maturity thing.

WEEK 3: Allow yourself to forgive. By that, I mean forgive the offender before they even do the dirty deed. You may receive a low blow. If someone is showing you their spots, maybe you would be wise to see them for who they are, instead of the potential you see inside. Accept that some people are just shitheads and go about your life. You can save yourself lots of trouble this way.

WEEK 4: A red-head will play a big role somehow. This person is standing in your way for some reason. They seem to be terribly rigid about “the plan” and don’t see your flightiness as cute. Handle this delicately. Next time, make sure you are a 100% on board before you suggest things in the future to them. Give in and let them win this round if you ever want their cooperation again.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


WEEK 1: There may be computer issues to contend with, you know… technical difficulties. Your work may suffer as a result. There is a certain technique that you simply must perfect. If you master this skill, those that matter will notice and you will get paid well for it.

WEEK 2: A wrench is thrown into your plans. Trust me, when the dust settles, you will see the Divine Intervention that transpired. Be very cautious of letting sexy feelings take over your decisions. It won’t be worth it if you do.

WEEK 3: You are wanting a new source of income. The co-workers and routine of your present situation are getting a bit ho-hum. You may feel that you have dropped the ball somehow at work or that maybe you aren’t cut out for that sort of thing after all.

WEEK 4: Some of you may be very pleased about moving to a new home. Others may be doing a bit of interior decorating. Maybe you will finally find that perfect painting to grace your wall! A man will surprise you.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


WEEK 1: Signals are bound to get crossed. There are mixed messages that people read into wrong. Because of a mishap, you may find yourself in a compromising position. Make sure you think of something from all angles before you post or text. There is a big possibility you may feel like an ass later if you don’t. Using lots of smiley emoticons may help.

WEEK 2: A family member may be putting on a brave face, but they may be facing an internal battle. This has to be addressed in some way. You are particularly ambitious about a side project.

WEEK 3: Work will take a backseat to spiritual pursuits. Your intuition is at its peak. Some may connect with Spiritual Guides and ancestors.

WEEK 4: Get more training at work and venture out of your comfort zone. Co-workers will be especially supportive of your intention to branch out a bit. Money manifestation practices are producing results!


CAPRICORN (December 22 – January 19)


WEEK 1: A Gemini will play a big role. Be a bit more flexible in your thinking and you will feel more confident about interacting with this person. You have a skill they are curious about. They are a fickle sort, so you will have to muster some patience.

WEEK 2: So this Gemini person last week before may turn out to be a bit too flaky for your taste. They are smart but seem to have their priorities mixed up, and you aren’t sure if they are really on board. While you are cursing their insolence, something may happen like a flat tire to you that may make you a bit compassionate about their tardiness and so forth. Shit happens.

WEEK 3: You seem to be very balanced. The expectations you were holding onto have been released a bit. Not a lot is being accomplished right now… but that’s okay. The issue you had with that “space cadet” has been settled.

WEEK 4: You may get someone upset by some gossip that reaches your ears, but realize that most of it has been embellished. Actually it may be about you. It could do unjust damage to your reputation. I get the feeling someone had some beef with you and was letting off steam to the wrong person.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)


WEEK 1: An Aries type personality may seem pretty pertinent. This person will bring out your ambitions and help you feel darn optimistic about your plans. They are very bold and somewhat headstrong, but you like how they are encouraging you to make your mark. The Aries is building your confidence and making you feel more than capable. However, others around feel that your ego is getting out of control. You see it as them being jealous dream crushers, but don’t be so dismissive with those who shared your life way before this Aries type entered it.

WEEK 2: You are spending lots of time with your thoughts. There is something new you would like to start. It has to do with business. The thing is, you may be experiencing some internal conflicts.

WEEK 3: You may not receive the updates you have been waiting for. If you do at all, it is too little too late or different than you had hoped. I feel like some important documents may have gotten lost in the shuffle or an email was overlooked. You may decide to visit the cemetery to honor a deceased loved one.

WEEK 4: You really have to let something go. Get an abalone shell for yourself. See those holes? That’s where they breathe, reproduce, and… well, let shit go. Be like the abalone. Focus on your breathing too. Meditate. Get more sleep.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


WEEK 1: Something is reaching completion and you are already thinking about your next project. Things are already falling into place to give you the green light. Some Pisces may be considering getting their honey where they make their money. I see a situation where you could fall hard for a client. Others may be struck by a possible love match at a restaurant or coffee shop.

WEEK 2: Be more self-assertive regarding finance. There needs to be a plan put into place. Some of you may be hiring contractors to work on or in your home. Your gaze is definitely towards the future. There are social engagements, but you are still very much a loner regardless of your being in a crowd. An Aries-like individual invites you to tag along.

WEEK 3: It’s all a waiting game right now. You can see bits and pieces of things taking shape, but much more will be revealed later. There may be a push to improve how you are perceived by others or your status somehow.

WEEK 4: An important event occurs that you are plenty excited about! October has definitely been good to you! When it comes to passive aggressive types, you let it be known that you are on to them. Call them out and they will change their tune immediately.


ARIES (March 21 – April 19)


WEEK 1: You find yourself being quite emotional and exploring spiritual interests more. Something may happen that brings tears to your eyes. I feel it has to do with a romantic relationship. Balancing love and work can get tricky. You want to spend more time at home.

WEEK 2: There will be a little adventure to be had! Also, maybe a trip to the vet, for some. There will be plans for some type of family get together.

WEEK 3: Someone quite important shows up. At work, you may feel shut down and shut out. There’s really no convincing anyone. Let it go.

WEEK 4: Be careful of chasing whims just because you are unhappy with your present situation. If you are already in a relationship, there may be temptation to stray. Resist, because it won’t stay a secret for long.


TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


WEEK 1: A disappointment may discourage or even dishearten you from trying again. You are so over the beliefs you grew up with. There were a lot of things planted in your mind to control you. That is evident now.

WEEK 2: The things you were trying to get off the ground may be a slow go. Some of you may be dealing with infertility, pregnancy problems, or debilitating hot flashes. A wedding or union may be bumped back.

WEEK 3: After a rough start to October, you are finally able to breathe a sigh of relief! Treat yourself to your favorite meals. There are many reasons to be grateful. Things are starting to look up. Someone very perky plays a big role to lift your spirits and keep them there.

WEEK 4: The odds are against you. Somehow, you feel like the odd man out. There is a storm (whether literal or figurative) that wrecks your plans a bit. Some of you may be feeling a bit sickly.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


WEEK 1: You long for spiritual fulfillment of some kind. Some of you may be asking for signs or omens to help you make decisions. You try to keep the Faith. Even though there are some scoundrels about, you truly do believe that people are inherently good.

WEEK 2: There may be a family get together that is planned that you would just as soon avoid, but you should really force yourself to attend. Loved ones take precedence over career right now, or should anyways. What you have always come to believe is changing now because your mind is working differently.

WEEK 3: Okay, so October is a huge month for you regarding your spiritual beliefs. You may decide to cut ties with your old ways, maybe even give another path a chance. There is a warning to just dip your toe in at first though. Baby steps.

WEEK 4: There will be more money flowing in, but you mustn’t treat it frivolously. If you don’t come up with a financial plan or budget now, you will kick yourself later. Gambling and speculation right now is frowned upon.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


WEEK 1: If you don’t put your work on the back-burner right now, you will regret it later. Don’t sign up for more than you can handle. Delegate. Your family needs your attention.

WEEK 2: There may be a troubling conversation with a loved one. It may be particularly difficult to get along with this person. You feel like there is nothing you can do or ever succeed in that will make them happy. A talk may leave you questioning your self-worth.

WEEK 3: I won’t sugarcoat it, October will be challenging. Some Cancers may be considering relocating, I would advise to think twice before any big moves. A pal may invite you out. You may say no. It would behoove you to let your hair down and have a good time though. All work and no play… well, you know the rest.

WEEK 4: Make sure that if you dress up for Halloween that you are actually comfortable in your costume. Also don’t go spending a ton of money on something you wear for a few hours a year anyways. For some reason, there is some anxiety when you have to part with money this week.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


WEEK 1: You really want some good ol’ family time! There is a particular lone wolf/black sheep that you want to reconnect with. Try to get them to commit to a few hours or even just dinner and see how it goes from there.

WEEK 2: There is an emphasis on trying to understand why you respond to certain situations the way you do and what can be done to lower the stress factor… ahem, for everyone. You really like being in control, for one. Secondly, you also crave attention. Just make sure it is the good kind.

WEEK 3: Some of you may be overstaying your welcome or draining someone’s good nature without even realizing it. This may have to do with family relations. Also, some Leos may consider changing jobs. If you get an icky feeling in your stomach during the interview that things may be a bit corrupt, trust that feeling. Leave it behind. There is something better for you right around the corner.

WEEK 4: Get more organized! Even if you have to hire someone to get you there. Clutter is the enemy. Once everything has its place, your head will be so much clearer.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


WEEK 1: You are so over your job right now. Build up your arsenal in case higher-ups give you any lip about your attendance or “sense of urgency.” You have half a mind to gather up your skills and make a business of your own.

WEEK 2: There are positive changes in your spiritual life, but not everyone will agree with these beliefs. Protect yourself from those you are sure will discourage you. I see you reading different types of spiritual doctrine and deeply thinking of each passage.

WEEK 3: Your finances will improve, so you may find this an opportune time to give to charity or someone who could definitely use the help. Your spirits will improve because of it and the better you feel, the more of the good things in life you attract. Be thankful and show gratitude when things return to you tenfold.

WEEK 4: Even though financial flow is excellent, it won’t stop you from sniffing out a great deal. You may find yourself being especially crafty. Be prepared for a certain family member’s newest drama.

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