Warm Weather Music to Listen to Repeatedly

Birds are chirping, the sunbeams are hot when you stand in them, and flowers are bursting forth all over the place. It’s springtime! The best time! And even though I am wearing a jacket as I write this because it is cold again, you can’t stop Nature. You can’t stop spring from doing its thing, and you can’t stop ME from listening to a short list of music on loop that is appropriate for sunny weather and warm moods.

An image of the iconic sneer campaign Bette Face wearing big headphones and looking to the side. "Music for Sneering" say the words.

Yes, of course I listen to this same music all through Winter too in order to combat S.A.D. but that just means I am even more of an expert of what I like to hear, just like how I am an expert of what I assume everyone wants to read! But I write what I know, and I know this is all I have been doing for the past week.

Maybe you are new to the idea of spring weather being enhanced by a soundtrack. I am providing this service to you, poor displaced space alien. Listen to this music so that you can also be at your maximum happiness, just like I am!

Once upon a time I would have made a spotify playlist for your listening pleasure, but at present time, spotify crashes in slow motion when I try to use it. A journey through youtubes that I have been listening to instead of working on anything actually productive or useful is just what the doctor ordered! Springtime!!


I’m already calling this one my summer jam for the year. I have listened to it twenty thousand times this week and I intend to listen to it twenty thousand more. I will start building my life around it as soon as I can.

New York Luau by The Knocks


A timeless classic, Deee Lite will never get old for listening to. Every time I listen, I think about how they are my fashion icons in an alternate reality where I am not so LAZY about my fashion. Anyway, groove is in the heart, it doesn’t have to be appearance only. I think that is what Mr Rogers meant that time.

Groove Is In The Heart by Deee-Lite

Soak in the Attitude

Listen to the musics that embody everything you want to be and what you want out of life. In my case, I want unbridled success and lists of absurd, meaningless things that nonetheless sound impressive. That is why this is my Soul Song.

Audacity of Huge by Simian Mobile Disco

Dance in the Attitude

These are all fine dance songs because that is what I am apparently all about somehow, but this one is great without being a perfect match to my soul like the last one. How is it with your soul? Are you dancing?

Modern Medicine by J. Worra

Sofi Tukker? I Don’t Even Know ‘Er!

Hey this has been a solid hit with Dollissa, Manny, and myself for the past few years! In fact, it’s their 2nd anniversary of releasing Treehouse (their first album)! We love them. We watch their little daily (1pm EST) sets on Instagram when we remember. You should love them too.

Best Friend by Sofi Tukker (ft. lots of other great folks)

Perennial Faves

While thinking about perennial flowers, why not revisit the music you never do not love. I’m showcasing New Order here, but I could just as easily have included Erasure or Bently Rhythm Ace or something. For you, who knows what you’d prefer over this, but if you don’t like it, don’t tell me! I can’t handle the pain.

Temptation by New Order

Relax Pleasantly

While this song plays, make mental thoughts inside of your brain about how much you want to be able to breakdance. Think also about how nice it is to have gatherings of friends and/or family to eat food and pass the time. Life is for pleasant time passing, I have figured it out!

Daytime Parties by Coco Morier & The Lady Tigra

Relax Warmly

Last night, I was listening to this music and dreaming of a future party theme. If not this summer, then SURELY Summer 2021 will include a nice outside shindig where we all are dressed in leopard print sarongs and 1960s hairdos. Fruity cocktails, open flames, wild B Movie antics – I can’t wait.

“Classic space age easy listening exotica with an unauthentic Latin flavor.” That is ALSO what life is about!

Sneer Back

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