A Smattering of Conversation Snippets

It’s the first week of August! That means it is time to pay special attention to your favorite barely-there sneerist, cchris!

Nearly every year, I try to make a comic of us having some sort of humorous conversation because we are chatting on the internet, always. I also make these real chat comics between us most of the other months, too, but August editions are more important!

This is an isolated part of the comic which follows. In this image, cchris is saying "if you did an aim comic every day, you'd still never catch up to all the convos we've had that need to be aim comics." Amandoll replies, "i know."

I have a lot of chat snippets set aside to be future comics, but there are so many more that we haven’t even set aside anywhere that also would be fun to draw — and hopefully fun to read. But here in this one here, I have compiled three moments in our shared lives.

They are hardly themed, but I can see similarities. There seems to be a shared emotional trajectory that we often follow. Innocent calm leads to offense, counter offense, and a drama. Well, except that last one — but that is the end part of a longer chat that very certainly had begun with a calm. For a change, to mix it up a bit, I just decided to keep it short and sweet. Maybe I decided that entirely because the whole conversation was just too salacious!

Click on this image if you can’t read it. I figured out how to do that again B)

This is a comic called: "A smattering of Conversation Snippets between Amandoll and cchris over the years."

First, alongside the title, cchris chides Amandoll about how if she drew these every day, she would still never catch up.

This is a comic in three parts. Part the first: 

"sometimes we talk about boys"

cchris shows Amandoll a picture of some guy, saying he gives him a 9.5 out of 10 rating. Amandoll thinks that's high and gives him almost an 8. In the next panel, cchris looks surprised, mildly affronted. Then he says "you don't give out anything above 8 so our grades are identical." Then he asks who her 9s are and she says she's never given one. The punchline is him mockingly saying "haha sorry human race. try again."

The second comic is like "sometimes we talk about life!"

In it, Amandoll is sharing real estate she's looked at but had found out that rapists and sex offenders are all over nearby. Cchris remarks "that's probably true of anywhere" which causes Amandoll to pause, realizing. Then she says "men are horrid creatures." Then cchris shouts "can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em. Am I right, girl?" And Amandoll in a close up panic shouts "Stop threatening me!"

And in the third, which says "sometimes we shouldn't talk about anything at all" --

It begins quickly with Amandoll lamenting: "why are you telling me about fat women crushing men to death sexually?" To which cchris immediately was already saying "No I'm telling you about juicy girls bringing their men to toe-curling demises, Amanda." Amandoll looks forlorn and long-suffering in a panel without borders, but there is like a vortex of grey woe swirling behind her. Then she says "can we start this chat over to not be about any of this?" and he is like "haha what were we talking about?" and she says "it was silence." This offends him and he shouts in a close up last panel: "oh well fine then!"

That's it!

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