Two Exciting Dames

Way back when, in a time almost unrecognizable from now (2012), Dollissa and I were essentially still exactly the same.

Circumstances have changed, of course. She no longer lives in New Jersey. I no longer have pet ferrets. But we were friends, and we liked tea. Although we were not really tea experts because certain influencing factors hadn’t at that point nagged us into things like not leaving a tea bag in the entire time, and we still used the term “herbal tea” because we hadn’t been brow-beaten into sarcastically saying “herbal infusion” like we do now.

But we were, as we basically are now, carefree and full of dumb barely-there jokes that we apparently think are VERY FUNNY. We still announce the intention of doing a simple thing, like making a tea, and take like two hours to remember to even do it. I must assume that this is how it will always be for all eternity.

Click on this sucker if you want to see where I colored over our old hairstyles that I had drawn in MS Paint and drawn modern hair with a different program. It is easily detectable, I assure you.

Sneer Back

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