Story of Our Store: Goldwarts Girls


The Goldwarts Girls was a TV show that we brought to you with our imaginations, hoping that you would then go on to imagine episodes on your own time later. A gift that keeps on giving! And now, thanks to Sneer 1 Imports, it can now be a real gift or gifts that you can give someone! Or even better, maybe someone will buy the things to give to YOU.

Truthfully, we didn’t even come up with the concept. Our friend, Lewis Powell, did. He and his friends were talking on Facebook, making compelling arguments about this thing, and in the comments this idea was born. Someone expressed a desire for it to be made into something more, and that’s where we came in. There. Confession over. The illustration is purely my own invention, at least!


It’s a very cute idea, though, as far as “let’s slather Harry Potter’s world over EVERYTHING WE CAN” things tend to go. So cute in fact that I recently went back to the image in order to make it bigger, with a better resolution, so that you can have it on all sorts of products that Redbubble thinks are worthy of making available. Products such as:



Any time of year is a good time to buy any of these items. Redbubble has frequent sales going on at all times, too, so what are you waiting for? Make us into penny millionaires! Millions of cents, that’s all we are asking for. It’s all we dream of, every night.

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