Broad City is Back

The moment that we have definitely all been waiting for is upon us tonight. If you’re lucky enough to have a television in 2016, the ladies’ 3rd season in all its glory will premiere tonight on Comedy Central at 10 pm EST. If you’re like us, you’ll have to wait a little longer, but no worries. The girls will be there whether you can see them or not.

Broad City Season 3 by Amanda Wood

If you haven’t heard, Broad City was renewed for two more years, AFTER this 2016 season, solidifying all our plans for the next few years. Let’s hope they continue to write at least half the episodes, that Ilana still wears her stellar clothing, and that Abbi relaxes a little. But just a little. Here’s how to get ready for tonight:

  1. take the weed out of your vajinha
  2. pack a bowl
  3. wear a tiny shirt
  4. shake dat booty

If you need more Abbi and Ilana right now, just re-watch all of the original Broad City webseries and don’t forget to print out an original Bevers paper doll to join you.

Sneer Back

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