Whatta Grump!

I get bad moods, I do. Occasionally, I might just be sitting all by myself in a little rage. Stewing and indulging in violent daydreams, so what? At least I’m not always just mired in depression, which might be how I often present myself on this site!

On this particular day, the day of this unusually long comic, I was minding my own business when cchris came along and pointedly ignored how over the top annoyed I was sounding with every word. When that didn’t work, he antagonized me lightly and as a result I actually became so angry that I got a little dizzy! Then almost four years later, I calmed down enough to draw it out.

Click this comic in order to get some good close up detail of all the ways I drew myself scowling and glaring. This was art therapy for me.

Sneer Back

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