The Benefits of Writing Outside

It’s still Spring in the Sneer World Yard so we are still basking in the natural splendor given to us by Mother Nature. We take walks now, sometimes. It isn’t oppressively hot ALL the time. There is a breeze. We still get randomly, hilariously depressed, too! So “outside” seems like some kind of cure or self-care or something. What do we know?

So here we sit, right now as I am writing this, living the life, living the dream. Sitting on the back porch for some reason because the front porch has porch furniture and there’s none back here and we are both enduring the pain of sitting on concrete. We sit here drinking coffee and writing, just like we said we’d do. We’re doing it. It feels great, I guess!

too bright


There Are Birds Everywhere

A nice part about sitting outdoors is that there are sparrows and finches doing bird living and looking at us sometimes. This provides a thrill where we believe we are communing with nature. The birds are probably judging us to see how able we are to lunge at them so that we can dine upon their tiny drumsticks, but I want to think that they are people-watching and feeling good about it. Also a robin has a nest on the back of the garage and we suspect there are hatchlings. All these birds are hopping around doing bird activities. They probably have fulfilling lives.


Clouds Are Nice, Aren’t They

Reject blue-sky thinking! Clouds are the best part of the sky. Today there are cumulus clouds, the best clouds, so we are in luck. Here at the HQ, the Sun is already super hot if it touches you, so there being clouds in like 35% of the sky means that you occasionally get a break from the burning, scorching heat. It’s nice. We give thanks to the clouds every time this happens. We talk about creating a cloud ritual, something like a rain dance only nothing at all like one. Then nothing happens because it hurts to move at all at this point. Concrete, be more comfortable.



Tiny microscopic ants are all around us, all over us! Because of our friendship with Frant, we treat them as extensions of him. Although, unlike Frant, we don’t want these little friendos to come inside. They are nice to see outside. They are inspirational: industrious, serious, orderly. They probably have a Greater Plan and they stick to it. What’s that like?! Tell us your wisdom, ants. Also they are strong, did you know that? Oh I should pick my laptop up before they nest within. What a tragedy that would be. As soon as I typed that, there was an ant among my keys. NO!

hi frant


The Feeling That We Are Doing Good

I hear stuff about the sunlight and Vitamin D, and how it makes you happy? It like goes into your skin and then into your brain, I guess. Trust me, I’m a doctor. So, by sitting out here, looking at green and splendor and yellow rays of the Sun and warmth and cooool breezes, we are surely happier now than we would be inside in the comfort of the house, where there are beds and couches and carpets. We are so much happier. We have to believe it. I mean how sad would I be if I wasn’t outside!


the Fitbits Told Us to

We have Fitbits now in order to track how much we do or do not move in a day. And to track how much or little we sleep. We try to impress them sometimes, even though they aren’t too demanding. It seems like the Fitbit would be glad that we are outside at all, even though we aren’t jogging or playing sports. I wish that they had daylight/fresh air trackers. Actually there is a whole lot of stuff that I wished it would track. Maybe I’ll write that article next today because the world is my oyster.


No Cats

The cats aren’t allowed outside because we don’t want to give them flea drops ever. Sorry, cats! On the plus side though we can sit out here and not have them staring at our faces and doing that thing where they meow at us and we don’t know what they want. Probably kibble or treats, knowing them. Also, there aren’t cat hair tumbleweeds out to kill us. That’s nice. It’s nice out here, I’m convinced.

its for your own good pal

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