Codename: Sagan V

As you are aware, there is a group of spectacular Carl Sagans that was organized to protect the Earth from ignorance and to guide the human race with thoughtful quotes and good will. Each Soldier undergoes a transformation which grants him a uniform in his own theme colors and his own unique elemental power. The ten Sagan Soldiers are named after the planets of the Solar System, with the exception of Earth but inclusion of its moon.


Every once in a while, we will examine a character, beginning this month with none other than Sagan Moon himself!

In the beginning, Carl Sagan was an average Brooklyn schoolboy who, through absolutely no series of miracles such as talking cats or magical talismans, was able to use the power of his human brain to achieve heights in truth and knowledge. This made him realize that he was a Sagan Scout, of course. He advocated common sense, critical thought, healthy skepticism, the universe, and even the hope for alien beings, among dozens of other worthy things. He was known for being open-minded but not gullible, and he leads the other Sagans in the seemingly endless battle against idiocy which constantly threatens us all.

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