Eight Years Of This!

Every Sneeriversary seems like a long time. Every year that passes, we are like, “again? Already? Another??” Well, so it is! And now we are on the eighth such -iversary. It’s so close to ten years suddenly. Ten years is a significant portion of our lives, no matter how you feel about full decades. We’re reeling about right now, but also we are reeling two years in advance.

The past year was a dark blotch on our calendars of sneering, and I mean that literally. Weeks and months passed where we did not update. We usually announce a hiatus, a vacation, a whoopsidoodles what is time in advance, or at least during. But not last year. Last year, we went to go get some milk and didn’t come back. We left the front door wide open and could not be found. We even excused ourselves to the bathroom and slipped out the window. We apparently made 44 articles since the 7th Sneeriversary, which is honestly a lot more than I thought! But our goal was 156, generally speaking, so you can understand why we demurely look aside in shame whenever we mention the Sneers of ’22.

Since we didn’t tell you what was distracting us, and I can’t very well recap what Sneer Campaign milestones went on, I’ll just let you know that we spent our real life time becoming embroiled in the starting of a public event, for strangers and friends alike, in our city. It was like having a party, only it cost us a lot of money! It had some wonderful vendors and we met a lot of people. Also we learned about obtaining a lot of licenses and official approval from official organizations! The theme was technically Cryptid Block Party, but really it was A Public Party for Covingtonians and Tourists featuring Cryptids. We’re going to do one again this year, too, but I promise we will be less overwhelmed. We won’t forget about our reason for being: the sweet attention we get from our reading public.

An illustration done in the style of the 1920s humor magazine called Life. The title is Sneer Campaign with the tagline: "containing 8 years of old jokes!" The scene depicted is the stylized 1920s Amandoll is sitting on a fancy yellow couch, hailing to three of the real cats we have (Tuff Ghost, Custard, and Swizzle). Swizzle and Custard are balancing up on their hind legs. Dollissa is standing in front of the couch, seemingly talking to Amandoll. She has her phone in her hand. The cats Ronald and Haircut are looking up at her from near her ankles. Puffin is on the back of the couch, looking round and precious.

Sweet Whispered Promises for the Future

  • Dollissa will start writing again
  • We promise that CYOA story will be published
  • More brief but all-consuming addictions to app games
  • More non-Amandoll contributions
  • More guest posts
  • More products and designs
  • Sneer Games by Jamie
  • 9th sneeriversary will be a long list of our changes and improvements
  • Haha yes this is the same list as last year GOTCHA!

Sneer Back

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