This Day in History: Dollissa Moves in

We are a-movin’ and a-groovin’ at the Sneer Campaign Official Headquarters. A-hustlin’ and a-bustlin’, too. As many of you know, Sneer HQ was obtained last year after an exhaustive search for the perfect place to establish ourselves, our empire, in order to create a better future — for us, for Covington, KY, and ultimately for the whole world. However, for various reasons, Dollissa had to stay in New Jersey for a while. Well, now she’s here! Sneer House is now a Sneer Home.

all books

Unfortunately, moving a quarter of the way across the country with an apartment’s worth of furniture and a book addict’s worth of books (so many boxes of books here) takes up time for everyone involved. So much unpacking to be done. So many cats underfoot. Plus, as recently mentioned, something about laziness. Also I am sick right now. ALSO this is a short holiday week! Thanksgiving is a rare Thursday Holiday, and all we want to do is nothing plus gorge upon a feast for the rest of the week.

This seems like the best week, then, to just take a little vacation from this site, which is the reason for the house and the move — WE AREN’T ABANDONING IT. It’s not the reason for the sickness either. I have apparently just been cursed. And I better be able to taste flavors by tomorrow or else brace yourselves for an article of wild lamentations about the unfair loss of the sense of taste. My tastelessness! Ack.


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