Tripping Merrily Along: A Tripp Review

A little less than a year ago, Sneer HQ gained an Oculus Quest, as I have mentioned once before. By this time, you might think that we have either conquered our fear of Actual Games, or maybe even just lost interest because VR is a gimmick and nothing about it is fun after the novelty wears off. If you figured either of these things, then you are DEAD WRONG because we for sure did NOT overcome our fears and while everything is boring for all of us, I at least still do Tripp Sessions — after having forgotten about the Oculus for about seven months.

Recently, I remembered that this thing was still in HQ and eventually located it in the Study. I put on the headset, was delighted by there being one or two new virtual environments for the home.. place.. thing, and then quickly discovered that I was still afraid of Antarctica and took my virtual job simulation and SHOVED IT. I saved Tripp for last, as it was the only thing I had truly enjoyed — probably because I felt like it was self care, like Yoga where you stay still. I didn’t want to feel the crushing disappointment of not liking it anymore.

The Tripp Game Logo. The background is a colorful universe and the logo itself is a stylized lotus blossom with the word "tripp" under it in all capital letters.

I should not have worried even a little! Tripp was still there, and what’s more, they added new features! New! Better! Our frivolous splurge at the beginning where we got an eternal lifetime membership to the game was not going to be a foolish expense after all!

What It Is

Here is the part where if I understood how to take screenshats in the Oculus, I would do so. Instead, you will have to deal with artistic interpretations and edited-just-enough pictures from the internet. Tripp is not a game. It is an EXPERIENCE. You choose either a calming tripp or one that causes you to focus. In both cases, you are submerged in a strange environment that is usually surreal, often metaphoric, and always pleasing. A monotone woman or guy (your choice on the calming one) will tell you things about whatever the topic is that day (and it changes on the daily) for either a short (10 or so minutes), medium, or long (up to like 40 minutes) length of time (do you like my parentheses? I do).

In “calm,” you are placed in a setting of tranquility. Sometimes it has giant mushrooms, other times there are fish around, which is my least favorite. I’ve seen the Northern Lights before in one of them. Often, the lecture about reality you are given is rather lengthy, and then you are taught some Breathing Exercise that you are encouraged to use outside of Tripp, in your real life. In segment two, the indoctrination continues with the cult voice in a new scenario that is usually related in theme to the first one. You try the breath exercise again and then it zooms you to segment three, which is always in outer space! Originally, it was always “miles above earth” which usually caused anxiety and shattered calm, but now it’s above unknown planets and moons (unless it’s the Saturn one — that’s pretty obvious). For some reason, this frightens me less.

A trippy image, colorful symmetric abstract background with Amandoll (girl with short brown hair and an iconic long sleeved shirt of grey, blue, lime, and hot pink) staring blankly, hypnotized.
A standard tripp session in action.

In “focus” you usually begin over water, which is startling, but don’t worry — so far it has never featured breaching whales or any indication at all that you are not dwelling in some mind-world inhabited only by you. The voice drones on about happiness, productivity, goals, or whatever. A shining light speaks to you and makes you breathe with it. Then you are sent to the second world where you have to guide an object through other objects, representing how to maintain peace among distractions. Or, you aim an orb at other orbs until they are all gone. I don’t know what the symbolism is on that activity because I cannot listen to what someone is saying if I am having to concentrate on something else. Then, in the third section, my favorite of any of them, spheres of things you upload via the Tripp App are on display and you are treated to a tripp down Memory Lane as you once again breathe with the bossy light, your Guide.

There are also other sections where you can meditate in Australia or in the Alps, etc. Or you can select specific popular Tripp sessions. Also, there is an area of maddening fractal masses that suck you into them for a while, or a “cosmic flow” of kaleidoscopic tunnels that you can change the speeds and colors of or whatever. Usually those have new age music accompanying them. Also there is a twenty minute film that is about eXiStEnCe that’s pretty good. Lots of scenes of LIFE.

What It Ain’t

Tripp appears to be designed with INNER fitness and health in mind. Spiritual things, you know. I called it yoga where you don’t move, but probably the makers of Tripp have said those very words before too. Despite that, Tripp is not some cult movement. The monotone, soothing voices in combination with isochronic tones may be deeply hypnotizing, but I am fairly certain that subliminal messages are forbidden these days. Any “brain washing” you experience is for your own good. And I am not typing these promises while having a dead-eyed stare. I thinkā€¦

So far I have not seen it promoted as an aid to astral projection, psychic abilities, ghost hunting, world peace, mastering the SECRET, lucid dreaming, or any of that malarkey. Nor have I personally experienced an increase in any of these facets of experience. This is a relief, as it makes them seem more scientific and trustworthy — calming down doesn’t require magical thinking and fairy realms. It is also a relief because we want this site, the Sneer Campaign, to be your only source of mysticism and spiritual healing. No competition!

Do It Up Amandoll Style

As an expert at taking Tripps, allow me to give you some hott pro tipz for after you rush away from this article into the little Oculus menu where you obtain your precious games.

  1. Upload thousands of hilarious photos, immediately. Being rewarded at the end of a journey with preposterous imagery is everything your tired mind needs.
  2. Pretend you are a disembodied entity that is being shuffled around into and out of strange worlds and being advised by another disembodied entity that is wise, if repetitive. Believe that virtual reality is still a true reality.
  3. Choose the recline option and lie back on pillows, look up at the scenes and lessons unfolding before you. Do not move. Try not to blink. You are an empty vessel awaiting the knowledge of the Universe.
  4. As you lie there, believe that the hovering light that guides you is an angel or other celestial being. Its words are divine, prophetic. It will never speak untruths. It has all the answers.
  5. Tell everyone about what you have learned. Repeat these lessons to them. Explain breathing. Get a far away look as you speak of Tripp. When you conclude your sermon, appear as though you’ve snapped back to reality, but allow your unusually large smile to remain.

After all, you will have achieved inner peace already. That smile is your proof to the world.

The same image as before: bright background, Amandoll has a new blank-eyed expression -- one with a vacant smile. Surrounding her are the words, in the same hot pink as on her shirt: Abundance, Health, Success, Joy, Happiness, and Peace.

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