We’re Back: A Sneer Story

Thank you for your patience during the Sneer Campaign hiatus period. Our brains were due for a temporary unscheduled maintenance. If you didn’t notice we didn’t post for almost two months, thank you.

In the future, this means that when we announce our 4th, 5th, or 10th anniversary, you can chime in with, “Well, you didn’t post during hot girl summer 2019.” We will then politely ask you to never come back to our home. But you would be correct.

Here we are though, back! Back with Doofus and Darling, love letters, rants, satire, Irrational Fear Comics, garden updates, other comics, too much talk about television, coloring pages, and Tarotscopes (just kidding, those never paused thanks Tonyana). There might even be some new things, but we don’t want to make any promises.

While you’re here, did you know that you can subscribe to our site, and like and comment on posts? We love our guest writers, and if you do too, it would be pretty great if you told them! But don’t worry, we tell them a lot for you.

Welcome back, to us and you.

Sneer Back

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