3.5 Years of Endless, Paranoid Sneers

We do not usually do half-year anniversaries, but as time goes on, each milestone is even more surprising to us, and probably you! Look, we’re still here! Whether you remembered or not! And we’ll probably be here for another half-year increment — just you wait and see!


What have we done since our last update 6 months ago? Well, we redesigned our whole site! We are using a WordPress.com theme called Apostrophe 2, then added our own Sneery twist in the form of wacky colors. Thanks to Dollissa learning CSS, it looks great on some screens and not others! Wakka. Finish those lessons, Dollissa! Yesterday was also Dollissa’s one year anniversary as a Happiness Engineer at Automattic.

We have started some newish series, as usual. We have probably abandoned some too, but that’s harder to remember! David Attenbowie is proving to be very popular, and who wouldn’t love those fashionable duos! Dollissa has been periodically writing or forgetting to write her TV Is Me column.

We missed a few days due to illness and maybe some travel, but have mostly kept up our five posts per week regimen. Our strict schedule of bringing many words to your face. Also, we have noticed that we are writing more about ourselves, that autobiographical tag is getting used more and more frequently! Also, we have been using more real life photos because Amandoll is real life busy more often.

go team

Some exciting statistics for you:

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