Celebrating A Year of Sneer

Sneer Campaign started a year ago on March 7, with our Remember: the Alamo post. In our year of running Sneer Campaign, we’ve learned a lot about running a website, but mostly we panicked a lot about how much work we had already meant to do. We have been posting at least three times every week all year, so we’ll soon be venturing into more frequent updates! These will start with our theme weeks, such as this week’s Sneer Week celebration.

If you haven’t yet, you should also like us on our Sneer Campaign Facebook page, to check out some exclusive drawings by Amandoll, mostly on holidays. We also have contests sometimes, and the prize is always your creation made into a Sneer Campaign drawing for the masses.

Friends, get on your party dresses and your derby hats and let’s rock and roll all Sneer Week long. Here are some fun facts about our first Year of Sneer!

First Sneeriversary


most popular store design: Cosmonaut Sloth

# of posts total: 164

# of guest posts: 21

# of writers including us: 9

longest post: Adulthood: Individual Results May Vary (2737 words)

most viewed post: Neko Atsume Update: Gotta Catch Em All (over 10,000 views)

most viewed non-Neko Atsume post: I’m Not Going to Click Your Link (334 views)

day with most views: 1/13/2016 – It’s Horse Party Time with Our “Neigh” Playlist

Facebook Fans: 227

# of comments on our site: 21

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