TarotScopes: MAYhem, Maybe

If you got through April unscathed, congratulations! Even though we are still in retrograde season, Jupiter will get back to the swing of things on the 9th and things should be letting up later on this month a bit since Mercury will go direct on the 22nd. That should help a lot. Honestly, retrogrades can be a wonderful thing if you can slow down and go within. If you try to push things, you will inevitably run into obstacles. This will affect each sign differently. In addition to looking up your Sun Sign, read into your Rising (your Ascendant) and Moon signs as well. Remember, these combine mostly Tarot with a bit of Astrology sprinkled in.


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 TAURUS (April 20 – May 20)


Your beliefs are certainly stifling you as May begins! Things won’t turn out exactly as you think they “should” be. Don’t believe all the gossip you hear. If you repeat any of it, you may not be able to recover the relationship with the person who the vicious rumors were about. If this prediction caught you kind of late and you already found yourself in this pickle, it would be best to confess rather than let them find things out on their own. You may have plans to travel during the second week, but it looks like a no-go or at least delayed for a bit. If you can hold off on big purchases, please do so till at least the end of the month. You may get a better deal then. You abhor how casually some of your peers regard romance. They seem to think divorce is just as natural as returning shoes that don’t quite fit. You firmly believe that a relationship you invested so much in is worth fighting for. These things will be heavy on your mind from the 8th to the 14th. Your better half is back by your side and in your court by Week 3. A different resource will provide you with the answers in a different way than what was expected. See what happens when we change our perceptions and let go of self-limiting beliefs?!! These positive changes will be most strongly felt in your work environment. You will handle whatever comes up well. Love will still be a bit challenged though. You won’t like the predicament you find yourself in relationship-wise. Things will still be tough. At least you will know that they aren’t going anywhere. During the final week of the month, you may have to go off on someone you manage or work with. They left a trail behind on their wrong-doings and their quick talking won’t get them out this time. Be careful how you handle this. Be a professional. You may not be in a good position for very long if you handle this wrong.


GEMINI (May 21 – June 20)


It may be difficult to sell what you need to get rid of, so you may have to bite the bullet and offer things at a big discount the first week of May. Many of you will go through your home and consider having a yard sale or donating some items. You will find plenty of clothes and shoes that just don’t fit you or your style anymore, so shuck them. Make sure your account is balanced on the second week. You certainly don’t want any surprise overdraft fees. Also, you may want to just record somewhere exactly how much you are spending, on what and where. It could be eye-opening indeed! Do that old trick where you literally freeze your credit cards in a block of ice to deter you from making impulse purchases. Review your car insurance especially. Weigh what is most important or likely and get quotes from other companies. That could save you some dough, right there. The third week of May will be the most impactful for you. There will be mixed feelings about a certain someone. They seem to want more than you can give or commit to. Something wonderful will arrive in your life and you will wonder how you got along before without it! The final week promises to be ultra challenging. It is time to end a negative situation for good. Don’t complain any longer. Do something about it. Some of you may be considering moving away to remedy the problem. Others will have the upper hand so play nice. You may be overwhelmed with the amount of work that is required to reach a goal, it will be exhausting. Implement Plan B.


CANCER (June 21 – July 22)


You will do some networking with those who are in powerful positions during the first week of May. They will be have some sort of authority, but they may not help you as much as you’d like. However, they will offer some surprising validation about the role you are taking on with your career. You will have lots of projects going at once. There will be a sudden change of procedures. You secretly hope that the person calling the shots isn’t in that position for very long because they become a bit of a pain. Don’t let your guard down, they are eyeballing your every move. They are plotting and maybe not to your benefit. You may feel like they do you dirty. Some of you may be audited or will have to present some sort of accounting report. Make the adjustments needed to please who matters. Someone comes back into your life in an unexpected way. The second week is more or less a waiting period where you will enjoy some success but nothing too huge. Someone’s snotty demeanor will make you think twice before seeing them again, starting a new project, or sparking any new relationship at all, friend or otherwise. You are usually a pretty good judge of character, but this one knocked you for a loop! There may be a plan to meet with them again, but you decide against it. The praise or appreciation you will expect in your third week isn’t forthcoming. You are expecting someone to express their feelings to you and they just don’t deliver. They aren’t telling you everything. By the final week, you are really hoping to meet someone special. You are offered insight into what kind of person to attract into your life for a more harmonious future. This person will make you feel positive again about some things. Some of you may be thinking about selling or renting a property.


LEO (July 23 – August 22)


An important event transpires the first week of May. It may require you to shell out a bit more financially. Living expenses may go up some. There will be some Leos out there who will find a notice from their landlord that their rent has gone up. Contractors may need to come back and finish some work they didn’t quite finish or you may decide to hire some outside help for your home. This will bring about the positive changes you seek, but don’t be surprised if there is trouble making it fit to everyone’s schedules. It is important not to count your chickens before they have hatched during Week 2. Also, there is a warning, or maybe more accurately a prompting to eat food that is in season or local. Perhaps visit a local farmer’s market to get more clarity on this. The third week has you on the outs with someone you once considered to be close to. It is a situation that brings out the worst in you. Start being more discriminating about who you allow into your life. You may also want to start seriously thinking about installing a security system if you haven’t already. Your intuition kicks into high gear towards the end of the month. Time spent around water with the reflection of the moon will put you in touch with the natural rhythm of things. You feel very much in your element and at your best. Even though it will be a splendid week, it still calls for some preparation for what lies ahead. You get a divine sense that everything is better than okay.


VIRGO (August 23 – September 22)


Take a break from work, work, work during the first week of May. Let someone treat you to lunch for once. Don’t spread yourself too thin. Old friends may be leaving the scene and moving on or moving away. Week 2 makes it all too clear that if you hope to carry out an idea… well, you are on your own, kid. Any possibility of getting help is ruled out from the get-go. A door may be closed to you before you even get a chance to approach it. Work may be hard to find. Remember, that this month is mostly about rest and research. Not so much about actual work. The ones that do call back give you an iffy vibe that makes you uncomfortable. The person on the other line may give you the creeps for one reason or another. Go with your gut on this one! During the third week, you find out the hard way that someone you admired is hardly the gem you have made them out to be. Get your head out of the clouds about them. There will be some type of false alarm emergency that transpires around this time. It may have something to do with the weather. Armed with this information, perhaps you won’t get too worked up about it at all. You will lack the means to get something you want. An important event happens during the final week and will have quite an impact. It will be a mix of good and “bad”. There will be lots of waiting involved which will require you to learn a bit more about the subject matter. Apply the lessons you learn immediately. It has to do with trade, finance, and dealing with the public.


LIBRA (September 23 – October 22)


There will be a delay when May begins that you inevitably view as a kind of setback. In truth, it is a time for you to reassess mentally. If you try to push a situation that won’t budge, it may cause you to sink into a funk. Don’t take on more work than you can handle. Something that has been going on for what seems an eternity suddenly changes during the second week. What could open up doors for you would be some sort of new promotional opportunity that is presented. Get caught up with all the paperwork that has been piling up. An idea for a new project will require some sort of plan or outline to show to others involved. Business will get better, but really love is all you care to think about. You really won’t want to work or do anything else, because it just becomes so all-consuming. It’s just that the two of you get along so fabulously together and besides it offers a chance to get away from your busy schedule for a bit. Someone in your family will be looking into real estate and seeking a new abode. Look carefully over everything you write, text, or post from the 8th to the 14th. There is a chance that you may inadvertently discourage others if you don’t choose just the right words. Someone will return to your life. The third week, you will find that your ambitions will cause you to bump heads with another. Others are slow to back up your cause. The ones that actually do come to your aid believe that they will have a free license to meddle into your affairs. There are just too many people involved with different ideas of how things should go to make any progress. It drives you nuts because this was your idea in the first place. In order for you to keep these supporters, you must appease them somehow. In this way, you are very much a starving artist type. You also become all too convinced about the subject of reincarnation around this time. If you don’t want children, use protection. Many Librans will be extremely fertile. You make a bigger deal about recycling and sustainability matters. This will usher in a new lifestyle, of sorts. It is like a butterfly breaking free of its cocoon. During the final week, it will become apparent that a relationship may not be as permanent as you’d thought. You may be waiting on the results of some type of medical appointment or treatment. Stick to facts, not theories involving both love and health.


SCORPIO (October 23 – November 21)


There will be tons going on the first week of May! It may agitate you a bit because it leaves little time to catch a breath. You have been out of sorts for awhile now and you just want things to finally pan out for the best. Don’t worry. You will pass the test. The sacrifice will be worth it. You can quit punishing yourself now. By the second week you should start seeing results from all your bending over backwards. There will still be feelings of restriction and feeling stifled though. What you view as being captured is simply the Universe’s way of keeping you honed in on your Higher Purpose since you are needed now more than ever. Even in Week 3 you can’t still can’t budge something that is close to your heart. Others will give you the cold shoulder. Try your best to be grateful for what IS actually working. The final week it will become increasingly evident that someone isn’t being honest with you. Joint assets may be split up or you may be gathering the bare essentials to take off and clear your head for a bit. Don’t let the romantic drama mess up what you have going on business wise. Others may view you as a bit nutty and unprofessional if you let love matters interfere. While it is true we all have things we go through, there is that old adage, “Never let them see you sweat.” If you have a breakdown, associates and clients will be disappointed and question your capabilities. If possible, see if you can reschedule your workday somehow without letting everyone know your personal struggles. You will find out that the rumor that reached your ear about a loved one wasn’t entirely true and some scoundrel just planted that ugly seed in your head to distract from their own wrong-doings. There are definitely some wolves in sheep’s clothing lurking around.


SAGITTARIUS (November 22 – December 21)


Spend as much meditative time around bodies of water as possible the first week of May. The waves will put your mind in that receptive place to receive the answers you seek. Nature has always been kind to you in this way. A brown-haired messenger will deliver a warning that will save you lots of trouble so listen up. Week 2 may leave you feeling a bit hurt. The weather will tend to mirror your emotions. You seem to be a wet blanket of sorts. Try to check yourself on this, because when you are down for the count, the world gets worried because it is not like you at all. Also, there is someone around who may blame you for a mishap. Develop an emotional callous, at least from the 8th to 14th. It will protect you. The third week, you receive an incredible flash of inspiration while you are just zoning out and your psychic sense is in overdrive. I see you working with computers or some other tech devices when this occurs. You really do have an incredible idea! Be on alert with your finances. You may be spending it faster than you are making it. Wait for an inventory sale to get the best deal on something. An important event will happen around the week of the 15th to 21st that will be very powerful. It will usher in a new beginning and things will improve. The final week, you come to grips with the fact that you simply must not force a situation that requires more time. You make one last effort to save something. There is a purchase made that will require ongoing payments, make sure to get the best insurance you can and keep it up until the Fall. You will be happy you did. Get back out in nature to take your mind off worries. Stop at a roadside stand, gift shop, or old bait shop on the way back home. There will be something you observe that will give you valuable insight into your own situation. You are trying too hard to make a relationship work.


CAPRICORN (December 22 January 19)


May brings in a stand-off of sorts. Nothing will seem to get accomplished during this first week. This is because there are competing interests. There’s just no common ground. A split is very likely. An event will take place that will have you dealing with intolerant or prejudiced people. It may be that you are seeing just this one side of them and that you too have made some unfair assumptions. Be very direct with your stance without being hostile so they know you are not comfortable participating in certain activities. This will likely occur in front of a group. You may wonder if your words were even heard, but later you will find out that you changed someone’s life for the better. Something both begins and ends during Week 2. A long-term condition will suddenly change. You want something so bad and you won’t take no for an answer. A new flirtation catches you off guard. It will bring out your seductive and romantic side. Don’t spend more money than you make while you hope to impress someone. The third week it should be more apparent to you why that certain someone started paying you attention out of the blue… they needed something. They want something you have. It’s good to keep a positive mindset, but all the affirmations in the world cannot control another’s thoughts. You want to tie up some loose ends first and leave them in a good place before you even think of saying adios. This will become more of a burden the longer it continues. Travel plans are delayed during the final week. Work may require you to clean up a mess first. Avoid it by being armed with this information now and be meticulous about business matters right from the start of the month. This could be your saving grace. Otherwise, brace yourself.


AQUARIUS (January 20 – February 18)



A Piscean type will play a huge role during the start of May. This person is very impressionable, warm and sensitive. They just love to talk romance. This individual is probably younger, very psychic, and gives others the impression that they are a bit loony. I feel this is someone you have only just met or are about to. You naturally open up to this person right from the start. They really absorb everything you say. However they will believe that you are in fact responsible for the things you complain about. This person also believes that you lack follow-through. You will love this person when he or she is a captive audience, but you will be appalled if they tell you that you are anything less than amazing. By the second week you come to the realization that the Piscean-type is YOUR teacher, not the other way around. They have indeed entered your life for a profound reason. This young person is so wise and is a true visionary. Allow them to give you counsel. This may even be someone that you know only through a social media outlet. They are a loner, but prefer it that way. This person will shine so much light on your path. They urge you to gain a new perspective by getting away from everything for awhile. Take respites in places only you seem to know about. Lie low for a bit. Be grateful for your good health, for the most part. Some of the things that you have planted in the past are finally bearing fruit. You aren’t out of the woods yet, though. You only need to wait and not hurry. It would bring you much satisfaction to find a way to pick your own grapes or make your own wine. Something wonderful will happen during the week of the 8th to the 14th! During Week 3, it is important to not reopen old wounds or “pick scabs,” as they say. Let that old stuff go for good. Don’t slip into a negative behavior again, you have come so far! The last week of May is all about taking it easy peasy. Rest and meditation ought to be high on your priority list. Focus on breathing. Clear all that stifling clutter from your head.


PISCES (February 19 – March 20)


Your intent for the start of May is to go somewhere else to make a fresh start. This may not go down as originally planned. You decide not to get too rattled and stick around for a bit longer. In order to do so, however, you may need some help. You may receive some extra money. It couldn’t come at a better time. The 8th to 14th will be a bit of a rite of passage for you. Now is the time to finally decide whether or not you will branch off in another direction. The answer to your quandary will appear in a dream. Stop repeating the same old mistakes. The third week will likely be nothing to write home about. There may be some decision that you regret. It mainly has to do with circumstances that are beyond your control anyhow. Just retreat for a bit. Something you were so hyped about falls flat. The news you were hoping to hear either doesn’t come or is different than you had hoped. The whole scenario has you spending some time thinking of a loved one that had passed on. An Aries type personality will play a big role towards the end of May. They are very ambitious, energetic, and seem to have no fear. However, they are also a bit headstrong and will push their ideas rather forcibly. This person will help you put something together at work. I get the feeling that they have some authority. They will take on a challenge and expect you to be on board… the thing is, you’re not. Recommend someone else to them if you must, but you should examine your reasons for your hesitation first. Is it fear or are you taking some type of stand? Avoid spending money on things you don’t really need.


ARIES (March 21- April 19)


May starts off with the focus on your love life, the timing involved, and the commitment that is needed to it. You want someone to step up to the plate. Work will need to be juggled with doctor/dental appointments. You may decide to work from home the first week, if possible. Affairs are handled just as skillfully over the phone. The second week may be the most important time of the month for Aries. A fantastic idea comes from left field. It may have something to do with landscape or beautifying your surroundings. You will surprise yourself by the progress you make despite all the hiccups. Travel plans may need to be put on hold during Week 3. Probably not the best time for big ticket purchases either. Don’t go letting the quality of your work slide either, just because you want to “get ‘er done,” it will come back to haunt you later. During the last week, don’t be surprised if the boss wants to have a word with you (especially if you were lax the week before). You would be best just to admit your faults. They have too much evidence to support their suspicions, so just own up to it already. Better yet, read this early and do the right thing to begin with − avoid it all together!

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