The Sneeriversary Issue

It is our anniversary again. That’s right! Already. We are starting our Third Year of Sneer and we’re glad you’ve all been here with us. As usual, we’re celebrating ourselves, how great we are, and the ultimate website for sneers and cheers, The Sneer Campaign.

This is a poster based on the old Reefer Madness movie posters. Bette Davis is sneering in a circular inset and the words around her say: SEE Naughty dismissals and scoffs, eye rolls and snark!"
Amandoll is looking LUSTFULLY at the Devil and the words around them are "moods, cats, gin, voguecabulary, art, insanity, satan, music." Beneath the Sneer Campaign banner is Dollissa looking lascivious with a wink and raised arms, Words near her say "good times! entertainment! don't get left out! tune in today!"

Since we started SneerCampaign we have…

Acquired a Sneer Headquarters, an IRL house.

Become addicted to 10 or 20 app games or websites and then abandoned them.

Started 8 consistent monthly series: Doofus and Darling, Irrational Fear Comics, Tarotscopes, Vogue-cabulary, True Life Portraits, Illustrated Guide to Cats, Story of Our Store, and Missy Manners.

Celebrated 15 theme weeks. This Sneer Week II makes 16!

Jumped crazily from 3 posts per week to 5! Did you even notice?

Had one day with over 2,000 views!

Official Sneer Holidays

January 29: OMGJeremy Birthday and Anniversary

February 7: Site Naming Day

March 1: Billy Holiday Holiday

March 6: Our First Ever Post – Remember: the Alamo

March 20: Mr. Rogers Day

March 30: Secretariat Day

April 5: Bette Davis Day

May 20: The Star Trek War of 2015

June 5: Dollissa Day

July 15: Saxon Day

August 3: Cchris Day

August 25: Frant Day

August 29: Daniel Haun Day

September 2: Jimmy Day

September 5: AlexT Day

September 7: Sneer HQ Founded

September 16: Peter Falk Day

September 18: Garbo Day

September 23: Amandoll Day

October 7: Tonyana Day

November 9: Carl Sagan Day

What’s Next

Stay tuned, as usual, for more fun, comics, nonsense, and playlists. Stick around for some paper dolls and some cryptic crosswords. Don’t leave or you’ll miss Dollissa Complains it All, a series that will never start (j/k it started but without being formally named, let’s be real here). If you stop checking, you’ll never know what new app Amandoll is trying. We’re bound to start a chronicle of our HQ Adventures. There will probably be more and more comics, too. Will we start hosting SneerCons? What new writers? What new topics? What new explorations of our manias and depressions? WHAT INDEED.

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