CCryptic CCrossword #002

Apparently driven by molten jealous fury, cchris broke his frosty content contribution silence on the same day that AlexT‘s crossword appeared. He vowed to make one for us to post, too, after he learned “what they even are!” So he’s slithered in with a puzzle about 200 times harder than the last one. Special Hint: the answers are all about cchris! So we hope you’ve been paying attention or even stalking him! (If you have been stalking him, please contact me so that we can share notes.)

Also, horror alert: one of the clues is extra special next level difficult, even for those of us who do these puzzles for fun (even though we are like baby novice skill level), even for those of us who have been talking to him like every day for the past thirteen years. Actually that probably speaks more of how mysterious he is than anything. You know those cold case files and unsolved murders that people still like to try to crack? Well, I’d say that even the Zodiac Killer has nothing on cchris.

Also, if you don’t know how to do these, go to the Inaugural Cryptic Crossword post and read the paragraph AlexT provided.

– Amandoll


As ever, you can just click on this and print it out. Or you can just work from your own paper. Some day down the road, we will link to the answer sheet beneath the puzzle. If you’d like to tell us you solved it, or yell at us for demoralizing you by making it so hard, just send us emails or messages on Facebook, but we can only apologize so much. Remember that.

cryptic crossword

If you need the answers, here they are!

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