Therapy the Sneer Way

Seeking therapy from a trained, licensed therapist at can be just what the doctor ordered to deal with any number of issues you might have. I have been to many therapists for a few reasons, and I am aware of the trials and tribulations of finding one you connect with, and one who seems to want to cure you rather than just keep you coming back. Good professional therapists are great at what they do, but we can’t all have that luxury for various reasons. We can’t always rely on there being a therapist available.

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So, in lieu of paying $225 for 45 minutes of therapy, I’ve adopted one or more of the various available Sneer-style methods.

Pulling Weeds

Gardening is an important aspect of the Sneer lifestyle. You can grow bee and butterfly friendly flower gardens, people friendly vegetable gardens, or anything that your heart desires and your climate allows. Gardening can already feel pretty therapeutic, but pulling weeds is where it’s at. You can find your groove, stare at the clouds and at the soil, and just pull. Keep pulling. Take them all out of your beautiful garden. Don’t forget to check again, that’s a weed too. Everything is weeds, it’s all weeds. Pull until you can’t feel anymore.

Coloring Ourselves

Adult coloring books are A Thing, as it so happens. You can buy books for pretty much any topic you wish, as simple or detailed as you please, for low price or astonishingly high price. Or you can just print off the ones we offer on this site for free, repeatedly, coating your walls and ceilings with your different color choices like some crazed obsessed fan. Do it. Over here we prefer to slowly color in detailed ornate coloring pages of our own faces.



You know that feeling when you listen to a sad song and let yourself wallow in it emotionally and it feels great but also awful? WELL I DON’T. Delete that song, and all the others that are even remotely sad. Delete any slow songs and any songs that make you stop and think. Delete any songs you’ve ever listened to when you were sad, any songs that remind you of sad moments. Don’t let any memories sneak in.

Add a new playlist to whatever you use for music and name it something fun and exciting. Mine is called Amandoll. Make the playlist at least 15 songs in length. Now, duplicate the playlist and name the second version Mopey Sad Time Music, just in case you accidentally have a sad moment despite the happy music, ruining the entire playlist memory forever.

Each Other

My daily, hourly, and otherwise constant sessions with Amandoll provide the best that money can buy: friendship! : )


Sneer Back

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