Don’t Worry, It Didn’t Last!

We all love coffee here on Sneer Campaign. Well, mostly all. But, for those of us that do love it, we understand the hate side of that emotion coin. Coffee is a good friend, but then also sometimes a backstabbing villain. It is a frenemy in beverage form. We try to quit it but we cannot. Sometimes, that is a frightening realization.

In this conversation, it was Kevin’s turn to announce to one and all that he was going to back off of coffee. You have to inform people so that will be held accountable and then cruelly mocked when you fail, or cruelly mocked if you actually stick with it! Either way, the rest of us who are still held in its thrall are as bitter as the bean itself.

Yesterday, when I told him that I was turning this into a comic, intending to point out that the last time I saw him, he was drinking big huge amounts of the stuff, he told me that he actually never went through with the attempt from this, set in 2015, or any time since.

I understand.

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