Numerology: Numbers Are Everything!

My quest to understand human personalities has had highs and lows. Like an old timey explorer but exploring personality assessment, I have metaphorically uncovered ruins, survived exotic illnesses, been lost for months, and have several towns named after me in my wake — or at least that’s what I deserve! Among the relics I have brought back to civilization with me is the mysterious practice called Numerology.

There is an oft-used self-portrait of Amandoll looking wobbly and wailing in exaggerated lamentation. That picture is on top of a black background, green vertical number rows like from  the Matrix.
A portrait of the artist experiencing numerology.

Numerology grants you the ability to understand the nature of anything that is described with a word. It could be someone’s birth name, their nickname, the name of a business or pet — you take their words and break them down into letters, add the letter numbers together to make something called a “sum.” This also is used for birth dates and other days of importance — that is the name of specific days! Then you grab your closest numerology book or numerology website and read the descriptions that they supply to you.

Numerology is a hot and cold topic for me, like most of these things. Numbers are not friendly to me. Math taunts me. However, I can and will do simple addition if it will provide me with an insight to myself or people I know. I’m glad to report that the most complicated part of Numerology is doing the addition. Well, and deciding on whether you prefer using the Pythagorean Alphabet or if you put more trust into Ancient Chaldean Numerology. There are probably others, but these are the two most noteworthy as far as I know.

Pythagorean is simple because you can figure it out yourself by writing numbers one through nine across the top of your page and then writing the letters of our alphabet directly under it, horizontally. So that A equals 1 and B equals 2 and so on. The Chaldean one requires a chart — hey, I’ll just draw both of these out for you right now.

A chart of the Pythagorean and Chaldean numerological alphabets and their values. The Pythagorean is numbered one through nine, and the alphabet is written in order under it, so 1 is A all the way to I being 9, then start over as J equaling 1, and so on.

The Chaldean on the other hand is numbered 1 through 8, and the numbers are less predictable. 1 is A, I J, Q, and Y. 2 is B, K, and R. 3 is C, G, L, and S. 4 is D, M, T -- Coincidence?? 5 is E, H, N, and X. 6 is U, V, and W. 7 is O and Z. And 8 is just F and P.
Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

In Numerology, letters equal numbers that are vibrations. Vibrations are a New Age concept that has worked its way into our modern lives with the word “vibe.” The vibes of the letters are calculated together and you look up the total of whichever system you have chosen, the number is either a Prime or Compound number. The vibes meld together to become a larger vibe, or the “general atmosphere” of the thing. It is suggested that Prime numbers generally tell you about personality, and Compound Numbers generally speak in terms of karmic debt and life-time deals.

That’s pretty simple, isn’t it? I imagine that the ancient philosophies behind numerology might be pretty complicated, but I don’t really know about them as I do not have a mathematical mind and if I was presented with the philosophies before, I definitely skimmed over them or maybe skipped them altogether.

Hold up, I just learned that Numerology is also a divination tool as I was about to look up my name in the different alphabets in order to compare!

A personalized numerological report is like having a roadmap to life that tells us how to lead an ideal life.

It shows us where to turn, what potholes to avoid before you reach them, and when to hit the brakes by making better life choices.

All you have to do is consciously set your internal GPS on the right path to avoid undesirable hurdles in life.

Slybu dot com

Don’t bother going to that site though. The results transform into a video demonstration of the description instead of silent paragraphs to read, it was a nightmare and I exited that tab immediately. …Oh my god I went to a different site, and it went to that same awful video format, too, what is happening??

The wobbly self-portrait from before makes yet another appearance. This time it is in front of a bunch of charts with numbers in circles and diamonds and squares and I found it overwhelming.
What IS happening?! This was the result of my Chaldean stuff research.

I became too overwhelmed to even find my numbers to compare them because I was reminded that there are Life Path Numbers and “Expressions” and the diamond shaped charts and numbers that look like fractions but I think they’re just both the number and then the same number, reduced. It’s too early in my day for any of this. Possibly there is no time in my day where I’d want to be confronted by these things.

But now, it’s Story Time:

I had a friend once who decided to create his own numerological system. He I guess believed his mathematical mind was just as attuned to the values and vibes of numbers as the Number Druids or Numerical Ancients, whatever their official name is. He cooked up his very own equations and through a possibly deranged and accelerated system of trial and error, used his own calculations to sincerely judge the intentions of anything that has a name — people, things, concepts. He confidently believed in it, and I can’t help but imagine that maybe three thousand years ago, a similar person did basically the same thing and other cloaked people in the number scholars cave agreed and it all led to this moment where I am telling you about it as a practice like it’s any more dependable and true than what an eccentric creative person brain-barfed up during a manic week in 1999. This same friend once told me that he only read the first page of any book because all of the information was right there within the fibers of the page and that he could absorb it within moments. You can use this knowledge however you please — I just had to get it off of my chest.

The same image of wobbly, wailing Amandoll in front of the black  and green vertical number picture like from the Matrix as before.
Even more applicable now, so it gets used TWICE!

In Summary: Numerology is probably complicated in the background, but really easy where it counts. You just have to know how to add. In my eventual experience, Pythagorean gave kinder assessments than the Chaldean one, fyi.

Pros: The ease. And it makes you feel more confident in your math skills. It is more fun than it is frustrating, which puts it ahead of Graphology and Palmistry in my book!

Cons: This is more like a warning: be cautious about delving too deeply into the meanings of the numbers, the calculations, and more information on the topic. It’s just the sort of thing where just a little goes far enough.

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