Today Is the Fifth Anniversary of Sneer Campaign

Happy Anniversary, dear and dearest readers. The very best of you have been with us for five whole years. Five of the favorite years of our lives! The rest of you can be a little sad about the times you missed, but hey that means you have a gigantic backlog of content to leisurely browse through — and make sure that you do because there will be a quiz at the end of it all that will determine your final grade!

A cropped out piece of the larger self portrait below. This one just says Sneer real big and then Amandoll's and Dollissa's scowling eyes are looking down.

All next week we will celebrate ourselves even MORE than usual, as is the custom. But today, you can gaze upon our menacing overindulgent self portrait and think about how we have grown and changed over the years. Here, I will give you some talking points for your Sneer Society chapter’s discussion group over the weekend:

  • Gone are the days when we tried focusing on the rich and famous! Who cares about them when we’ve got us??
  • Speaking of us, we are starting to branch out into the actual world as living representatives of Sneer Campaign. The people of Covington, Newport, and maybe Cincinnati will know us — and why not?
  • The New Twenties! We’ve been waiting our whole lives for this.
  • Went back to the format of 3 posts per week and a monthly theme week. Did you notice?
  • More cats! Always more cats!

Of course, some things never change!

  • We still scramble for content.
  • We still become mired in depression.
  • People are still searching for and then reading our articles about writing fan mail to celebrities and whether or not that “Brown Eyed Girl” song is about something FILTHY
  • More cats! Always more cats!
This looks like a weird Soviet movie poster. Amandoll and Dollissa look down from the sky, menacingly. They are looking at a thronging crowd of celebrants. Betteface as the sun is side eyeing them. Across the top it says "sneer" and vertically along the right side it says "campaign." Other words on the poster say "5 years and more than 5 sneers" and "splendor and prestige since 2015."


  • CYOA style story — we haven’t forgotten!
  • Romance Novels
  • The 1000th post!
  • Paranoid outbursts!
  • New guests!
  • More variety of writers!
  • More Splendor!
  • Chickens maybe this year?!
  • haha this is pretty much just the same list as last year and the year before because nothing has really changed

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