Autumntime at the Sneer HQ

It’s under 50F (10C)! It’s true that already this half of the year, it has been this cool and cooler, but the ten day forecast is claiming that it’s not going to be any warmer than this for the foreseeable future! That means it is undeniably Autumn, which many people seem to think is the best time, although it is not. Leaves are turning colors, precious gardens are withering away, all the insects and mice are trying to get in so that they can live in comfort, like we allegedly do.


We know that you’d love to know what else we do as we begin to feel the depressions that come along with days that are getting ever shorter, taking us towards the harsh winter no matter how much we complain and wail. Autumn is a lot like Spring in that it is often all too short. Some years it hardly seems to occur at all as we go from much, much too hot to horribly cold seemingly within the span of one week. Regardless, there are still enough things that we do that I can tell you about an average week.

As you can see, we keep busy:



Every day is grey so we don’t even realize it’s Sunday. Who cares.

  • Dollissa works and attains work-related goals
  • Manny has gone to New Jersey or Baltimore or Puerto Rico or something for family events for who knows how long
  • The cats ask for kibble which we then provide — repeat every several hours
  • “You know what’s great? The hot bath I’m about to take.”
  • Zesta and Haircut specifically demand heat sources
  • Bring in the plants that can’t withstand frosts or freezes, also bring in the spiders and gnats living on them
  • Amandoll is torn between staring out the window, filled with ennui, or refusing to look out the window again until April




Garbage Day!

  • We decide to gather some of our trash and recycling, leaving the rest of it for the following week
  • Put all of the things to compost into the refrigerator so that we won’t get gnats, but also it’s too cold outside to want to work on the compost bins
  • We discuss in HQ Groupchat just how tired we are, except for Manny who seems to exist beyond the limitations of “Time” and “Energy” (he’s younger than we are, is the explanation)
  • Momentarily excited, we discuss garden plans for next year
  • Hot tea
  • Remember to write an article; start a few and maybe finish one
  • Haircut throws everything up
  • Plans on how to bring Manny back and when

oh haircut


This is the best day to clean the whole house.

  • We do not clean the house.
  • However, we do wash the dishes; sometimes Amandoll will run the vacuum
  • Sudden need for a nap which threatens to just waste the ENTIRE DAY
  • Bed is just perfectly warm!
  • Remember to make content for Sneer Campaign just in time, maybe
  • “Where is the happy light? I need it.” The scientifically proven lamp of happiness moves to a new bedroom.
  • Make some lists of things we would like to sell online and in local shops
  • Get out several books about designing gardens; immediately lose the lists we make about which plants to order early

get it in order



Wednesdays are mostly defined as the one day a week when Amandoll’s parents come over to work on a home maintenance project.

  • Up and at ’em by 10AM
  • Coffee coffee coffee
  • Dollissa has a day of work meetings
  • Amandoll’s parents come over bringing food and fixing up the house, which is very nice of them
  • But the weather is generally too cold, so we just sit and talk
  • A discussion about raking leaves and composting
  • We remember that we have a site and discuss how tired we feel and how we are not OBLIGATED to generate content five days a week. Whose idea was that anyway?
  • Cats cough without producing results, just keeping us on our toes I guess!
  • God is it sleeting? What is this miserable weather
  • Multiple warm/hot showers every day can’t be bad




  • “Is it Thursday or Friday?”
  • Plans on how to bring Manny back and when
  • Amandoll remembers that she probably was supposed to make a comic of something for Sneer Campaign and jams one out in ten or twenty minutes
  • The leaves are too wet to rake
  • The leaves are too wet to even step outside
  • Make lists of presents to buy for the holidays
  • Make lists of parties we would like to throw
  • The cats won’t leave us alone, demanding warm laps, warm wet food
  • Make a single list of why I hate autumn and burn it in a ritual of my own design




  • Two hairballs on the carpet.
  • Momentary excitement as we discuss how wonderful it will be to have city chickens
  • Create chicken lists, coop blueprints
  • “Where is the happy light? I need it.” The scientifically proven lamp of happiness moves to a new bedroom.
  • Turn on exciting music and shine the happy light onto retinas — some cheer occurs
  • Coffee! “Metabolism vitamins!” Exercise! We can fight this!
  • Stupor, then naps
  • The Captain does something bad from his short collection of recurring bad deeds




Another lazy day of not needing to generate content!

  • We talk about how we need to start preparing for this site weeks and months in advance, like we used to
  • Hulu
  • Talk about how we kind of miss the bats and wonder what next year will bring
  • Plans on how to bring Manny back and when
  • Make another list, rearranged, of the indoor house projects that we will pay professionals to do, as well as other things that we will do ourselves
  • We talk about the need to start devoting time to building our empire
  • Wet leaf sticks to Amandoll’s shoe which ruins her entire day
  • Discuss again how nice Spring will be and we are not even going to mention that there’s still winter to come


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